10 minutes with NEONLIGHT at LET IT ROLL Festival 2013 – Benešov, CZ


Tobias from Neonlight, 2012 was so much your year, what’s coming next?

I think next is coming the set at Let It Roll, that’s the very first thing. Then we have some releases coming again so I think 2013 was quite like a desert, just remix we have released.

But now we have a single coming on Lifted music in August, with two new tracks and a VIP of a track from the last EP, Sprech Funk VIP. The release will be called Power Hour, like one of its tracks, it’s really energy, a bit Neon, it’s really puching forward.

Maybe you can imagine when you go to gym, and go running, or on the stepper and you puch to the next level and the next, and the next, and the track is a little bit like that, more and more and more, and then it’s a kind of explosion, when you feel knocked out and then you come back.

So this is the little story of the track, so I think when the people hear it..

They’re gonna run.

Let It Roll 2013

Yes yes maybe they’re gonna run, it’s good for outwork.

Whereabout are you from in Germany?

We are from Leipzig, it’s in the East and it’s quite a nice place.

How did you two meet? Ten years ago or something?

Much much more. Our parents met years ago, they are close friends from school. I know Jakob from as far as I can think about it. We’re the same age. We saw each other every summer on holidays.

In the last ten year, we’ve been really close and for five year we’ve been living in the same city, Leipzig.

Is the scene big in Germany?

I think the scene is there. I’m not sure if it’s big, but every city has its own scene, it’s not a big thing like in the UK or Czech Republic.

I think we had good years ten years ago. I think the hype was 2003-2005, not the Jungle thing. We had big raves in Germany, with two to three thousand people, and this every month.

And then it went down but I think it’s coming back. We have a new generation of people going to parties and the dubstep think and the bass music in general helps a lot to bring new blood to the scene.

We’re optimistic, we hope to have good parties in the next years. So I will not complain about it, it’s could be worse.

Let It Roll, with you all, Mindscape Jade, BSE, and then you’re playing next at three. You seem to be part of a very nice team. LIR must be an orgasm for you.

Yes I think Let It Roll is the biggest thing you can play in Europe. You have the Pirate Station thing in Russia, we played in St Petersburg this year and this was awesome, fucking huge. Lots of people.

But this, a festival where you have two days, more or less just Drum and Bass, it’s awesome, it’s hard to imagine in Germany where it’s more techno, minimal electro house and stuff.


But when you see this, it’s Drum and Bass everywhere, the people know the music, know the artist. So yeah it’s maybe orgasmic.

So where’s Jakob now then?

I think Jakob is still asleep at the moment. Maybe he’s waiting for the live stream on the internet, but I’m sure he’s sleeping because Jakob is a daddy, he has a small daughter, so when he’s not playing, he’s waking quite early in the morning at 6 or 7.

He’s quite good organised to handle the family life and the studio, the neonlight project and other things. So when he’s not in party, he’s a normal person as we all are.

Where are you going next?

At the moment we play a lot of gigs in Germany, the next gig is in our home town in Leipzig. It’s a small place but it’s a good crowd there and lots of energy in a small club but it’s a really sweaty place so it will be hot in the summer so it will be nice.

Then we’ve got another gig in Germany and then in September we go back to Czech Republic for two gigs, to Prague and then to Vienna, maybe to Russia again in September or so. Yeah I think when the festivals season is over, people go back to the club, so we’ll see but I’m sure we will be busy.


Well in the meantime we play seperately, because to be honest we play just DJ sets, so it’s not necessary to play together. Sure we can play back to back or on three decks, four decks, or two mixers and stuff like that.

But we realised that Jakob has a way of mixing and he same for me, so I think it’s interesting for people to see maybe his playing, and then me, it’s not about comparing but it’s fresh to have two events with Neonlight and two persons, it’s totally different but cool so I think it’s not so bad.

NEONLIGHT will be at LET IT ROLL Open Air 2014



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