Ilovedrumnbass.com je zajednica Drum&Bass ljubavnici okupilo se na IRC kanalu razgovarati i raspravljati o Drum&Bas svaki dan u tjednu, bilo koje doba dana. Pošto 2006, mi smo neprofitna oglašavanje website čiji je cilj promoviranje ovog muzičkog stila koje volimo, zajedno sa svojim proizvođačima, oznake i stranaka, bilo da su mali, ustanak, oldschool ili vrlo dobro poznati.

Možete doći i razgovarati s nama ili jednostavno praznog hoda s nama na naš zvanični kanal pridruživanjem #ilovedrumnbass @ Quakenet ili klikom ovaj link. Ako ste izgubili, Ako vam treba savjet o nečemu tehnički oko Drum&Bas, Samo pitajte, a ako ikad želiš podijeliti svoje iskustvo sa nama, pa čak i pomoći, ne ustručavajte se pitati za admin.

Ilovedrumnbass.com is also a webradio streaming and a shoutcast relay, playing 24/7 recents and older sets that you can rate and comment. Every month we gather the results into a selekta note that anyone can then have access to via our website ovdje. You can listen to our webradio by following ovaj link.

We are also free blog hosting community (cf Ilovedrumnbass.com/blogs) to help music lovers promote their favourite artists no matter what their tastes are. Unfortunately, subscription hasn’t been made automatic yet therefore you will have to join our IRC channel to ask for your own blog.

You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter, where we usually share articles, news, interviews, reviews in order to keep Drum&Bass addicts up to date. We have our:

- Official Facebook group
- Official Facebook fan page
- Official Twitter page

Finally, we endeavour to keep our calendar up to date with major and minor DNB events in as many areas as we can. We have an RSS Agenda available ovdje and in case you would wanna synchronise it with your own agendas ovdje is the vCalencar file you will need.

Ilovedrumnbass.com is improving communication too. Now we can easily create events via a meeting platform that we call meetILDNB. You will find it at meet.ildnb.com and it will just make a random shortlink refering to the gigs you wanna go to. All you will then have to do it type in your name and check the box to tell everyone you’re going or uncheck the box to tell everyone you’re so sad about not going.


We are not selling goodies, clothes, stickers, we are not earning any money out of what we do, we rather do this for passion. Every month, eight guys pay out one hundred euros each so that this website and everything it is attached to run smoothly.

We are not Myspace.com/ilovedrumnbassfrance, these guys from Brittany have their own ways of promoting DnB and they sure deserve support as much as we do. We’d love to attend one of their shows one day. If anyone would like to write reviews about them, feel free to contact us.


Juli 2006 Mole meets Dinde
27th August 2006 Mole and Dinde start the #ilovedrumnbass IRC channel and gather a community of friends and DNB lovers.
Novembar 2006 Ilovedrumnbass.com V1
Februar 2007 #ilovedrumnbass streaming radio is up
Avgust 2007 Ilovedrumnbass.com/BLOGS is created
2008 We lost all the archives but went to loooads of events over the year
Siječanj 2009 Ilovedrumnbass Website V2
12th February 2009 Friendship with DNBradio.com leads to our first partnership
29th September 2009 New partnership with JungleTrain.net
17th December 2009 Ilovedrumnbass.com ide dvojezičnih
23rd February 2010 Bassjunkees.com becomes our new partner.
March till May 2010 The datacenter hosting our blogs goes on fire, the blogs are down for a total of seven weeks.
12th May 2010 Ilovedrumnbass.com = ILDNB.coma bunch of shortlinks are added to make your life easier.
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