Stedelike vernuwing bied: Binne inligting & Axiom op 28 Oktober 2012 @ 00:30 GMT

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28 Julie 2012 @ 00:30 GMT on se Radio
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Gaste + Onderhoud as welll !!!

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Hosted by Urban Renewal (Paris/FRANCE)

Binne inligting & Aksioom
Live 28 Oktober 2012 @ 00:30 GMT
Hosted by Urban Renewal @ Le Petit Bain from Paris/FRANCE
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Inside Info & Axiom on October 28th 2012 @ 00h30 GMT

Ja Crew !

There is the announcement that Inside Info / UK (Viper, Mainframe, Subsonik Sound, Critical, Ras 12″) & Aksioom / Switserland (Renegade Hardware, M-Atome, Red Light, Sitrus) will be soon playing on Bassjunkees Radio.
But this night we will also stream the whole party, it means Ootist / BE (Bassjunkees/Ildnb) and Urban Renewal Team.

Inside info’s Biography:

    One of the most unique producers in the game, InsideInfo ranks alongside some of the most respected producers in the drum & bass scene. With a back catalogue featuring releases on the most prestigious labels in DnB, such as Metro Recordings, Virus, Critical, Tien Blue Maart, Mainframe, and Ganja-Tek, InsideInfo has built up an enviable reputation for delivering the most distinctive, twisted funk in al
    l of bass music.

    Coming off a busy year with ‘Honey Bee’ destroying dancefloors throughout 2011 off the Matrix & Futurebound ‘Worldwide: 001’ album, along with his recent remix of Camo and Krooked’s ‘Anubis’ doing the same in 2012, not to mention a forthcoming single on Virus with Audio. Now exclusively signed to Viper Recordings, InsideInfo is set to deliver his most complete work to date with an amazing 7-track EP on Viper.

Axiom’s Biography:

    Axiom stepped into the Drum and Bass scene in 2005, when he met Optiv (C4C) at a party and was invited for a collaboration, the result was the tunenightfallswhich was released on Optiv’s redlight recordings. Shortly after that, the collaboration with Optiv and Chris.Su created the amazingsoulcubewhich received support from all the major players in the scene and began opening eyes worldwide. .. .. Axiom’s sound, derived from ambient and experimental electronic music, fuses together to create an equally disturbing and effective dance floor tune and is also right at home on your music player, this has helped enable Axiom to release tunes on the number 1 record labels in Drum and Bass today including the huge Renegade Hardware imprint, and branching from every corner of the earth with releases on New Zealand labels Cyanide Recordings and State Of Mind Music, Shadow Law & Hostile Recordings – VSA, DSCI4 and Relight Recordings – UK and Sydrome and Citrus imprint. .. .. Axiom live shows consist of a rolling selection of fresh exciting Drum and Bass, predominately on the neurofunk and tech tip, with fast moving mixing and cuts, he’s been in demand with shows every weekend and internet mixes getting downloaded in their thousands, Axiom is hot property

So don’t miss it guyz !

Schedule for:

  • Toronto, it will be October 27th @ 7:30 (PM)
  • Parys, it will be October 28th @ 1h30 (du matin)
  • Los Angeles, it will be October 27th @ 5:30 (PM)
  • London, it will be October 28th @ 1:00 (PM) – GMT
  • Ressources:

    It’s gonna be an interview on air of Inside Info then Axiom during this event.
    If you wanna ask them for your questions, be sure to be on the chatroom !!!


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