Помощ! (БЛАГОДАРЯ ВИ!!!!!)

Ние работим усилено, за да се осигури много по целия свят с най-добрите дръм енд бейс, helping webradios such as Bassjunkees.com, DNBradio and Jungletrain have sufficient capacity and more, както и този сайт, ILDNB.com.

От тази сутрин, Bassjunkees радио е надолу, и радио релета, предоставяни на нашите партньори са прекалено.

Ние не правим пари, but we bleed money for maintaining servers that can host the several websites and radio relays in several countries, to give our own little push into making Drum and Bass known to more and more people, because Drum and Bass is great, isn’t it.

For the last two years, donations have stood for 10% of the total running costs.

Take a minute to share this post, just like you’d share a tune you love with friends around you.

And if you’re willing to help us reup the relays as fast as possible, the PayPal address is donate@ildnb.com

Thank you allfor your help!



We would like to thank those who responded to our shout, by sharing, liking
…и donating/!
- Christopher C.
- Peter NC-17 > FB.com/nc17audio
- Chris J.
- Ryan V.
- Michel D.
- Thomas L.
- Pavel R.
- Robin E.

Thank you all for your help <3


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