Some Help ?

How to connect to the irc channel ( #ilovedrumnbass ) ?

1. Software (Linux / Unix) :

There are different IRC clients to connect on this protocol chat.
For reasons of simplicity, I'll submit a, xchat which is available on most existing platforms.
Go / download and download the latest version, once installed, launch the application and follow the instructions.
Click on the first tab XChat > Network List….

  • QuakeNet already exists in the list :

Select, and click Connect.

  • QuakeNet is not listed :

Click Add, put QuakeNet as name, then click Edit… then merge this information :
Server :
[x] Automatic connection to the network at startup
Favorites channels : #ilovedrumnbass
Character : UTF-8 (Unicode)

Confirm everything by clicking Close, then click Connect.

From now, you'll join the channel # ilovedrumnbass (or you'll have to join manually with (typing in the space provided therefor) : /join #ilovedrumnbass.

2. Software (Windows) :

I advice you to use mIRC.
After downloading / installing, open it and follow the steps :
In mIRC options Enter your data :
Full Name : Drew N’Bass
Email address :
Nickname : Drew
Alternative : Drew`

Then go (in the left menu), on the part Connect > Servers :
Click Add and add this information :
Description : server ilovedrumnbass
IRC Server :
Ports : 6667

Then Add.
Click Select, and Connect.
Once connected, you can enter #ilovedrumnbass in box, and Join.

3. Online :
You can join the channel # ilovedrumnbass network using the applet IRC web !
Directly on our website at :

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