Onderhoud van Marko Man (Telekinesis) – Live by die Batofar, Parys – Aangebied deur Urban Renewal

Batofar, Parys, Frankryk, 31 Mei – 1 Junie.

Wat 'n nag was dit aan die Batofar hierdie Thurday met die Stedelike Hernuwing bemanning, met Marko Man van deel dmv as hul gaste.

Groot pret, groot DJ sets, en the first Bassjunkees live interview.

BassJunkees Radio: Hoe voel jy oor die speel in Frankryk vanaand?

Marko Man: I’m really looking forward to playing for the first time in France. Right aabout now, it’s looking really good so I can’t wait till this interview is over so I can hit the desks.

BJR: What’s your first impression on the Batofar?

Marko Man: It’s amazing, I never.. Yeah actually played once on a boat but it was a race model, it was not a proper night club. This is really nice. On a thursday night, so much going on, it’s really something to look forward to.

Marko Man before hitting the desks

BJR: Basically you’ve got it, the Batofar is a boat, right on the river Seine in Paris. And it’s packed up! (Dinde shouting something about craziness) Ever had girls showing their boobs while playing on the desks? Because that’s what’s going to happen tonight you know. You don’t know anything about french girls already?

Marko Man: Jy weet, for everything there’s a first time right? I’m looking forward to that also.

BJR: Basically tonight, what’s going to be the hardware that you are going to be playing on?

Marko Man: Just a couple of CDJs and a mixer, that’s all I need.

BJR: CDJs, are you one of these guys in the Apple sect? Are you using Appleor NOT?

Marko Man about the Apple sect

Marko Man: No erm, I’m really happy to say that I’m a big Apple hater! (Dinde jumping around and shouting yeeaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!)

BJR: All the listeners on Bassjunkees are going to be listening to your set all along, what can you promise to them? Any exclusive dubplates they should be awaiting tonight?

Marko Man: Yeah definately, I think most of my set is made of Dubplates. Eventually maybe some of them will be released in between but I’m going to be opening with a brand new like a test bounce from what we were doing this week in the studio with Smooth, the brand new Telekinesis tune we’re getting ready. And maybe this is the opportunity to tell you that we are getting ready to make our own label so I’ll be opening tonight with the first release of the forthcoming Telekinesis label called Illegal Records.

BJR: You made tunes with Smooth as Telekinesis. How do you work together? What’s the production you’re the most proud of?

Marko Man: We get together, lock ourselves in the studio and try to get things done, when we have time. Our set up is mostly software, all in the box. We use Fruity Loops, some synths and that’s about it, we try not to complicate, stick to the basics and that’s about it, some distortions and everything else is in your ear and your imagination. 99% of the time we’re together in the studio and we try to finish everything together so that when a track is done, both of us can say yeah this is what I like, this is Telekinesis.

Telekinesis and Illegal Records

BJR: How and when did you start working together? Do each of you have his own specialty like one thing that the other one doesn’t know how to do and one thing that makes one tune particular.

Marko Man: We started workingIt’s a hard question, Ek weet nie, a couple of years ago (lag). I really want to give credit to Smooth, he’s really a perfectionnist, especially on the mix-downs and everything. He’s like the man to do the perfect mix-down, he won’t just give up, he will just mix it till it’s perfect, so I could not do it alone.

BJ: Right now, at this moment, you and him only produce together?

Marko Man: Smooth has his own thing going on with Smooth. I’ve been producing before that, solo, then later with Tsunami. Yeah before that and even now, Smooth is making his own stuff, but everything that I touch is mainly for Telekinesis.

BJR: You were talking earlier on about the new tunes, new dubplates you’re gonna play tonight. Any EP or LP of yours that we should be awaiting in the next few weeks, few months?

Marko Man: We’ve got a couple things lined up, we’ve got one tune that I long anticipated, theMachinestune is coming out on the Black Sun Empire label real soon, I hope. (TelekinesisMachines forthcoming on Black Sun Empire’s label Obsessions (poster’s note)) I think it’s going to be the next release, I think it’s going to be a sample of their forthcoming LP. We have another one from BSE but that’s probably not gonna come out real soon. We have three tunes lined up for Viper. Among them isDistant”, “See what?? (did not get the title)” en “She wants to skate”. Then for the Autumn we have our own Illegal Crew recordings lined up so we have tunes for that already in the oven.

Marko Man at the desks

BJR: The oven is heating and you’re gonne ba heating the place up tonight on the boat. I don’t know if the listeners can hear it but there is big bass here tonight and all the fish are swimming like crazy under the boat. Thank you for this interview, we’re gonna be listening to you right now, and on Bassjunkees as well. Good luck to you. Any words you wanna add up?

Marko Man: Ja! Thank you and thanks to all the fish! (lag)


The whole night and all the sets went on well. No not just well, crazy! This Urban Renewal at the Batofar was another great Drum’n’Bass event to attend.

1 Junie, 5:30amIt’s called waiting for the cab. But when no cab shows up, Marko takes a ride on a scooter back to the hotel before he’s off to Utrech, Netherlands.


For reasons of security and privacy, we will not be posting the naked boobs and scooter ride pics.

We thank a million times Ersatz, Mesbass, Harry Massive, Le Dictee, Bass Siek for this once more awesome night, Jegeor en FabriceB, en the Batofar for the great place and the internet access allowing us to live stream this interview on Bassjunkees Radio.




BassJunkees Radio show announcement:

This Friday night (from 21:00 GMT), we will be airing a Promo Set by Telekinesis, so stay tuned op BassJunkees.com!


Watch and download the photos from the Urban Renewal at the Batofar:

> Foto's van: Telekinesis (Markoman) Aangebied deur Urban Renewal - 31/05/2012 @ Batofar Paris/FRANCE by FabriceB

> Foto's van: Telekinesis Hosted by Urban Renewal – 31/05/2012 @ Batofar Paris/FRANCE by Jegeor


Listen to the interview of Marko Man again at the Batofar:

> Telekinesis Live from Paris hosted by Urban Renewal


Support Telekinesis on the web:

Telekinesis Beatport artist page

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