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There’s a handful of good reasons why we wanted to have a chat with Camo and Krooked. The two Austrian geniuses broke into the drum and bass scene a couple of years ago and never stopped releasing groundbreaking tracks, keeping us drooling all the way over fresh sets with forthcoming fresh tunes. We couldn’t miss their first time in Paris at the Bataclan and their insane two-hour live set a couple of months ago (full review of the show Right Here) and it was just awesome! Talented producers and (now that we have witnessed it) very VERY talented DJs, it really looks like nothing will ever stop them on their way up to the top!

Так, these guys are pretty young if you consider the rest of the scene and the quality of their releases, however they still have real good stuff coming out soon so we shall stay tuned in the next couple of months and see what’s coming after their liquid-based альбом “Вышэй & За” released on the Austrian label Mainframe Recordings a couple of weeks ago. Other EPs and 12 inches on Beta, Гадзюка, Hospital and Breakbeat Kaos, in other words it took them only a little more than a year to embrace the biggest drum and bass labels.

Here is the promo guestmix that Camo & Krooked played at Fabio’s show on Radio1 the day before the release of Above & За. An awesome set introducing this great album and of course a few promising forthcoming EPs. Eat this!

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FabioLive on Radio1 – Camo & Krooked Guestmix – 14th Feb 2010


ilovednb-locate-camo ilovednb-locate-fill-camo
- born 1983, Salzburg
- cultivates his passion for skateboard since 1992
- studied communication science
- won the Musikpreis Salzburg ў 2007
- started making sounds with pc back in 2002
ilovednb-locate-krooked ilovednb-locate-fill-krooked
- born 1989, near Vienna
- got into producing at the age of 16
- studying informatics at the university of technics
- one of the youngest producers in the game
- doesn’t like tomatoes

Now that they have made a name of themselves with a nice break through in the world of drum and bass over 2009, they seem to have a few projects going on for 2010 and it felt like a good time to ask them what our ears should be expecting. Camo answered our questions before his appearance at the big “Mainframe” party in Vienna with Shimon and Audio in January. (Facebook event page Right Here)

I<3DNB Was Drum & Bass the style you both started playing with? To what style(з) do you tend to be moving now and in the next months? Do you have other wishes? Collaborations?

Camo: Yeah we both started with Drum & Bass and we still love it as day one, maybe even more! We produce and play out minimal techno too, under the project nameChrome”.

I<3DNB Tell us more about this Chromeproject? Is it a gap your bridging in between drum and bass and techno/electro so that radios around Europe will tend to show more interest in drum and bass?

Camo: We started “chrome” just for fun to make some different stuff and it ended up as a proper techno artist and got bookings and stuff. From listening and producing techno, we learnt a lot about mixdowns, because techno has a different mixdown to drumnbass, so we tried to bring the things we like in techno to our dnb productions to create a new style. But we still do “in your face” straight up dnb tunes too!

I<3DNB If you two together are aiming at two musical streams, is it because you’re both very different from one another? Do you have very different or very similar tastes when it comes to listening to music?

Camo: We have pretty similar taste of music, and when it comes to production, we both exactly know what we want and what is good.

I<3DNB Which moment/achievement were you most proud of during your recent rise?

Not too sure, I think its not only that the big labels are picking up a lot of tunes by us, its more that a lot of people seem to like the music, and that’s a good thing. We deliver :)


Krooked and CamoMassive Ltd. @ Bataclan, Парыж – 10th November 2009

I<3DNB Everything during your set was just as neat as your tunes. Do you each have a specific role? How long did it take you to reach your synchronizing skills? Is it is it the results of years of training, is it freestyle, or is the set planned?

Camo: No specific role, it’s just that we know the tunes pretty well and yes we do have a lot of practice too. You can’t play a set like we do 100% freestyle, because most of the time you only have less than half of a minute to slip in the next tune to get the next drop right. But we check the audience and play what we think works best.

Credits: Massive Ltd. @ Bataclan, Парыж – Video by

Massive Ltd @ Bataclan Paris – 7/8 – Camo & Krooked


Massive Ltd @ Bataclan Paris – 8/8 :: John B – Numbers (Camo & Krooked remix)

I<3DNB What did you think of the Massive Ltd with Elisa Do Brasil? How did the dancefloor respond from where you were standing?

Camo: I liked the live brass a lot and also the dancers were much fun. It seemed that the crowd was feeling her performance.

I<3DNB We were really grateful to GQ who asked for the sound to be louder. Did you fear that you’d have to play with that sound system when you first heard what came out of the speakers?

Camo: Well we arrived the club pretty late, so we don’t know how the sound had been beforeall I know is that it was still very very low during the time we played, not enough sub!

I<3DNB One question to go, when are you coming back to France?

Camo: I think it will be on April 17th Jungle Juice in Paris … але я з нецярпеннем чакаю гэтага шмат! (І. пацвердзіў пару тыдняў пасля інтэрв'ю было праведзена, і яны будуць таксама паказаны ў Брэсце ў ноч перад)

Іх шоу:

Camo & Krooked будзе гуляць у пятніцу 12 сакавіка з Dirtyphonics і Шымон ў паўночны мост (Заходняя Аўстралія) у Metrocity за першую ноч Audioporn тур. Больш падрабязная інфармацыя даступная тут. Лакі аўстралійцаў!

Яны не вярнуся ў Францыю, перш чым праз месяц пасля гэтага. This will be in Brest at La Suite (больш падрабязна soon) for the 8th I Love Drum&Bass night (April 16th) and Paris the next day for the well known Jungle Juice (April 17th).

12 Сакавік 2010
Camo & Krooked @ Audio Porn Tour Perth Australie
13 Сакавік 2010
Camo & Krooked @ Audio Porn Tour Hobart Australie
14 Сакавік 2010
Camo & Krooked @ Audio Porn Tour Sydney Australie
27 Сакавік 2010
Camo & Krooked @ Braunschweig Brunswick Allemagne
1 Красавіка 2010
Camo & Krooked Estonie
10 Красавіка 2010
Camo & Krooked @ HLA Konzert Yspertal Yspertal Autriche
16 Красавіка 2010
Camo & Krooked Brest France
17 Красавіка 2010
Camo & Krooked @ Jungle Juice Paris France
8 больш 2010
Camo & Krooked Varsovie Pologne
29 больш 2010
2 Raum Mannheim Allemagne
18 Чэрвень 2010
Camo & Krooked @ Mo Фестываль Агню Гановер, Германія
18 Чэрвень 2010
Chrome @ Mo Фестываль Агню Гановер, Германія
23 Чэрвень 2010
Camo & Krooked @ Garagem Порту Партугалія
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