[Interview] Dungeon Kru – Canada’s got talent!

Making it in the Music/DJ/MC world takes dedication and patience. It’s a way of life and Dungeon Kru members MC Danger D, Casanova DJ and DJ Slick have proven, they are not your cookie cutter “I’m an Epic DJ/MC blah blah types”.

You can tune in to Dungeon Kru Airways, hear the Dubplates, and/or be at a live show , one thing you’ll know for sure is that these men are no amateurs.They know what they’re doing, and their doing it with pure style. Every Monday and Thursday 7-10pm / Midnight in the UK.You can tune in *LIVE* on www.bassjunkees.com and get your fix of some of the most Bohlicious DJing and MCing.

You can’t help but move yo ass.

They are showing the people that Canada has some talent that definitely can be hard to match. Unquestionably, they are some of the best.
Dungeon Kru do all their shows with skill and dedication. One way they show this is by bringing you the tunes via award winning show, Dungeon Kru Airways.

If you haven’t already , tune in and hear what these men have to offer. What you’ll get is Slick MCing and DJing that has you nodding your head and tuning into the next show, just to see what kind of Sikkness they’re going to throw at you next. They have gathered a following, The Guest list, a who’s who of the old and new school. On a constant you can be sure they are bringing you, the best of themselves and other talent that set your dopamine flowing, feet moving and speakers booming. After tuning in or attending a show no doubt you’ll anticipating the next one.

Mc Danger D won Best Local Break through MC (2009)
Casanova DJ and DJ Slick won Best local breakthrough DJ’s (2009)
Also Dungeon Kru Airways won Best Local Internet radio show (2008)
From Clothing (Dub Plate special)
Nxlvl (NxlvlMusic.com)

Now monthly killer shows at JFK’s in Mississauga, Ontario, and also loads of other venues happening, AND weekly shows on Air.
They have racked up the recognition and continue to grow as an unstoppable force. Two of the three members, CasanovaDJ and MC Danger D were able to take a few moments of their time to answer a few questions, DJ Slick unfortunately could not participate.


I<3DNB Where did the Name Dungeon Kru come from?

The name comes from the basement we broadcast from. While in high school we use to hangout there a lot, smoking weed. People use to refer to it as the dungeon.

I<3DNB Can u tell me how did you all come together to form The Kru?

Well, originally The Dungeon Kru consisted of CasanovaDj, DJ Slick, DJ Steddy and myself. As we grew life came at Steddy fast and he’s taken a back seat to concentrate on being a husband and an amazing father. We couldn’t be prouder. Over the years we’ve associated with so many different acts, people sometimes get lost in who actually is “in” the group. For the record, it’s just MC Danger D, DJ Slick and CasanovaDJ, and we’re all from the same hood.
(MC Danger D)

I<3DNB Do u have plans soon for some more guest spots that we can look forward to hearing and then promptly downloading from Bassjunkees.com archives?

Guest spots are always fun for us, and with a slew of artists coming through in the next months – I’m sure the Junkees won’t be disappointed
(MC Danger D)

I<3DNB What were your thoughts when you found out Dungeon Kru together and as individuals had been nominated and won? What did you do to celebrate?

We were really proud all us and our friends were getting recognized for our hard work. As for celebrating, we polished off 6 bottles of vodka in the v.i.p the night of the awards. Don’t remember much from the night,other than Danger breaking his award in half by accident

I<3DNB Which do you think would be the most important event in the history of Dungeon Kru Airways and/or Dungeon kru as a whole?

A house party at Steddy’s parents house in 2004. The first time the Dungeon Kru was ever in the same room. Casanova and Slick are brothers, Steddy was a close friend of theirs – I was there for the Drum and Bass. So since it was the first time we had met, I’d say it would be the most important.
(MC Danger D)

I<3DNB What made you all decide to start to broadcast the show in the beginning?

Steddy actually started the show on bassjunkees.com after several drives to Niagara to play on my (Danger) long time friend DJ A3′s show “Taste of Bass” that still runs on the station. It snowballed after that, eventually we found ourselves filling two slots, Monday and Thursday evenings in Toronto and midnight in the Uk.
(MC Danger D)

Mississauga,CA April 30th/2011

I<3DNB Can you tell me, what are your top tunes?

10 tunes that get canned on the airwaves (in no particular order)

1. Demolition Man – Four (Aries remix) (Dungeon Kru VIP)
2. Crystal Clear and Zen – Heavy
3. Mindscape – Bounce
4.Hazard – Bust a Move
5. Kenny Ken – Murder You (Savage Rehab remix)
6. SLY feat. Bassman – The Roller
7. Breakage - Fighting Fire (Loadstar remix)
8. Now:Tone feat. Heidi Vogel – Coming Back
9. Aries and Murder – One of Those Days
10. Noisia – Friendly Intentions

Genuinely hard to do, since we play a lot of different styles.
(MC Danger D)

I<3DNB Committing two nights every week to play and always putting on a killer show, Live from Mississauga Canada, takes a lot of dedication. What drives you to continue broadcasting?

CasanovaDJ, his relentless drive and love for the music is really the force behind the show. He’s constantly in touch with fellow UK producers and keeping a good eye on the up coming international and Canadian guys in the scene. Shout out to guys like Gremlinz, Visionary, Everfresh (On Point Music), Mutt, Grimm, NC-17, Brockout, Stickbubbly and international guys like Original Sin, Jayline, SLY, Savage Rehab, Pacso, Gusto as well as a slew of guests like Nicky Blackmarket, Top Cat, Ragga Twins, Harry Shotta and Funsta, Demolition Man, Xample, Sub Zero, Bassman, Trigga, Loki, General C, CKB, Pleasure and our first UK guest Benny Page. All the aforementioned have helped contribute to the success of our show. We Thank them All
(MC Danger D)

I<3DNB Have you been told that someone tuned in, heard the show and that was why they were booking you?

It’s happened that people have heard our recorded sets , so indirectly, yes of course. We were recognized with an award at the 2008 Toronto Drum and Bass Awards for the show, but lost in ’09 to fellow bassjunkee NC-17 for his show “The Grindhouse”.
(MC Danger D)

I<3DNB What have you got in store for us in the future?

Well right now we’re working hard towards building a strong local scene, with our monthly nights at JFK’s being a huge success. We plan to expand with NXLVL as well as hosting the smaller more intimate events. We’re continuing to push our clothing sponsor Dub Plate Special (with a few brand new designs planned for the spring). Production has become a hobby of Casanova and Slick. I (Danger) plan on spending more time this spring in the studio putting my vocals on record.
(MC Danger D)

I<3DNB What advice would you give to up and coming DJ’s and MC’s that you think is important for them to keep in the front of their minds about this business?

Treat it like a business and act professional at all times. Know your music and know your history.
(MC Danger D)

I<3DNB What are your thoughts on female Dj’s starting to make a rise seeing as Miss Blyss from Dungeon Kru /Dubplates specialists won for Best female DJ?

Well, she’s not actually a member of Dungeon Kru. She is however a part of the Dub Plate Special family, a resident on our radio show, and a kick ass DJ. As for females “making a rise” we all feel there has always been a strong female DJ presence in Drum and Bass, with pioneers like DJ Flight and DJStorm, leading the way for generations to come.
(MC Danger D)

I<3DNB What is the scene like now in your eyes?

The drum and bass scene in Toronto had died down, with the majority of parties being 19+ and geared towards an older crowd. With the boom of dubstep, electro and electronic music in general we’re seeing a big movement towards kids getting back into packed clubs. So, to put it short, it’s getting healthier every day
(MC Danger D)

I<3DNB What are the ways people can find you and keep up with what’s going on?

The Dungeon Kru fanpage (HERE) and The Nxlvl page (HERE ) are a great start, and don’t forget the M.C. Danger D fanpage ;-) Myspace seems like old news and none of us Tweet, but you can reach us or any of the Dub Plate Special roster through www.freshpapercut.com

I say in closing,
Keep an eye and ear out for these guys!
Keep tuning into the shows. Check out their pages, attend shows, support the Talent, give your Big Up’s, tune in to Dungeon Kru Airways and chat with them in the chatroom, let them know that the work they are doing is stellar. Everybody deserves to know that Canada is a Mecca for talented peeps. The men of Dungeon Kru will never disappoint.Below you can find the links to each Guest spot, listen in, download and tell your friends!!

Dungeon Kru Airwaves feat. The Ragga Twins –>

Dungeon Kru Airwaves feat. Top Cat w/ Frankie Gunns –>

Dungeon Kru Airwaves feat. DJ Sly, CKB, MC Bassman and MC Trigga –>

Dungeon Kru Airwaves feat. Marcus Visionary(Liondub International, Digital Soundboy, Tor) –>

Dungeon Kru Airwaves feat. Xample(Ram, UK) –>

On Point Recordings Official Podcast – Everfresh feat. Danger D –>

Dungeon Kru Airwaves feat. Harry Shotta w/ DJ Carnage Part 1 –>

Dungeon Kru Airwaves feat. Harry Shotta w DJ Carnage –>

Dungeon Kru Airwaves feat. DJ Pleasure and MC Loki –>

Dungeon Kru Airwaves feat. DJ CKB and General C –>


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