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Reaching Climax

If on the surface our friendly team seemed to have prolonged they winter holidays, you need to dig a little to find that we have nice things to offer and much more in a near future. The last fortnight has allowed us to get rid of a number of minor and major problems.

First, we are quite pleased to have our beloved blogging community back with each new article referenced on the Blogs page of our website. Remember, nearly two months ago a fire in the datacenter hosting one of our machines burned up all blogs data. Luckily, we had a fairly recent backup fairly recent and we have put almost all existing blogs before the accident. Then an update of our website had resulted in corrupting the translation of some pages. And muckily again we managed to fix this problem and make our blogs page fully bilingual.

The shorter the better” we say at Ilovedrumnbass.com. Exactly ladies! That's why we have shortened all links. From today, you can access any content from the blogs to the radio by replacing ilovedrumnbass by ildnb in the url of the website. This means that Ildnb.com takes you to the same place as Ilovedrumnbass.com.

We always have a thought for our partners and friends who will have a share of the cake since we have also set special shortcuts to the radio relays we've been providing them with :

- http://r.ildnb.com <-> Our #Ilovedrumnbass radio stream
- http://b.ildnb.com <-> Relay provided to Bassjunkees.com
- http://d.ildnb.com <-> Relay #2 provided DnbRadio.com
- http://j.ildnb.com <-> Relay provided to JungleTrain.net

We can also celebrate reaching recently a total of 3000 fans, you are even today 3200 who 'like' our website, our radio, in blogs, our chatroom, our partners, our relays, our reviews, our interviews, our agendas, our Facebook page… You are not just 3200 junglists since there are also among you those you enjoy listening to : Bassline Smith, Netsky, Capskod Dirtyphonics, Charly Dirtyphonics, Danny Byrd, Flagada Jones, Flapjack, E-Roc, DJ Muffler, DJ Fresh, Jay Rome, Subivo, Shock One, Kaleb, Kryteria, Ruffride, Krooked, Anakyne, Pitchin Dirtyphonics, Pressure, DaEnemy, Redeyes, Camo, Shimon, Balistik, Mayhem, DJ Casanova, Blasta and many others… and we love them too !! It's all about ’love and music… you're our many and only love !

The community is growing bigger every day and we are striving to reach everyone who is willing to join you. If you are the happy owner of a BlackBerry® phone you can use the BlackBerry® Groups feature of BlackBerry® Messenger and stay connected with us at all times. Here is the picture you need to capture with your BlackBerry® phone to join our group.


I'm a junglist. Period!

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