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[+`Emilie_]: Yonex, And you always play a [@ Yonex]: from time to time on no quarter, but I do more games & photo, and I would put anticheat ever made by a blackhat

(23:44:51) (+parad0x ") c here lol (23:44:59) (+meepmeep) not (23:45:01) (+meepmeep) is # (23:45:08) (+meepmeep) /join #lol

<@ MOL `> massive <@ MOL `> C Inzejungle thick <@massive> lol <@massive> we maal

(01:33:20) (@ Bullrot) you will not cry the turkey have your jmsn (01:33:35) (<@ turkey>) eyeGO pay :’(

( @NecroPuce ): With turkey I love doing it in public toilet

[22:22:20] <+Mekza> jbranle not [22:22:23] <+Mekza> in my sack [22:22:29] <+Mekza> but in that of your mother :D

<@ José> I think the best is the guy who gets sucked by a carp me it makes me laugh too

(@ meow) AC punBB pown (@Mekza) footcoded (@fulsker) footcoded? (@Mekza) encoded with the feet (@Mekza) baloocoded

<Dinde> course fuck me

chaky: I m not fret gallery from my pc to my mac for 4 hours Chaky: j am obliged m sent a file through msn 6go

[21:24:20] <@ DST> and my farts smell like fresh goat cheese [21:24:21] <@ DST> :((((

<epi> in finland we have no manners

[12:08:39] <@[aaa]Cyb> /!\ ATTENTION /!\ I was told that downloading music that kills the artist then please download DIAM'S

18:56? <@ turkey>: Pajama: no but you pay a regime jte surgery and a hairdresser and I 30 years of being under viagra

[20:37:12] <@solaa> it makes me not mind the rules [20:37:19] <@solaa> it gives the taste and more

<@ meow> But yesterday a movie jai Matté <@ meow> omg … <@ meow> guy Norman <@ meow> becomes cop <@ meow> he gets killed after a month <@ meow> ( ct it is mutating in paris)

(@Flusher) what chan trans (22:23:04) (@Reeslo) is that as NecroPuce trav (22:23:14) (@NecroPuce) ué I'll fuck you dry Reeslo

<<@ turkey>> jconnais not environment variables microsoft <<@ turkey>> "désol

<Gaara-> of maj stuck on a maj ur kid 4 years old, a pile of leaves overflowing and dripping final ca kha more like a pile of shit

[20:57:47] <@ Bullrot> person has a key nero 6. handy ? :p [20:59:14] <@ NSC> in fact my mother not want me to give it to you …

<meow> which copies Belgian stop talking or I speak cop

(22:50:53) (+[BLACKDOG]) `Romeo: Bon au lit file your SMS m'a ma meuf.

[00:11:14] <@BiBiZoR> whore, Sly I put a bite in the ass, I too liked [00:11:33] <@ S4RuM4N> fuck my mouth is made to the sly cock :D

(@ MOL `) c ===== 3 (@fulsker) kekette of low :p

<S4RuM4N> You think ? :) <S4RuM4N> I hope anyway..

[04:34:12] <@ Bullrot> Petite_Victime you're against abortion after the sodomy ?

<NecroPuce> this is good weed <3 <NecroPuce> I felt like my first trapping <NecroPuce> it's almost like a little orgasm

<Dinde> ah it is still good seal !

(@ Bullrot) meow : no time I have a raid planned

meow> jv mfaire a dose before sleeping

[11:56:08] * @[LEG]Dar-ko kiss made a mini Dindounet :) [11:56:49] <@[LEG]Dar-ko> yeah you put the bot on mas 5 Shan thief !

[00:51:48] <+Mekza> Yoda-BZH though LSD is injected as rectal ;)

<Baloo> Mekza, you souce ? <Mekza> Baloo: only you.

[09:25] * Quits: +ShiNoe (ShiNoe@ (Signed off) [09:27] <<@ turkey>> finally rid

[03:35] <chaky> he made me : bon range to chambre et tu te rends to beuh j !

chaky: I m not fret gallery from my pc to my mac for 4 hours Chaky: j am obliged m sent a file through msn 6go

[23:59:54] <@ meow> javais fear …. the gremlins

<+mo_o> what age did you kam ? <+kaMMMM-> 17 * kaMMMM- was kicked by GlouglouBot (back when you're leading.) *** kaMMMM- (*! entered the chan # ilovedrumnbass ! <+kaMMMM-> jisuis major

<@scythale> Jews, ca not eat pork either, is ? <@chaky> not <@scythale> c'est with <@scythale> it means that you can never suck my dick

(@Mekza) I / dev / null

(@ Ilyes) I prefer pink tv

<meow> jme I realized a trick too Zarb <Baloo> has ? did you find your cock ?


<A_mOLe> all my friends call me balls css ^ ^

<ALIEN57> it must hurt dechater <`Soft> there is only you who can tell us <`Soft> \o /

<S4RuM4N> there's no radio kind feujfm also ?

[20:12:09] <@rolz> ca mix ? [20:12:10] <@ `Ina Keuch> tg [20:12:13] <@ina`sga[in]> NTM [20:12:16] <<@ turkey>> fdp [20:12:19] <@SpYk`026> FTG

[04:39:06] * +Dinde launches sex stats on mowwwwwle : Hetero 96.15% / Gay 3.24% / Zoo 0.49% / Necro 0.12% / Caviar 0% [04:39:09] <mowwwwwle> rofl [04:39:16] <mowwwwwle> hey [04:39:17] <mowwwwwle> fake [04:39:19] <mowwwwwle> i love animals !

[22:31:14] <@chaky> Liline Turkey [22:31:23] <@chaky> u want to do well my dad Cyber Mom ??

[19:42:29] <@NecroPuce> I have a head Arian

[17:16:59] <@ Bullrot> my life is a work of art [17:17:03] <@ meow> your life is WoW

[01:40:30] <Tokidoki> leave my worm tranquillou

[BLACKDOG]> It's good turkey . You have Tricard !! It is noted in the notebook of shame !

(@Mekza) I remind you I'm reubeu

[04:02] <@NecroPuce> I turn on my fucking faiili albedo with the bottle of Coke

[18:47:42] <@drico> [BLACKDOG] t pd with turkey ? [18:47:43] <@[BLACKDOG]> drico: shut your mother [18:47:54] <@drico> [BLACKDOG] close your underwear tua [18:47:54] <@[BLACKDOG]> drico: Yes, a big for your behind.

<@scythale> He has a sister ? <<@ turkey>> yeah :D <@scythale> is good ? <<@ turkey>> 10 years I think <@scythale> So yeah it is good

17:24 * Kayser offers TV Farz cons of sex

[18:30:06] <@Fabtax> I'm the Linux [18:30:13] <@Fabtax> but I'll reboot on a bsd [18:30:20] <@Fabtax> it makes me want to vomit

<ALIEN57> it is food or <ALIEN57> is not the kitchen <ALIEN57> is the chan voila

14:13 <<@ turkey>> Need friends

<Mekza> NecroPuce: Turkey mass ta jlai VNR :( <NecroPuce> I'll rub my pussy <Dinde> mass me willy with teeth

<01@Raoul_Duke> cherche qqn qui s’y connais en informatique (probleme avec les lecteurs videos) pm pls

<transylvania> trop bon, une nana qui "connait l’informatique parcequ’elle bosse toute la journée sous word et qu’elle fait des conversions pdf avec acrobat" qui essaye de m’expliquer que j’ai rien compris à ce que c’était que linux <transylvania> je dis, c’est beau

[01:09:57] <@`mOLe> jvais boire du jus d’orange pendant toute la semaine qui précède la GA [01:10:05] <@`mOLe> j’ai chier liquide là bas… jvais pas tirer la chasse

<ALIEN57> c’est qui que je peux sucé sur slsk là <ALIEN57> j’ai envie de relation corporel intense

[22:26:57] <@mjau> tin mais mole c’est une sorte de google pour truc dégueux

<graydon> !searchmore thugged out bitch

[18:47:25] <@spdy> genre S4RuM4N avec une fille quoi. [18:47:39] <@S4RuM4N> jsuis trop bien pour les nanas.

(18:28:46) (@chaky) pt1 j viens de faire ma porasse , j’ai mangé tt les krupuk

(@Dinde) zangiev aka chaky aka casse burnettes

<Dinde> je décompresse dans Temp <GjMan9> moi dans le canap

?? quit: (TilK) ( (Quit) <– ça y est il est parti en taule

[15:21:18] <+JH|Sylchauf> Masquer un processus [15:24:34] <@Dinde> installe un rootkit [15:24:50] <+JH|Sylchauf> man rootkit ?

[scythale]: shut, j’ai le droit de dire des conneries pour faire peur et garder l’irc en tant que woman-free zone

<Mekza> 15:52 <@Dinde> (j’ai pas autant déclaré moi) <Mekza> tu faudres comme un reubeu ? <Dinde> non comme un juif

[01:26:22] <@NecroPuce> j’ai un fils comme ça [01:26:28] <@NecroPuce> je l’enferme dans le placard

<@FraK> tain mon soleil il sux

5Before being a big strong tree, The oak was an acorn, like you.

<[aaa]Cyb> it is well vomits m&ms ? <Dinde> [aaa]Cyb: oe spas worse than to eat

(22:15:45) (@NecroPuce) I eat a good acorn before the shower

[02:35:50] <@ Bullrot> the Paske I can make you happy [02:36:02] <<@ turkey>> ah ? [02:36:10] <<@ turkey>> you're not already married ?

<DragoonMaster> Cloud For me it's a cake in the Santa Claus is a bastard ^ ^ o /, for me it's a cake in the Santa Claus is a bastard ^ ^

[15:41:49] <@Mekza> NSFW Címer the trick when my boss is behind

<A drop @> eyeGO me decide whether I want to shit jai or vomiting

<SPDY> fucking the girl in the pub "the greece explore your senses" <SPDY> JIRAIS GOOD THING HE EXPLORE OTHER

[15:17:18] <@scythale> I will be proud when we will Jenna Virtual LANs !!!

(<@ turkey>) I spun my cat milk (<@ turkey>) he stacked everywhere (<@ turkey>) I think I gave him shit too hungry (<@ turkey>) and he badtrip (<@ turkey>) :]

(00:26:57) ? Kick has kicked Kick (You’re not welcome here)

<Dinde> home it will be a haven of peace <Dinde> and I look DragoonMaster not a haven for pets

[01:48:37] <+DsT_> mine does not nux :( [01:48:47] <+DsT_> she is already struggling with windows :)

(@NecroPoux) nah TFW fat lady is pretty but (@NecroPoux) then she has the ass hard (@NecroPoux) it could cut a dick between her buttocks

Jedi-Jiji> ben course, Groundhog and it puts the IP packet in the foil…

elooo quits (Read error: Connection reset by peer) @scythale: How grognasse @ scythale: that her boyfriend should go see the neighbors @ scythale: not vice versa

<<@ turkey>> Saying that Java is nice because it works on all OS’s is like saying that anal sex is nice because it works on all genders

(@NecroPuce) Bullrot put a neck brace or a good scarf, sit back and nothing beats the heat to help muscles relax (@DragoonMaster) warmth (@DragoonMaster) you ask your wife to fuck you in the neck (@ Bullrot) t crazy my wife is so soft that it will break me in 2

Dinde: I even had a moment jme suis dit .. ptin I want the pleurrer

<MrFreeze-> chmod 777 *

[00:07:43] <FRUSTREE> must j'expule

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