Interview of Gridlok – Live at the Batofar, Paris – Hosted by Urban Renewal

Last month, Gridlok was Urban Renewal‘s guest on the Batofar in Paris and we interviewed him for you on Bassjunkees Radio. Here’s the full interview for those who missed it. Awesome DJ and Producer, he shared with us his personal view of the Durm and Bass scene. It was a real pleasure to hear what he had to say.

He is planning on moving to the UK. Off the record, we remember him saying that the reason they produce great music is their weather. He’s probably right! Let’s see.

BJR: We’re with our special guest Gridlok, he’s gonna do a wicked set here tonight at the Batofar and we’re gonna ask him a few questions. Gridlok, hello and welcome to Paris!


Gridlok: Hellooowwwww

BJR: So before I ask you about tonight’s show, what you’re gonna be playing and all that, I wanna know bit more about you. Can you tell us about these two big projects called LethalTalent and roject51?

Gridlok: LethalTalent is the new US agency that I’m signed with. It’s underground, it’s dope, they do drum and bass, and Project51 well that’s my label. I’ve got the Spectrum album coming out soon on there. I’m working on a new video that’s called the American Dream. That’s coming out soon. Some collaborations with Optiv and Mindscape. And other big deals, a new vynil distribution deal. So we were on a hiatus for a couple releases but now we’re back with vynil, starting with the next release so I’m pretty excited about that.

BJR: How do you feel about playing tonight in France, is it your first time in France?

Hot’n Heavy, that’s right

Gridlok: I’ve been here quite a few times, I always love coming here. I’ve never been outside of Paris but I always come to Paris and have a good time. But it’s the first time on a boat yes.

BJR: Can you tell us about your studio?

Gridlok: Speakers, computer, I’m still into my analog gear, I use a lot of upward and preops and EQs and compressors and upward synthetizers. The heart of my sound, I would say, is the E-mu sampler which a lot of people have stopped using and I don’t know why because it sounds amazing.

BJR: That’s some hardware, and what about tonight, what is it you’re going to be mixing on? Is it CDs, is it vynil, what is it gonna be?

Gridlok: I’ve been working on CDs lately, because I was using Serato for a while but it’s just a lot of stress. You have your couple thousand dollar computer on stage and you know things can go wrong and you have to come in early and do sound check and blablablabla, but CDs.. even though it’s digital and it’s shit, it reminds me of the instant sloppiness of vynil you know. I can just go in the bag an pull out a CD and go. And if I break it or whatever, something out of the world you know, so yeah I like being able to not have to be so careful when I’m doing a fun show.

BJR: You made tunes with Optiv, more than a couple of them. How do you guys work together and what’s the tune you’re the most proud of.

Gridlok: Well I’ve been working with him for quite a while now I think and it’s funny because the way I met him as total fan boy. I went to a show where already I noticed Cause 4 Concern and there was that young kid you know like “What mixer do you use? What speakers do you use?” and all that shit and at a party you know what I mean, so it’s funny that I’ve ended up working with him now and as far as the tunes that I was proud of, I would say that everything we do is pretty much equal so I don’t think any of them stand out above the rest. They’re all just dope, techy rollers.

Massive? That thing the kids are using..

BJR: How did you start working together? Like stricly online sending files to one another or just not?

Gridlok: Everyone that I collaborate with, I do it in person. I don’t really believe that working over the internet is collaborating.

BJR: What do you think about Massive?

Gridlok: That’s that synth that all the kids are using. Erm it’s cool! (laughs) It’s got all the stuff built into it which I find a bit.. it’s too easy to sound like everyone else with that you know, like the more that you mix and match little bits of kit, the more unique it gets you know. WHen you’re using one synth for the synths, the distorsions, effects and everything it’s like really to sound the same and I think in a lot of tunes, you can just hear Massive right away because of that.

BJR: Have you ever had girls showing their boobs while playing on stage? Cause that’s what’s gonna happen tonight! You know what french girls are like tonight?

Gridlok is peeeaace

Gridlok: Erm, I think that happens in France a lot! (LAUGHS!!!!!) In a lot of places!! But I guess that just depends how wild the party gets, right?

BJR: You mentioned collaborations before, you mentioned some of the forthcoming projects. Do you wanna be a bit more specific about all your forthcoming stuff on your label and on your personal Gridlok project?

Gridlok: To be more specific, me and Prolix are almost donw with a new EP that’s gonna be ridiculous (laughs) and that’s why I was here early to burn a CD and now I’m gonna have to try the USB key instead for the first time so I’m a little nervous. But yeah the stuff with Prolix, his last EP done with MC Coppa is ridiculous and now that we’re trying to do more than just a couple tunes. We got like a bigger picture going and I think it’s gonna be ill when it’s ready.

BJR: Going back a little bit to collaborations, is there anyone in the Drum and Bass scene that you would like to collaborate with and that you haven’t yet?

Gridlok: I wish that me and Optical would have finished a tune, I did collaborate with him but we didn’t get anywhere and I think it was because I was star truck by him. He’s like the only guy in Drum and Bass that I just.. I mean all of his talent, as far as being a producer goes.. and yeah I wish we would have finished something but it didn’t happen.

BJR: Later maybe, who knows!
What is going to be tonight? What kind of special sound should we expect? Some special dubplates?

Gridlok: Erm, lately, I mean this tour in Europe has been really heavy, so the more I’m gigging, < < the harder I'm getting > > (laughs) and at this point I’m dropping like loads of upbeats tunes, Audio’s new album, a bunch of stuff I’m working on. I love playing tunes of mines from over the years also you know, like people don’t hear my old stuff all the time because DJs always try to drop the new tunes so when I play a set, I try to pull some of those tunes that I’ve done and that people might have forgotten about and still like you know, so you’ll hear a few of those.

Me is looking for a Visa for da UK

BJR: Before you go hit the desks, do you have any exclusive new for us and for our listeners on BassJunkees right here?

Gridlok: Exclusive news right now, oh my lord, errrr I’m thinking! Oh yeah I’m looking into a Visa for England right now, how is that! I might not be going back to America ;)

BJR: That’s some really good news! OK Junkees so this interview is coming to an end..
Dinde grabs the mic: “so if you know a girl… in England… that could help him, let him know on Facebook”
BJR: Yes girls! Let him know!

Gridlok: My wife will love that! (Laughs!)

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