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(@GjMan9) I motion I prefer not to make me suck

[14:05:21] <@ meow> C!KoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO IS THE POLICE HANDS IN THE AIR STRIP BATARDS !!!!!!!!!!! :the)))

[05:01:00] <@ meow> tain never be another series or movie I like that boulersé [05:01:15] <<@ turkey>> after which copies of you say do not be repressed homo … [05:01:30] <@ meow> I have a very soft heart me [05:01:33] <@ meow> although jsuis cop [05:01:44] <<@ turkey>> ctb [05:01:49] <@ meow> dtc

[23:51:21] <<@ turkey>> wOw c’est comme second life [23:51:30] <<@ turkey>> it's for perverts ass who know not use irc !

[00:51] * @ Turkey cedes blonde discounts .

<<@ turkey>> your wife it will not disturb the Bullrot ? <+Bullrot-> I ask him when you get the ma poule :p

[00:33:49] <@ DST> you do not finish so you no cheats

<Dinde> cs:prob cardiac source <Dinde> jme have felt too bad <Dinde> I cons by the breath of jackal o / <Dinde> O <Dinde> yum <Dinde> :))

<A_mOLe> leave him alone with her on my vomit kangoo

[02:21:23] <@ `Crumbs> bah encahnté the coup ;p^ [02:21:26] <@spdy> enchanted [02:21:29] <@spdy> me it spdy [02:21:33] <@spdy> Gay in my spare time [02:21:37] <@ `Crumbs> I've seen ^ ^ [02:21:39] <@spdy> Gay and the rest of the temp

<NecroPuce> I am so no language, I really need to practice to progress if I forget everything <`Soft> you want language lessons ?

<Jason> jme whether you need a degree to be a tourist

<Dinde> You lack the S / N <Superbaloo> will file the proper, j'vias dowdow the <Dinde> XYZ-1337FU, NBDTC <Superbaloo> thank you (….. The Boxing …. ) <Dinde> Baloo leave me a message on my answering machine shit screaming : <Dinde> "I've lost a jouurnée with IBM"

(<@ turkey>) jveux me a program where I suck dick ! (@scythale) will pay you a self-sucking :) (<@ turkey>) it costs too much scythale year :/ (@ C2C|drakii) requires chaky (<@ turkey>) Why to punish me like that :(

16:40 <@ DST> as I'm bad !

father- made a enoooooooooooooooooooorme cuddles mowwwwwle :))))))))) <Kro> it 30 Million d’amis baba- <Kro> she even has the hugs mowwwwwle

<Baloo> there is a command to determine the encoding of a file <Yoda-BZH> TFW qu'iconv can guess <Sativouf> has the term in encodage CharSet <Baloo> example.c file <Baloo> example.c: ISO-8859 C program text <Baloo> sorry <Baloo> I'm just too stupid <Sativouf> granted

<chaky> I am too much under my duvet and yucky outside fe <scythale> you want I'll come to a sudden dick ? <chaky> AC will not thank you

<scythale> Aug: I am a mega handsome, ultra muscle, with a big cock and super smart <scythale> (et super credible)

[01:18:39] <@ L3Guuuume> Video games do not affect children : I mean, if Pac-Man had affected us as kids, we should all jog around in darkened rooms, in gobbling magic pills while listening to repetitive music

[00:03:20] <epik’kriiizzz> if I have a xp pirate / rule

<Jason> tu look la redoute <Jason> p 52 <Jason> ds lingerie <Jason> ji am

[00:35:14] <@[LEG]L3Gume> you ketabien…. c’est ketamine !!! ketamiiiiiiiiiine

(@ NSC) <Dinde> jvais hurt him with counsel -> tries with potatoes ca hurts too (…. NOT FUNNY MGK POWERED )

<Up> last available for war peace and love

(@ MOL `) HAPPY seek and / or FAT and / or SLUT and / or SUBJECT and MID for last css! [amsg yet] >:underground D

<NSC> speaking for the runs, i will get me a room

[scythale]: `Crumbs: ping ? [+`Crumbs]: ping ? [scythale]: not the answer is "pong"" :)

[14:32] <NSC> night so that my muscles were contracted, j woke up and did the bench with my cat.

* JayLaHaine bizoox made in Turkey <Dinde> eurk <Dinde> I'm going to jerk off on your photos for the trouble !

[23:14:46] <@ S4RuM4N> F.R.A.N.C.E : Federation of Arab refugees from the Fed Funds State

[01:08:09] <@Mekza> Jews is the religion of the G Unit

[18:47:25] <@spdy> kind with a girl what S4RuM4N. [18:47:39] <@ S4RuM4N> jsuis too good for the girls.

<@scythale> Jews, ca not eat pork either, is ? <@chaky> not <@scythale> c'est with <@scythale> it means that you can never suck my dick

<@ turkey> ? listen: 01 – Flo-Rida feat. T-Pain – Low

(NecroPuce): type in zic! Band zboubs!!!! /[06:29:18] (NecroPuce): j'ai pas d'ami / [06:29:20] (NecroPuce): lalala / [06:29:24] (NecroPuce): lalalalalala

*turkey * MY * ASS * C * * THE CHICKEN

[15:12:45] <@[BLACKDOG]> It's good drico . You have Tricard !! It is noted in the notebook of shame !

[01:28:57] <meow> ircop on the net and IRL [01:29:10] <meow> order to kill people even in frozen

[20:57:47] <@ Bullrot> person has a key nero 6. handy ? :p [20:59:14] <@ NSC> in fact my mother not want me to give it to you …

<Dinde> good <Dinde> I think a leet jesuis <Dinde> everything seems ok

<tok4r|nrt> but sh `Frak <tok4r|nrt> and since when you do Shabbat ?

5Before being a big strong tree, The oak was an acorn, like you.

[01:26:22] <@NecroPuce> I have a son like that [01:26:28] <@NecroPuce> I locked in the closet

<Bullrot> for now I am without my big year period 80 <Sheikh> homosexuality all this…

[04:38:00] <<@ turkey>> 06 12 34 56 78 The number of sister Psylohk ( #-= GIS =- to thank) [04:39:49] <@Topha> shit is the answering [04:40:03] <@Topha> J'me thinking it was going to say "this number is not valid"

(Arnaud @ MSN) I'm tired of being in zero

E-Roc> this girl i am dating she said she went to see a movie and it had a long softcorn scene i told her harcore or gtfo

On the banks of the Nile, three Belgians saw a crocodile in the water began to throw stones. At one point, crocodile, angry, approaching the shore, ready to mount on the berge.Deux Belgians flee and climb into a tree. The third, impassive, not moving. Others call him and tell him to save. Then the other answers them :"It will not, once, I have not thrown rocks me."

<vertz> i pretty much have some alc everyday to be honest

[22:07] <Dinde> Windows XP Pro Uptime : 1wk 3days 2hrs 54mins 29secs

<[aaa]Atao> Please can I type in a 18/20 <[aaa]Atao> a l’oral

<meow> never brought back your girl in Turkey

* spdy left (Excess Flood)

[09:15] <@NecroPuce> hang your balls on the ground when you doing with willy panpan diep? [09:15] <@ Tokidoki> its not scrape the ground egg [09:15] <@ Tokidoki> otherwise I'd do more willy panpan jpeut assure you ^ ^

<pep> I useradd the program for its birth ;) <`Crumbs> pep boy who thinks <`Crumbs> Awé it is clearly stoned c

<NecroPuce> if I'm a chick and I'll A_mOLe vomited in the line

[23:34:40] <<@ turkey>> stinks. [23:35:25] <@ Nimrod> = bitch) [23:36:18] <<@ turkey>> it will recognize [23:37:42] * @chaky sifflotte

[20:10] <NSC> I find a way to avoid that super powerful AC splashing everywhere when you shit. [20:10] <NSC> you put the paper in the bottom.

[00:08:23] <@fox3k> much on ma tjs je says feels Teuber

(22:16:52) (@NecroPuce) dindou we'll just take a shower and fuck like crazy by fucking the mouth of Reeslo (22:17:16) (@Reeslo) 15mn (22:18:06) (@Reeslo) the scope of the leak

[20:31:18] <S4RUMo /> Dinde, Baloo dragoonmaster Jedi-Jiji K-Rembar Arioch Sativouf gimmeh your pass in md5 for the quiz Gayz [20:31:51] <ARIOCH> you do not want my credit card number to WEP while you're at ?

[18:22:53] <@DrJones> and she sucks it after the soda ? [18:25:44] <<@ turkey>> T.T.T.T [18:25:57] <<@ turkey>> this is not information for you, then you'll try to bite me :p [18:26:07] <<@ turkey>> I'm going to tell tales to your shrew and all [18:26:36] <@DrJones> I'm faithful to me [18:26:47] <<@ turkey>> Normal with your mouth :p

03:42:45] <@ meow> jai more pr0n [03:42:57] <@ meow> javais a chick [03:43:04] <@ meow> I will note that faloir Redl

22:09 <@Obiwankanabis> I have prostatitis :/ 22:09 <@Obiwankanabis> I had a right touch :x

(21:47:48) (@ Bullrot) !addquote NecroPuce (21:46:11) (@NecroPuce) !addquote (@ Bullrot) I have good Chichon in my chichonièèèèère

[17:25] <Dinde> I want to jerk me off

[23:54:46] <A drop @> eu me eyeGO but not in Arab

[17:54] <Kayser> I'm the fucking wii cons Eloise [17:55] <Kayser> if I won she lost a massage bra ! [17:56] <Kayser> if I lost it won I sleep with it !

<Zep-oT> good, I'm the dirty eater dick

[19:38:28] <@ `Crumbs> jsuis locked home [19:38:43] <@ `Crumbs> he took my keys the con

<meow> brb I'm going to vomit

<ALIEN57> it must hurt dechater <`Soft> there is only you who can tell us <`Soft> \o /

[22:38] <NSC> perhaps it is in fact already dead… ca can make a shit, we are waiting for the mix

(@choukysse) I think I'm going to make a join dwich and material bond (<@ turkey>) and feel your clit with your toys (@choukysse) Turkey at least I can ! (<@ turkey>) stinks. (@choukysse) lol (@ S4RuM4N) pwndz

* mol is now called Necropuce <Baloo> I knew

<uNvisibL> seek friends

[15:28:58] <@ Inn> the President, c a bitch [15:29:16] <@ Sheikh> incestuous [15:29:28] <@ Sheikh> I ca me excited

<meow> j'ai l'anus open

[02:10:16] <@ALIEN57> I suck !

(14:04:10) (<@ turkey>) Similarly MONGOOOOOOLITOOOOOOOOSSssSss !!!!!!!!!!!! @#?!!!

<meow> C-Rembar, will you marry me ?

[10:53] * GaryTaff is now known as GaryDej [14:07] <@ALIEN57> GaryDej adopt the popcorn you'll grow here, it is 3 hours he eats… [14:07] * GaryDej is now known as GaryOQP

<S4RUMo /> and tomorrow until Thursday, jsuis the solutions show linux. <[aaa]Cyb> ahah linux there are no solutions, is that problems

<– BiBi-iPhone has quit [Read error: EOF from client]

(00:26:57) ? Kick has kicked Kick (You’re not welcome here)

: !to GlouglouBot ? kick ? {GlouglouBot} was kicked by {GlouglouBot} A

<+Kro> g pkoi a connection refused on my box ??

[22:04:32] <@ `Crumbs> nan jtai seen on msn more bitch [22:04:50] <@ `Crumbs> tg short end möchte

? 23:54:20 – 07 ? <Kobhqlt[AGL]> If you had to give a name to what would be your sex ca ? ? 23:54:20 – 07 ? <NSC> USELESS :D

<meow> jme I realized a trick too Zarb <Baloo> has ? did you find your cock ?

<NecroPuce> since I stopped I lost again lezs snickers a little weight

<Baloo> Kro, ! Cutting the alim edf ! <Baloo> we will laugh ! <Kro> [root@nuclearfactory]# shutdown <Kro> done

<Dinde> brb jvais nous test case on my laptop * Turkey is O p / i (Read error: Operation timed out) * Ilovedrumnbass left (Read error: Operation timed out) * GSM is gone (Read error: Operation timed out) * bossy left (Read error: Operation timed out)

[18:43:09] <+Mekza> I am a false tfacon Rabzouz, I draw stars of david in progress when I do shit :o [18:43:21] <+Dinde> Rabzouz draws stars [18:43:30] <+Dinde> 5 branches [18:44:01] <+Mekza> lazy, Judaism is hype. xD

[23:00] <Eloise> I understand, depuis ke g had children, I am more attracted by big cocks

<Dinde> I am con?

(02:48) <@ALIEN57> JE ME Paluch

(@scythale) the more difficult with the girls is to find one that is : beautiful, clever, nice, generous, Trusty, rich, saucy sexually and that leaves us with autism when you want it

<Drop> but my window one sees nothing <Drop> one sees a wall <Drop> with dead cats bottom <drico> photo ! <drico> we'll make you cry turkey 17h

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