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[23:54:46] <A drop @> eu me eyeGO but not in Arab

[15:53:33] <+C-Rembar> and if I have no clear during the holidays [15:53:35] <+C-Rembar> I'll kill myself !

[20:04:13] <<@ turkey>> I eyeGO booze with babes [20:04:26] <<@ turkey>> whoever wants to join me as I [20:05:21] <@spdy[iZee]> osef girls [20:05:23] <@spdy[iZee]> y’a l’eswc

[01:34:35] <+chaky> FU to [01:35:51] *** chaky (*!~chaky@ left IRC (Quit: j'm outta here ! j certainly come back in 2 min so I'm shitting in my pathetic little life ! but at least for once I was not kick ! it is I who bar !!! (masterly phrase …)) ! [01:36:40] *** chaky (*!~chaky@ entered the chan # ilovedrumnbass !

<TilK_ModeBiere> jai not even cats ): <TilK_ModeBiere> jai ke my grandparents (to kiss)

<@ Nimrod> wee <<@ turkey>> Exactly

[17:08:24] <@drico> ske know a reggae qd said he stopped the drug ? [17:08:32] <@drico> c koi this musik shit ?

? 02:03:27 – 12 ? <meow> I even Kobhqlt[AGL] I taff not in and I am superior to you in all points :: Pretentious ?

<Zep-oT> good, I'm the dirty eater dick

(22:30:29) (@ Inn) I have no head way buddies.

Dinde: I should do more sex, you are definitly right catsick: well u wont be that cute forever

(20:39:07) (+Dinde)take me

<turkey @ IRL_dans_le_couloir>I prefer to the white turkey

(@NecroPuce) turkey just tell me (@NecroPuce) just (@NecroPuce) \o / (@NecroPuce) _o / (@NecroPuce) \o_ (@NecroPuce) not too fast eh (@NecroPuce) I have the time anyway

<oxymoron> i think your server is programmed to kill the jews

(@ohmer) Ptain are really clowns (@ohmer) It was plain in a downloadable file via http (@ meow) fépét

::: Kick: (scythale) was kicked by (Candie) scythale

<<@ turkey>> The future is speculation that the spirit !

[03:12] <chaky> I know what I :)

[19:38:28] <@ `Crumbs> jsuis locked home [19:38:43] <@ `Crumbs> he took my keys the con

[22:20:55] <@ S4RuM4N> what is the hero who flies into stores ? [22:21:04] <@ S4RuM4N> Muslim.

[23:06:27] * +chaky am making a bizoox scythale [23:07:30] <@scythale> Go away big pile !

<NecroPuce> Dark Vader is blackmailing me

<gsm> emhaka ? :p <EmaKha> Vui ? <gsm> nothing was for the pleasure of making a mistake p:

(@choukysse) I think I'm going to make a join dwich and material bond (<@ turkey>) and feel your clit with your toys (@choukysse) Turkey at least I can ! (<@ turkey>) stinks. (@choukysse) lol (@ S4RuM4N) pwndz

[17:25] <vega> we do not do anything with the gear of the state

Rickmouth was kicked by A_mOLe_Aw (we do not give a damn over the mouth of the world)

[00:32:40] *** mOLe change en Necropuce !

[03:50] <Chakycentrique> `Crumbs [03:50] <Chakycentrique> I disguise myself as koi Monday ?

[22:30:25] <@ Bullrot> was [22:30:26] *** Bullrot (*! left IRC (Killed (* (CULEVA))) !

@ Turkey returns to his marital bed with PoGo

(@[aaa]Cyb) yeah I'm an asshole

[01:13:06] <@ meow> You want a plum ? not then suck bitch

<DragoonMaster> chaky, it's hard, but you're more useful than turkey this time, damn not even have a radio, over his, more blog brothel. You at least, you move not.

[00:37:52] <+C-Rembar> in fact you're weak [00:37:52] <+C-Rembar> sale padawan [00:37:53] <+Mekza> but remember jme :o [00:38:06] <+Dinde> c’est un weak [00:38:08] <+Dinde> is clear [00:38:19] <+Mekza> Non Arab jsuis :(

@ Turkey: : tomorrow I will hump me

<mysX|Kob[AGL]> and say that fucking cask is 130th on the Net, and there 's idiots to buy <mysX|Kob[AGL]> (type I :/)

[21:42] <Dinde> tin of these females from Belgium > /dev/null

@ scythale? I work @ scythale? as a Friday night @ scythale? I was thoroughly

[18:42:38] <@scythale> I can not allow myself to replay a game has already finished at this time

(@NecroPuce) but too old, it softened A_mOLe :/ (@DragoonMaster) skey AC, Turkey is called Mr. Marshmallow (@ A_mOLe) there is only the truth that so your mouth NecroPuce

father- made a enoooooooooooooooooooorme cuddles mowwwwwle :))))))))) <Kro> it 30 Million d’amis baba- <Kro> she even has the hugs mowwwwwle

unreal-> a turkey ! unreal-> It's crazy ! Dinde> you got no friends is clear ! sxpert3> I have no particular friend * e * …

[21:48:31] <at0s> I never cheater [21:48:41] <at0s> I already try but it na pa market on my pc ^ ^ is ~ at0s

<pep> MC too boring <Yann> Whenever I want to scream their : GET A FUCKING JOB

[+Kayser]: neurofunk [+scythale]: is an insult or a style of Zique ?

[14:01] <scythale> when you have pus in the cock it is not brought back !

<Dinde> linux it simplifies life even when <Dinde> I will talk more than I think bash

<Transylvania> too good, a girl who "knows computers becaufe hump all day in Word and it is with acrobat pdf conversion" trying to explain that I understood nothing of what it was like linux <Transylvania> I say, How beautiful

20:58 < titi> believe, jve vote le pen

<@ meow> Tiin jdoit piss Friday morning for a friend

<chouky> g a huge lollipop in the neck <Zep-oT> ben you can say it is a pony that bit you

<@ALIEN57> NecroPuce and when you recompile the turkey ? <<@ turkey>> ./configure NecroPuce –enable-kindness –enable-grub –enable-vabosser –disable-mauvais_caractere <<@ turkey>> here is the compilation line <@NecroPuce> I stayed the couch

[15:00:30] <@ Sankt> t han not even a real Arab [15:00:43] <Mekza> beh yeah [15:00:50] <Mekza> do you think eyeGO Ramadan. [15:00:52] <Mekza> you crazy. [15:00:55] <@ Sankt> lol [15:01:25] <Mekza> Islam joke [15:01:28] <Mekza> no alcohol [15:01:33] <Mekza> oh no, but.

I-phone pair S4RuM4N: <@ S4RuM4N> "We tried something new" (v1) <@ S4RuM4N> "Good, it was the shit, be correct but not immediately, if not it mean we've done some shit" (v2) <@ S4RuM4N> "Good, we can correct the shit v1" (v3)

<`Crumbs> need help with css if any one is available <Xtazy> I rox CSS <Xtazy> as to need to help pr CFG a CSS / q with Hein

<+mo_o> what age did you kam ? <+kaMMMM-> 17 * kaMMMM- was kicked by GlouglouBot (back when you're leading.) *** kaMMMM- (*! entered the chan # ilovedrumnbass ! <+kaMMMM-> jisuis major

<+Dj4T> jsuis married <+Dj4T> osef

[23:39:58] <+S4RUMo /> physics, there's that P = IU used, for how many racks you can put in a bay by rail alim :p

<@Dajungle> I just had a call from a Charity asking me to donate some of my clothes to the starving people throughout the world. I told them to fuck off!! Anybody who fits into my clothes isn’t starving!!

[17:05] <<@ turkey>> I unpack in Temp [17:05] <@GjMan9> me in the sofa

[23:29:09] <+Mekza> I hate flying dtf [23:29:22] <+Dinde> Yet it is half reubeu

[20:55:03] <Bastos> I listen lorie

<JH|Blits> j'te puke my garlic butter in the slot

[21:53:57] <@scythale> ben yes I put the Ubuntu install would have lasted 5 minutes, Beryl and I turn Xen that I could nickel and Matter 4 porn at the same time on a rotating cube on my desktop

<Kobhqlt-> for host <Kobhqlt-> Obviously it takes a Bay <Kobhqlt-> but otherwise good ..

<meow> j'ai l'anus open

<Bullrot> TURKEY <Bullrot> nike bawling after him always you are the owner of my ass on the net

<@ turkey>? fb it dismantles

<<@ turkey>> some cops respectp o ! <<@ turkey>> (mouahahaha)

<@ Say> Proverbs: Whoever could make oneself a vacuum which others may freely enter, become master of all situations.

* chakychan bizooox made in Turkey <Dinde> you do not want a pipe rather ?

<<@ turkey>> jconnais not environment variables microsoft <<@ turkey>> "désol

<@chakyPLULA> pt1 write something for a surprise me yard and I try to put a smiley in

<+ShirleyCrabtree> So this channel is basically used for seeking dubious gaming pickups and dodgy VBR releases ? <+ShirleyCrabtree> Took m 2 years to realise it <+ShirleyCrabtree> byeeee <– Welcome to Quakenet mate.

<chaky> c as another he followed me, muttering something to me al orreille <chaky> such beautiful potrine <chaky> nice ass <chaky> and I am offered ping pong show

[20:31:11] <+Dinde> one day a guy asked my girl to add on msn [20:31:16] <+Dinde> invites webcam [20:31:19] <+Dinde> if the branlait [20:31:21] <+Dinde> a fat pig

Baloo> He answers on how flush mail ? Dinde>

<Mole> you need a trigger on Blackdog that recognizes its auth Q and gives direct nick used by bibi on the channel when there * or * sex * * Seska

<@PoGo> ctb <@ S4RuM4N> Poor pogay, he is so frustrated with his dick, that he not only took a jap for it is not a fool of its size, but it also can not stop talking about the other


[22:52:23] <@ meow> smells too good this stuff <– (he speaks of the poppers)

[22:26:57] <@ meow> tin mole but it is a kind of disgusting thing to google

(@NecroPuce) Bullrot put a neck brace or a good scarf, sit back and nothing beats the heat to help muscles relax (@DragoonMaster) warmth (@DragoonMaster) you ask your wife to fuck you in the neck (@ Bullrot) t crazy my wife is so soft that it will break me in 2

<NSC> the whore smells burnt <NSC> My mother had to forget the zucchini <NSC> ffs

<Dinde> eyeGO me a new script <Dinde> /rmp mjau <meow> RMP ? <Dinde> Give me back my money mjau @ #?!

<Gaara-> of maj stuck on a maj ur kid 4 years old, a pile of leaves overflowing and dripping final ca kha more like a pile of shit

<Baloo> Kro, ! Cutting the alim edf ! <Baloo> we will laugh ! <Kro> [root@nuclearfactory]# shutdown <Kro> done

<Drop> between vomit, the poop and nana. We must make a choice.

8 minutes was the time to bake my pizza

Dinde: I charge 100? Time Grass: it does not matter chuis me rich turkey: AWAI ? pays you hair then !

(<@ turkey>) scythale: je t'aime

<@ MOL `> if you put it in your ass, it is detected ? <@AKoala> Not detected, it m'gave <@ MOL `> oh thin <@AKoala> lol

[05:54:35] <@ MOL `> that day I took the mule

<DCG|Madd`Linux> c koi the mieu, FreeBSD or Ubuntu ?

[21:56:24] <Baloo "> lol [22:06:08] <Baloo "> whore [22:06:14] <Baloo "> I put in the shower [22:06:23] <Baloo "> I turn my underwear zapper :/ [22:06:33] <Baloo "> I'm an idiot too :/

( @fox3k ): but your head a horrible time ? ta no luck with girls :D ? Test with the guy , NecroPuce is free !

<ALIEN57> :\ <ALIEN57> :/\: <ALIEN57> -:X <ALIEN57> xxxXXX <ALIEN57> ZZZzzz <ALIEN57> so good <ALIEN57> I suck !

[15:56:57] <@scythale> there 's people who buy PS3 ? [15:56:58] <@scythale> whoa [15:57:00] <@scythale> poor…

<Dinde> Ok Flusher m operates in a mine |?<Dinde> Flushing is a kind of chaos cheskou :x

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