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<Dinde> looking chest exhubérente call me

<TilK_ModeBiere> jai not even cats ): <TilK_ModeBiere> jai ke my grandparents (to kiss)

[12:52:03] <+Aristobule> Religion in the admin clanfrance t'est ? [13:53:45] <<@ turkey>> Aristobule: Non christmas decoration

[23:34:40] <<@ turkey>> stinks. [23:35:25] <@ Nimrod> = bitch) [23:36:18] <<@ turkey>> it will recognize [23:37:42] * @chaky sifflotte

<<@ turkey>> bin normally <<@ turkey>> tousle evening <<@ turkey>> jsuis open

<@ MOL `> !say <@ MOL `> excellent !!! <<@ turkey>> What is good air <@ Black> yeah like planes

<S4RuM4N> go get your mothers envculer <S4RuM4N> jùsuis homo and then

<meow> we had a bitch in gav yesterday <meow> and SEX al mac hero <meow> Perquis were pictures of it now getting SCREWED lfion dse

[21:31] <Drop> JDEV share kisses with another guy

(@ W1|Astronaut) Macintosh are people here ? (NSC) We are here on irc (@ W1|Astronaut) t you clever you

[17:52:27] <@Mekza> Drop: Dirty Jew

<Kobhqlt-> for host <Kobhqlt-> Obviously it takes a Bay <Kobhqlt-> but otherwise good ..

[19:21:43] <`Soft> jsuis not leet, I know that the Q and R

<+GjMan9> Jessica you do not fire if you please ? <@ Jessica_> GjMan9: I know nothing, What do you think ? <+GjMan9> Jessica You're the fire in the ass that's for sure.

(@ohmer) Ptain are really clowns (@ohmer) jviens pectoris a root pass dedibox (@ohmer) It was plain in a downloadable file via http (@ meow) fépét

[20:35:24] <@ meow> in a bus full of mekza gt the only cop

Flusher dit : I think with the fingers Flusher said : it pleases babes.

[23:58:24] <+C-Rembar> but like turkey [23:58:31] <+C-Rembar> mafia irc t'es toi d'PTIN [23:58:34] <+C-Rembar> same op on [23:58:36] <+C-Rembar> I swear [23:58:38] <+C-Rembar> m’ennerve [23:58:49] <+Dinde> I am leading …

<scythale> remark con Spa, a 12 years I send dealer <scythale> I take 80% revenue

(<@ turkey>) It's a pity, I was a girl, I'd flipped a bitch I think

<Arioch> actually, c I had to spend in order <Arioch> I dimmensionné srv to the proxy and my boss told me it was too expensive

<Dinde> it's in my ass or there 's the greatest place

<<@ turkey>> Saying that Java is nice because it works on all OS’s is like saying that anal sex is nice because it works on all genders

(<@ turkey>) jveux me a program where I suck dick ! (@scythale) will pay you a self-sucking :) (<@ turkey>) it costs too much scythale year :/ (@ C2C|drakii) requires chaky (<@ turkey>) Why to punish me like that :(

[17:37] <DadouGump> the first time I saw it out of Turkey crapper ..

<oxymoron> i think your server is programmed to kill the jews

(@ MOL `) I feel like taking a calibrated beam :X (<@ turkey>) it's called stop smoking :who (@ MOL `) jsuis eyes wide open

[11:56:08] * @[LEG]Dar-ko kiss made a mini Dindounet :) [11:56:49] <@[LEG]Dar-ko> yeah you put the bot on mas 5 Shan thief !

<@ Tokidoki> I had permission to stay late tonight to PC :P

(+Krys) Dinde (+Krys) it is or my ao :( ? quit: (Krys) ( (G-lined)

<Drop> but my window one sees nothing <Drop> one sees a wall <Drop> with dead cats bottom <drico> photo ! <drico> we'll make you cry turkey 17h

[17:50:59] <+Mekza> normally also has been a supplier of egg also [17:51:21] <+Mekza> which guarantees rapid responses, own, and Jewish !

<Jason> tu look la redoute <Jason> p 52 <Jason> ds lingerie <Jason> ji am

[21:31] <Drop> JDEV share kisses with another guy

[21:51:46] <@ `Crumbs> I have the EZ Valve [21:51:55] <@ `Crumbs> I stopped smoking Monday

[23:08:32] <@ A_mOLe> I have a guy, jvais find another

(06:02:45) (@DragoonMaster) 1ere times with sodomy :D (06:03:14) (@ Bullrot) and that was how ? (06:03:29) (@ Petite_Victime) sodomy ??

[18:23:27] <@TFW-Leon> hm I'm rather trendy rap [18:23:33] <@TFW-Leon> but I am pleased to perf [18:23:46] <@TFW-Leon> you did not see my shorts lacoste a ct?

(22:23) ? @chaky ? chaky ==> diminutive Chakchouka (22:23) ? <@ turkey> ? chakroute Chaky diminutive pile of sauerkraut

<@ Nimrod> wee <<@ turkey>> Exactly

<@ Sankt> "She slipped on my dick"

<JH|Blits> j'te puke my garlic butter in the slot

<Dinde> shit I opened the shutters when I was in such <Dinde> jsuis currently erode a quiet Christmas tree window open with a screw levis

<nrgetik> i drink on weekdays, mostly cause i hate my job

<Dinde> ralalal my mother this case social :) <Bullrot> bah when we see the son =)

[07:11:21] <@NecroPuce> on a 1 submitted and 1 sexual deviant [07:11:24] <@NecroPuce> we're screwed ( Tokidoki et A_mOLe )

<@ S4RuM4N> Arioch, at the same time, it was not you who spoke only has your girlfriend through WoW ? <<@ turkey>> HAN <@Arioch> ah nan, c not me <@Arioch> 'cause I have never had a girlfriend

<drico> girl bush, end in testicle !

<fulsker> I'm already all wet in my string pti

<meow> there is no shame senfoncer stuff <meow> I kiff zucchini

(@ `Soft) I quit smoking when married jme ^ ^

<@scythale> 17:33 <@ Crumb-> parce que tu dis ca t is vexe :p <<< bah non, I know I am a prick has SF4, but I could see you know :)

[14:54:28] <@ FraK_> 're crazy, open the shutters [14:54:32] *** `Crumbs (*!@ Local ~[XnS] left IRC (Read error: Operation timed out) !

(@Mekza) I remind you I'm reubeu

[01:35:37] <@ `Calimero> p ^ j t1 must find an occupation that I monopolize the concrete head [01:35:52] <@ Rayt|Mmm> an eggshell ?

2(122102:124302:122902) 02(@Mekza02)truly the number of times I packed galoche buddies

[19:43:55] <+Mekza> I have no checkbook [19:43:58] <+Mekza> is for the Jews. [19:44:48] <+NecroPuce> bah ué you've already seen banks that grant you checkbook Arabs?

<Dinde> ah it is still good seal !

(@NecroPoux) nah TFW fat lady is pretty but (@NecroPoux) then she has the ass hard (@NecroPoux) it could cut a dick between her buttocks

<NSC> Info Day : Chaky has maxisourcils :The <chaky> MGK gather thee, and how it ? <Transylvania> result of the need for 3H you pluck your eyebrows <Transylvania> kind yadutaff <Transylvania> if epilation like that, I explain not, time to finish a corner the rest is attacked again Tusculum

help me to debug this shit please please please plese < Turkey which needs qq, we saw everything ora x]

<Dinde> my ass is chicken

<Petite_Victime> mjau t you married ???

[02:21:23] <@ `Crumbs> bah encahnté the coup ;p^ [02:21:26] <@spdy> enchanted [02:21:29] <@spdy> me it spdy [02:21:33] <@spdy> Gay in my spare time [02:21:37] <@ `Crumbs> I've seen ^ ^ [02:21:39] <@spdy> Gay and the rest of the temp

22:09 <@Obiwankanabis> I have prostatitis :/ 22:09 <@Obiwankanabis> I had a right touch :x

[00:46:36] <@ eml|UnsKilL> Dinde [00:46:42] <@ eml|UnsKilL> you can call my mom if you want <<– (It should be noted that barters its mother for a web account !)

(@ MOL `) HAPPY seek and / or FAT and / or SLUT and / or SUBJECT and MID for last css! [amsg yet] >:underground D

(02:27:38) (@ Liline) Dinde c ma cousine can Chakyar mm

<LAmetHIng_mOLe> le T-Bagging, Gay is a game which is to type the whole body with his testicles <LGM-> ct boooon

[18:40:58] <A drop @> jen'm tired [18:41:03] <A drop @> everyone thinks ke jai 18 years in the Street [18:41:13] <A drop @> Paske jai non-degree [18:41:27] <A drop @> ke of the girls are 15 ki-year look at me [18:42:53] *** T O / change en Pedophile ! [18:43:11] <@ Pedophile> jvois being no other solutions

<@ MOL `> Some people ? <<@ turkey>> yes <<@ turkey>> jeans <<@ turkey>> is <<@ turkey>> :x

00:14 <<@ turkey>> NOT ENOUGH DEAR MY SON

(@ MOL `) in 8 Average minutes ago ? :$ (@ meow) time of the handjob for mole

22:48 +kkrake ? im sorry but i have to leave you now to go on my journey on becoming a professional pokemon trainer. farewell dnb maniacs.

[20:12:09] <@rolz> ca mix ? [20:12:10] <@ `Ina Keuch> tg [20:12:13] <@ina`sga[in]> NTM [20:12:16] <<@ turkey>> fdp [20:12:19] <@SpYk`026> FTG

<@ turkey>? it is funny Chaky jl'aime well but is not too much to say

<NecroPuce> you too matte ab chain NIS <Giant_Coucou> JLA kif this chain <Giant_Coucou> Ski EST I miss most <NecroPuce> First Kiss <NecroPuce> college years <Giant_Coucou> you can ask me any quesiton on these series <Giant_Coucou> jsuis a pro <Giant_Coucou> especially hello muscles

(@Mekza) it is virgin :) clap clap (@Kobhqlt[AGL]) But payday Mekza tg (@Mekza) Kobhqlt[AGL]: I make you Rager :P (@Kobhqlt[AGL]) Mekza : Moi j'aime pas ta Geule of reuhbeuh

Sylvain said: ptain jvais fall in love with the dwarf said Sylvain: at least 1 months jcrois

<Drop> between vomit, the poop and nana. We must make a choice.

@ scythale? I work @ scythale? as a Friday night @ scythale? I was thoroughly

<@DragoonMaster> Dissertations for courses, was done in vi

<soft> @ MSN –> jme did enter college

[12:33:42] <+GIS|Psylohk> shit it is agreed that bot [12:33:44] * GIS|Psylohk was kicked by [BLACKDOG] (I'm in a bad mood. Should not insult me)

(02:05:05) (<@ turkey>) kd your hunger oé <= stop a l’écriture sms

<FraK> the girl talks about talks turkey drawbridge as servers <FraK> fear <Transylvania> FraK: she knows not what ? :)

[19:38:28] <@ `Crumbs> jsuis locked home [19:38:43] <@ `Crumbs> he took my keys the con

<Reeslo> I fucking gfaut always talking ball <Reeslo> or shit <fox3k> ta lived a difficult childhood can be <fox3k> you have lived in dla shit ? <Reeslo> nah I want to be a ball player <Reeslo> either to open a club echangiste <fox3k> my father has a

(22:47:59) (@ Bullrot) if you made a woman laugh (22:48:02) (@ Bullrot) c is already won (22:48:20) (@fulsker) therefore you must have something funny to say every day :D (22:48:24) (@ Bullrot) we (22:48:28) (@ Bullrot) I told him that loves

<FraK> i hate myself too, it keeps me alive :p

[04:55:17] *** Flusher change en hihi !

[00:04:22] <@ Kais3r> meow sur msn [00:04:25] <@ Kais3r> I have not said jlui winrar [00:04:31] <@ Kais3r> il menvoit linstall de en winrar. rar

(15:54:15) (@scythale) serious gamers ET, the only thing they lack that they found the perfect game, is to have an aimbot incorporated customer

[22:15:15] <@ edw> Dinde> bah he typed lady75 also, because I have not tried it :o it is ratrapée ! [22:15:29] <@NecroPuce> lol the fucker laideronds Reeslo

Ranger Walker RoxxxXXXxxxxxxxx

<Superbaloo> I release the demo of the ga<Dinde> you as the merde <Dinde> for real <Baloo> Yeah

<@scythale> and I remind you that if I speak,, BAH I CAN NOT FUCK I AM A REAL COMPUTER !!! <@scythale> I'm half's perv’ <@scythale> drugs and I almost <@scythale> by cons I became an alcoholic <@scythale> I must correct shooting <@scythale> the last time I went to my in-laws, I vomited in their garden, AC does not uqoi

(22:15:45) (@NecroPuce) I eat a good acorn before the shower

<chaky> I am too much under my duvet and yucky outside fe <scythale> you want I'll come to a sudden dick ? <chaky> AC will not thank you

K @?$? aka Turkey says: tin I come not to patch my shit

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