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[17:01:26] <@ Kro-Taf> mob deep whale

<Bullrot> I am willing to take you in hand if you want :x

<+Kro> g pkoi a connection refused on my box ??

<+DragoonMaster> ah bah non j'ai encore de la merde this

<Sankt `> jme I broke a toe while climbing a ladder to retrieve socks

[18:22:53] <@DrJones> and she sucks it after the soda ? [18:25:44] <<@ turkey>> T.T.T.T [18:25:57] <<@ turkey>> this is not information for you, then you'll try to bite me :p [18:26:07] <<@ turkey>> I'm going to tell tales to your shrew and all [18:26:36] <@DrJones> I'm faithful to me [18:26:47] <<@ turkey>> Normal with your mouth :p

Transylvania> sponge bob petit dej to 27 years old, is serious ?

[01:39:33] <@ S4RuM4N> I take an anti virus for linux and am committed to the DMZ 64 bits [01:39:52] <@[aaa]Cyb> You contredis Winnie l'OURSONS you rhabille et Jean-Luc Reichmann. [01:40:18] <@ S4RuM4N> I DHCPRELEASE and cons with a flood [01:41:01] <@[aaa]Cyb> I stop by a W32/superbaloo.worm.a [01:41:18] <@ S4RuM4N> critical failure :/ [01:41:21] <@[aaa]Cyb> kamoulox

[23:22:59] <@ NSC> I cons by the breath of jackal o /, Was the cheese in my sandwich was quite musty [23:23:04] <@ NSC> I have a breath of jackal

[02:10:16] <@ALIEN57> I suck !

<Arioch> he is your guy = fun) <Dinde> it is fully grounded what<Arioch> sends at Futurolan, is his ashes you will return =)

<Fabtax> I can not so good friends AC <Fabtax> I have a mailbox for outgoing say

(@Mekza) Here I am the only one to have access to all this because I am reubeu

[14:54:28] <@ FraK_> 're crazy, open the shutters [14:54:32] *** `Crumbs (*!@ Local ~[XnS] left IRC (Read error: Operation timed out) !

Superbaloo this (01:53) : there is something with my kernel chelou the Superbaloo said (01:53) : there is no kernel panic :x

<meow> which copies Belgian stop talking or I speak cop

<Superbaloo> I release the demo of the ga<Dinde> you as the merde <Dinde> for real <Baloo> Yeah

<Reeslo> I fucking gfaut always talking ball <Reeslo> or shit <fox3k> ta lived a difficult childhood can be <fox3k> you have lived in dla shit ? <Reeslo> nah I want to be a ball player <Reeslo> either to open a club echangiste <fox3k> my father has a

[16:07] <scythale> and good, fuck the bonnasse… mouais… this type of chick break my balls 2 seconds after you open your mouth

16:40 <@ DST> as I'm bad !

00:50:45] <@ S4RuM4N> [root@spdy]# grep -ir todo /* [00:50:47] <@ S4RuM4N> ALL : I fly my macbook


<NecroPuce> this is good weed <3 <NecroPuce> I felt like my first trapping <NecroPuce> it's almost like a little orgasm

(<@ turkey>) I would've called the proper channel for talking like that transylvania (<@ turkey>) there 's the geek here but not majority (<@ turkey>) it is rather a chan of sexual osédé

[23:59:54] <@ meow> javais fear …. the gremlins

<Sativouf> yes well I admit I have a very small

<[LEG]L3Gume> but have you finished any quote I write ske brothel !!!

[04:45:46] <@chakyVNR> neouf I'm fat but I not fit into the age bracket [04:45:51] <@chakyVNR> I suck you never

<Jason> jme whether you need a degree to be a tourist

(22:30:29) (@ Inn) I have no head way buddies.

[00:57] <Dinde> the girl she needs a boy with a silver car a big house humor intelligence ambition to love kindness and a big dick

<Dinde> (it's nice to know that some roxent win2k3 server, it is a true performance) <Dinde> an OS of what men

<fkz`> you're a gamer Turkey ? <Dinde> not a flat Christmas

<NecroPuce> Ft. shit myself and I spray all in the throat

* D O /e has quit IRC (Ping timeout)

01:09 <<@ turkey>> I would like to Baloo 01:09 <<@ turkey>> Sto pde do what you're hurting

unreal-> a turkey ! unreal-> It's crazy ! Dinde> you got no friends is clear ! sxpert3> I have no particular friend * e * …

[19:16] <Dinde> I LOVE MY MOM NAH !

<Transylvania> too good, a girl who "knows computers becaufe hump all day in Word and it is with acrobat pdf conversion" trying to explain that I understood nothing of what it was like linux <Transylvania> I say, How beautiful

[03:05:04] <@ `Crumbs> damn can not do this day koi [03:05:06] <@ `Crumbs> or the sleeping [03:05:16] <@ `Crumbs> is not that they do so has our hours of life

(@Mekza) I / dev / null

[16:02:11] <@ Kro-Taf> the game impossible to finish [16:02:19] <@ Kro-Taf> Yet I had the walkthroughs

(@NecroPuce) Bullrot put a neck brace or a good scarf, sit back and nothing beats the heat to help muscles relax (@DragoonMaster) warmth (@DragoonMaster) you ask your wife to fuck you in the neck (@ Bullrot) t crazy my wife is so soft that it will break me in 2

<NecroPuce> I can have vomit

<Dinde> <– furrier anus

<Dinde> good must admit it scythale tunes sarko

<Dinde> is my boyfriend

[9:18:48] <Slow> jpeux also have a private life ? [9:19:32] <mOle> chmod 700 :>

<@pep> jsuis austria the 23 <@pep> doing love <@pep> TACTACTACTACTACTAC

20:56 <A drop @> i’ll cum in ure face 20:56 <<@ turkey>> jl expected that the

<@AKoala> wesh ziva Zikmu the xD is offe

[22:04:26] -Mekza- eh is not your bastard am'afficher comme ca front of everyone :X looks like a bailiff =)

(06:31:19) (@ MOL `) Dragon NaturallySpeaking it rox mom (06:34:02) (@ MOL `) I hand over and I can write teube talking on irc.

<@Dajungle> I just had a call from a Charity asking me to donate some of my clothes to the starving people throughout the world. I told them to fuck off!! Anybody who fits into my clothes isn’t starving!!

(15:16:56) (@ Baloo) good (15:16:58) (@ Baloo) I stink

<Mole> you need a trigger on Blackdog that recognizes its auth Q and gives direct nick used by bibi on the channel when there * or * sex * * Seska

(20:52:30) (+Pi3rr3) close your eyes for onions ( (per cons put on some chainmail gloves) )

[04:10:44] * @ NAZDAROVIA Turkey kills and violates his corpse [04:11:03] * @ Mjau kills NAZDAROVIA violates his body and eats it [04:11:23] * @ Mjau violates the NAZDAROVIA reviol kills and eats her corpse [04:11:31] * @ Bullrot Viole NAZDAROVIA a lot son caca[04:11:35] <@ meow> .

<DragoonMaster> Ca, is what I need. Wholesale, I would not 5.1 but 1.5

[23:58] <meow> I installed CBON AND Turkey [23:58] <meow> but the record is or pro jle? [23:58] <Bullrot> DTC

charlie @ @ this (21:07) : you know how I was called in the middle ? charlie @ @ this (21:07) : the proctologist ! specialist of the rectum !

<bui> you put on your gentoo serv ? <bui> I'll Laule nose ! <Dinde> thrusts you into a debian in the ass :p <Dinde> turns 5 times <Dinde> pif pouf jsuis more

* JayLaHaine bizoox made in Turkey <Dinde> eurk <Dinde> I'm going to jerk off on your photos for the trouble !

[23:27:35] <@ Yoda-BZH> Non fabtax not wear condoms

[01:52:50] <@[LEG]L3Gume> c normal that I understand nothing jms ske tell? [01:53:02] <<@ turkey>> which copies have a brain :X

[04:34] <chaky> lool ca me fé think of this stuff on the guy who wanted to be fucked by a horse

[01:26:22] <@NecroPuce> I have a son like that [01:26:28] <@NecroPuce> I locked in the closet

<Zep-oT> good, I'm the dirty eater dick

<scythale> coder php coders is that a windows admin 98 is to admins

[05:01:00] <@ meow> tain never be another series or movie I like that boulersé [05:01:15] <<@ turkey>> after which copies of you say do not be repressed homo … [05:01:30] <@ meow> I have a very soft heart me [05:01:33] <@ meow> although jsuis cop [05:01:44] <<@ turkey>> ctb [05:01:49] <@ meow> dtc

[23:14:46] <@ S4RuM4N> F.R.A.N.C.E : Federation of Arab refugees from the Fed Funds State

01:09 <<@ turkey>> I would like to Baloo 01:09 <<@ turkey>> Sto pde do what you're hurting

[01:52:28] <Mekza> take me to an Arab area as low

<Dinde> cs:prob cardiac source <Dinde> jme have felt too bad <Dinde> I cons by the breath of jackal o / <Dinde> O <Dinde> yum <Dinde> :))

<@ Crumbs> Turkey is simply rotten :)

<TgK ^> je change mon IP come de slip

01:52 <@Superbaloo> I love cocks :D

<Kro> @ MSN –> I also let them pay too jaime (we saw the i love jungle, must pay kro, jme feel well !!!)

[16:53] <Dinde> doesn’t matter, i’m still a kind of exotic sex symbol

(@ W1|Astronaut) Macintosh are people here ? (NSC) We are here on irc (@ W1|Astronaut) t you clever you

(22:35) ? @ NSC ? noob question : What is a module of TCL sbnc ? (22:36) ? <@ turkey> ? running scripts tcl ? (22:36) ? <@ turkey> ? eg ?

<chaky> I went to the pinned against a wall … do not question the cat in heat on the undulating beat of the zik ! or daughter of the earth by exorcist

<chakyMUETTE> : I would come well j ! but there reeslo … <Dinde> : Reeslo on s'en fault <Dinde> : is an asshole

<NecroPuce> since I stopped I lost again lezs snickers a little weight

<mole_@_mariokart> Damn it slows grass!

(23:29:49) (+Dinde) any thinker is another stupid

(@fulsker) Somebody has a utility to copy and paste several tips with different combination of keys ? (@Mekza) keyboard

(<@ turkey>) The milkshake was invented after Jack Bauer was in need of information from a banana.

[21:24:06] * +Bullrot many laugh six they fosco

[09:15] <@NecroPuce> hang your balls on the ground when you doing with willy panpan diep? [09:15] <@ Tokidoki> its not scrape the ground egg [09:15] <@ Tokidoki> otherwise I'd do more willy panpan jpeut assure you ^ ^

<@DragoonMaster> Dissertations for courses, was done in vi

[03:54:58] *** meow change one S5RuM5N `bnc ! [03:55:14] *** S5RuM5N `BNC change a Bullrot !

<+DragoonMaster> d’ailleurs, I would like to add that I'm not THAT ugly, but I am also VERY CON !

<Bullrot> I HAVE brought the idea of rotting quakenet with boots <Bullrot> I am not abused maytre

* meow ::: Patrick Bruel – J'm'attendais not yours : 04:16 : 321kbps : Stereo ::: <TilK_le_roumain> ah voila kkun who listens to good music lq

<Arioch> actually, c I had to spend in order <Arioch> I dimmensionné srv to the proxy and my boss told me it was too expensive

(22:16:52) (@NecroPuce) dindou we'll just take a shower and fuck like crazy by fucking the mouth of Reeslo (22:17:16) (@Reeslo) 15mn (22:18:06) (@Reeslo) the scope of the leak

<Dinde> eyeGO me a new script <Dinde> /rmp mjau <meow> RMP ? <Dinde> Give me back my money mjau @ #?!

<release> vista is the best bone.

<Superbaloo> I release the demo of the ga<Dinde> you as the merde <Dinde> for real <Baloo> Yeah

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