Urban Renewal präsentiert: TELEKINESIS am 1. Juni 2012 @ 02:00 GMT

Guest spielen / Interview:

1. Juni 2012 @ 02:00 GMT am Bassjunkees.com 's-Radio
Ratet mal, wer wird spielen …
Interview als welll !!!

Hier ist ein Tipp: Živjo.

Hosted by Urban Renewal (Paris/FRANCE)

Live-1. Juni 2012 @ 02:00 GMT
Hosted by Urban Renewal @ Batofar aus Paris / FRANKREICH
Ausgestrahlt aus und nur: Bassjunkees.com 's-Radio
Link folgt …

Telekinesis on Bassjunkees.com June 1st 2012 @ 02h00 GMT

Ja Besatzung !

There is the announcement that Telekinesis will be soon playing on Bassjunkees Radio (Bad Taste, Breed12Inches, C2D).


    Telekinesis are a up and coming two man outfit driven by the creative minds of Smooth and Markoman. After working together for an extended length of time, they developed the ‘Telekinesis’ Alias, and have begun to see immediate success. Receiving DJ support from artists such as; Pendulum, Matrix & Future, Chris Renegade, Diesel Boy, Ed Rush, Audio-, Black Sun Empire, Optiv, Innerhalb Info, Subsonik & Tallon (amongst many others), you can expect much more to come from this rising production duo

So don’t miss it guyz !
Schedule for:

  • Toronto, it will be May 31st @ 9:00 (PM)
  • Paris, it will be June 1st @ 3h00 (du matin)
  • Los Angeles, it will be may 31st @ 6:00 (PM)
  • London, it will be June 1st @ 2:00 (AM) – GMT
  • Ressourcen:

    *** UPDATE ***
    It’s gonna be an interview on air of Telekinesis during this event.
    Wenn Sie wollen, fragen Sie ihn Ihre Fragen, sicher sein, auf den Chatroom sein !!!


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