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ILoveDrumnBass on steroids

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Heading into this new year of Drum & Bass awesomeness, we keep coding new stuff and developing the website. In particular Dinde, who has yet again come forward with two small but meaningful additions! First of all, out of pure

Blogs: WordPress and 2.9 Theme and Freshy2

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For all those who use the theme on their blogs Freshy2 (default theme). Upgrading your blog to WordPress 2.9 causes the deletion of the widget bar. This theme is clearly incompatible with this new upgrade. We expect

Our Selecta: December 2009

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We selected for you: 12 mix. The amount of deleted items is: 205 mix about 20Go.

Top 30 Drum & Bass internet radios

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Ever so often, somebody in our IRC channel asks something among the lines of “Hey, are there any other good Drum & Bass internet radios?” and they sometimes get one or two responses, or maybe a well-suited “STFW” (Search The

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