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@ liline has received an email from Q :)

2(122102:125102:121102) 02(@NarKo][FraK02)balls of guys is really my passion - 2(122102:125102:123702)     02 ??12 nick: 02(12Narko][FraK02)12 is now known as 02(12Mekza02)

<chakyLOL> good night people <chakyLOL> Turkey him except that he has to make cauchmars woke in a sweat ! and suffer martyrdom in the morning with a sore back !!s because he is sleeping in a bad position

<<@ turkey>> good <<@ turkey>> everyone has a bigger dick than baloo <<@ turkey>> :p

<Rayt|Mmm> your health, eat 5 fruit and vegetables per day. <DragoonMaster> fruit and veggie <DragoonMaster> plants, Matters ?

(@NecroPuce) ./configures Turkey –enable-kindness –enable-hugs –enable-bisous –disable-mouthed –disable-terrorisation

<@FraK`bday> jsuis being sawed broom to make me a bang for the Journ

<scythale> remark con Spa, a 12 years I send dealer <scythale> I take 80% revenue

17:24 * Kayser offers TV Farz cons of sex

[22:54:17] <AGL|Sm0og> I have a big sex [22:54:20] <AGL|Sm0og> in case :) [22:54:26] <Dinde> I speak to my grandmother [22:54:30] <Dinde> it will surely be interested

<<@ turkey>> eyeGO sleep… 1hours after you're still there because you thought you were going bouillave… but she sleeps ! then you found your beautiful linux console that IT is true.

<S4RuM4N> MWe, may need to go to sleep… <Dinde> mytho will <Dinde> you gonna jerk off on 4 sites in same time <Dinde> 1 on each screen

[18:49:19] <@ S4RuM4N> cmb [18:49:51] <@spdy> your cock has strength to speak, she will become legendary [18:49:55] <@spdy> not for its size etc. [18:50:01] <@spdy> but for the fact that it is a relic [18:50:04] <@spdy> because nobody is still touch

[02:02:26] <@ meow> I screenshot [02:02:32] <@ meow> and I said I am a minor [02:02:47] <@ meow> jmenace to complain that if I file not allopass

<Dinde> Tu te baloofies … <mOle> shit I hate when I least I dindifiais

<Gaara-> of maj stuck on a maj ur kid 4 years old, a pile of leaves overflowing and dripping final ca kha more like a pile of shit

<aIMbrO1ee7> seek lasts source (No Bolossis,in Lamz,no pyj) QME

(01:00:04) (chaky) m not insulted you want a little ? (01:00:14) (chaky) I miss !

<@Rockweb> there is a real willingness to recognize the artists and drumnbass, what it feels and it pleases me !

<@ S4RuM4N> hahaha you type "mathilde Futurolan" you come across posts 2004 Mathilde has been much ink (in the absence of other things…)". <@ S4RuM4N> bag fuck(r) since 2004.

<NSC> hum, right now I feel like shit once out of the shower

Superbaloo this (01:53) : there is something with my kernel chelou the Superbaloo said (01:53) : there is no kernel panic :x

[22:04:32] <@ `Crumbs> nan jtai seen on msn more bitch [22:04:50] <@ `Crumbs> tg short end möchte

<JeVeuxJR> m person wants to send the photo of his foot ??

<A_mOLe> c for, I come not to work

<@ AGL `` Kotz Css> #For a better go.Sarkozy France * AGL`KotZ`Css (~KotZ@ quit (Killed (*. (You are violating network rules, ID: 2429486))) o/ (~ KotZ@ Quit (Killed (* (You are violating network rules, ID: 2429486)))

[18:22:53] <@DrJones> and she sucks it after the soda ? [18:25:44] <<@ turkey>> T.T.T.T [18:25:57] <<@ turkey>> this is not information for you, then you'll try to bite me :p [18:26:07] <<@ turkey>> I'm going to tell tales to your shrew and all [18:26:36] <@DrJones> I'm faithful to me [18:26:47] <<@ turkey>> Normal with your mouth :p

[23:30:02] <@Mekza> AC is the chelou in France 5.30 [23:30:12] <@Mekza> is still a cause of the Jews

<@ALIEN57> NecroPuce and when you recompile the turkey ? <<@ turkey>> ./configure NecroPuce –enable-kindness –enable-grub –enable-vabosser –disable-mauvais_caractere <<@ turkey>> here is the compilation line <@NecroPuce> I stayed the couch

* JayLaHaine bizoox made in Turkey <Dinde> eurk <Dinde> I'm going to jerk off on your photos for the trouble !

<Dinde> eyeGO you all sodomites with teeth next GA

16:42 <+chakychan> I'm really a ball

<chouky> AC deserves punishment ca … <pep> yeah, chouky sends him a picture of you <chouky> yes no pep must not abuse ! he still lives !

<Bullrot> for now I am without my big year period 80 <Sheikh> homosexuality all this…

<@scythale> "Honeymoon" ??? <@ JOZ3> honney moon <@ JOZ3> ha We young

(<@ turkey>) I would've called the proper channel for talking like that transylvania (<@ turkey>) there 's the geek here but not majority (<@ turkey>) it is rather a chan of sexual osédé = bereda1.jpg

<@ Fluffy> nah serious <@ Fluffy> will eat your Domači <<@ turkey>> nonserious smothered you in your vomit <<@ turkey>> thank you <@ Fluffy> <3

<Dinde> frak said the same <Dinde> mole ultimate whore <Dinde> I mega bitch <Dinde> :p

[12:52:03] <+Aristobule> Religion in the admin clanfrance t'est ? [13:53:45] <<@ turkey>> Aristobule: Non christmas decoration

[21:24:06] * +Bullrot many laugh six they fosco

(19:51:58) (@Kobhqlt) c what the ping cmd already ?

[20:34:05] <<@ turkey>> stinks [20:35:49] <@Chaky> Liline

[03:08] <Kayser> Seven bin good not bad [03:10] <Dinde> omg <Dinde> BSOD <Dinde> on seven

[03:04:04] <@ Rayt|Mmm> I put a finger chaky ^ ^ [03:05:36] <<@ turkey>> your finger stinks now

[15:56:59] <@scythale> nothing but the dns is not safe :p [15:58:39] <@scythale> suckmygeek is pictures of naked chicks has rolled in RJ45 ? :) [15:59:41] <@ Baloo> no in the nullmodem

<@scythale> Jews, ca not eat pork either, is ? <@chaky> not <@scythale> c'est with <@scythale> it means that you can never suck my dick

Dinde: I charge 100? Time Grass: it does not matter chuis me rich turkey: AWAI ? pays you hair then !

(@NecroPuce) Bullrot put a neck brace or a good scarf, sit back and nothing beats the heat to help muscles relax (@DragoonMaster) warmth (@DragoonMaster) you ask your wife to fuck you in the neck (@ Bullrot) t crazy my wife is so soft that it will break me in 2

<@PoGo> ctb <@ S4RuM4N> Poor pogay, he is so frustrated with his dick, that he not only took a jap for it is not a fool of its size, but it also can not stop talking about the other

<sanity> tarlouze turkey <sativouf> has. Finally, a word sense.

[22:31:14] <@chaky> Liline Turkey [22:31:23] <@chaky> u want to do well my dad Cyber Mom ??


[23:09:04] <gsm> great show great

<NecroPuce> I have a friend with whom I talk on msn, it is being sucked together <fox3k> c c not true <NecroPuce> he is t'assure <fox3k> jte croi not <NecroPuce> him he sucked at least <fox3k> me too ! <fox3k> soon <fox3k> mdr <NecroPuce> ué for now you just having fun with the vacuum Mom

(@ Inn) I have a really small dick fucking (@ Inn) same ras

<<@ turkey>> mol `I found <@ turkey> e; a chick <<@ turkey>> thou in chick <@ MOL `> lool <<@ turkey>> eyeGO forced me to <<@ turkey>> the same side a little dry humor twisted :P

<@Pressure> my girlfirend

<@ gamo> or a girl with dead frogs in pussy

[18:47:25] <@spdy> kind with a girl what S4RuM4N. [18:47:39] <@ S4RuM4N> jsuis too good for the girls.

<@ NSC> I feel like my cat shit in my room

<@Mekza> !!! <@ MOL> like a big Mekza * Mekza was kicked by mjau (Boukak Spotted /!\)

(@Mekza) I remind you I'm reubeu

<+DragoonMaster> ah bah non j'ai encore de la merde this

<Dinde> linux it simplifies life even when <Dinde> I will talk more than I think bash

(19:49:50) (@Nakaori) I do not I learn to avoid evening dodging the idiots like you :p

<@chakyRale> I found myself sitting on a seat in the shape of giant dick

[13:41:11] <@scythale> I would really not vote Sarko [13:41:16] <@scythale> is really a crap [13:41:27] <@ meow> it travels in India the dwarf

@ Turkey returns to his marital bed with PoGo

21:53 <<@ turkey>> I also like in the mouth when AC scratches tonsils

<Mgk_> chui actually completely autistic.

<NSC ^> my ex has done an article on his blog for me rot <Kobhqlt-> qu'estce that you do to her poor? <Kobhqlt-> the blow of the big shits well flowing ? :x

<Dinde> I stacked the dinner :x <Dinde> worst is that after 2 days you get used <Dinde> first wreath looks like you're going to die <Dinde> the 2nd one you want t'abatte <Dinde> The 3rd "like it's less worse"

[23:04:26] <+chaky> and j gets off the pumps tectonics saw my super sport …

[00:06:54] <@ MOL `> Yora enough to swallow ?? :DDD [00:07:01] <@ Crumbs> addicts [00:07:06] <@ Crumbs> stop your shit [00:07:08] <@ MOL `> you can talk [00:07:10] <@ Crumbs> trip only

<bui> you put on your gentoo serv ? <bui> I'll Laule nose ! <Dinde> thrusts you into a debian in the ass :p <Dinde> turns 5 times <Dinde> pif pouf jsuis more

[04:22] <chaky> a 10 j years spent sleepless nights draw and do math :)

<@ A_mOLe> bah JTAPI as before

<@scythale> another quote that speaks of no sex !

<Dinde> Putin <Dinde> j’ai bu 1x25cl leffe 9% <Dinde> jsuis smash

<`Crumbs> tain it makes me seriously phew <`Crumbs> jcrois I just discovered the music oragsme XD

(22:44:02) (@ meow) I'll try Poppers ? (22:44:45) (@ meow) must jinhale how ? (22:46:21) (@ meow) LOL (22:46:23) (@ meow) SALVATION (22:46:25) (@ meow) CA GLASSES

<> Bathing in the sunshite would be sooo relaxing right now <> Sunhine!!! Sunchine!!!!!!*

<@ DST> worse than the turkey bitch !

SMS Fluffy: "I plan for tonight, I took a fine 45 euro because the lights of my vélib not walk"

[14:07] <chakyPULA> pic test test scythale et manquent saloperies me !

<Dinde> The drug is poorly <A_mOLe> turkey also

[15:51:48] <@scythale> even when I finished the feature of implem I thought I was a week of on again taf o / [15:51:58] <@scythale> I deserve a pipe the… y'ait pity that no chick has BeWAN…

<LoOoping> thank you <Mekza> I will not thank you not read <Mekza> or use what is set to your available. <LoOoping> :/

(@ MOL) I pass the mop eyeGO ^ ^ (@ MOL) that Turkey will not dirty his hands and knees when eyeGO him buttocks

<NSC> gg Kobhqlt- <NSC> same total gg <NSC> I go you suck dick for the occasion

* Frak Frak is now called `w0rk

<Dinde> my ass is chicken

[22:01:58] <@ As|SADO|> S @ DO, Team crying, CA makes DOS!!

[20:21] <meow> jprefere drug deal [20:21] <meow> AC relates more

(06:02:45) (@DragoonMaster) 1ere times with sodomy :D (06:03:14) (@ Bullrot) and that was how ? (06:03:29) (@ Petite_Victime) sodomy ??

( @NecroPuce ): The biggest thing that came back j'me ? uh… except I do not see an arm

[23:27:35] <@ Yoda-BZH> Non fabtax not wear condoms

I-phone pair S4RuM4N: <@ S4RuM4N> "We tried something new" (v1) <@ S4RuM4N> "Good, it was the shit, be correct but not immediately, if not it mean we've done some shit" (v2) <@ S4RuM4N> "Good, we can correct the shit v1" (v3)

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