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<@ AGL `` Kotz Css> #For a better go.Sarkozy France * AGL`KotZ`Css (~KotZ@ quit (Killed (*. (You are violating network rules, ID: 2429486))) o/ (~ KotZ@ Quit (Killed (* (You are violating network rules, ID: 2429486)))


<chaky> I've Chouin as a menagerie of more 50 years before the fire of love

?17:00:06? {<@ turkey>} jsuis too dumb sometimes

[03:05:04] <@ `Crumbs> damn can not do this day koi [03:05:06] <@ `Crumbs> or the sleeping [03:05:16] <@ `Crumbs> is not that they do so has our hours of life

<@DragoonMaster> Dissertations for courses, was done in vi

<Dinde> i will shaking !

<scythale> coder php coders is that a windows admin 98 is to admins

<DragoonMaster> i suck cock

[01:41:38] <@ S4RuM4N> superbaloo attack cognitive and reproductirces [01:41:42] <@ S4RuM4N> it develops around[01:41:48] <@[aaa]Cyb> worms [01:41:48] <@ S4RuM4N> Loose rate is increasing

[02:10:16] <@ALIEN57> I suck !

<@ MOL `> Arnaud- <@ MOL `> normans <@Mekza> is worse than reubeu.

[01:15:37] <@ `Crumbs> Fear is fucking ca 2 jpense time to do something the, and 1 sec after I am able [01:15:49] <@ Nimrod> you junkie ? 01:15:57] <@ `Crumbs> I forget nan ca

[18:49:19] <@ S4RuM4N> cmb [18:49:51] <@spdy> your cock has strength to speak, she will become legendary [18:49:55] <@spdy> not for its size etc. [18:50:01] <@spdy> but for the fact that it is a relic [18:50:04] <@spdy> because nobody is still touch

<FraK> i hate myself too, it keeps me alive :p

<Kobhqlt-> for host <Kobhqlt-> Obviously it takes a Bay <Kobhqlt-> but otherwise good ..

[23:16:28] <@ meow> arnaud like champagne [23:16:44] <@ meow> c as foie gras [23:16:48] <@ meow> "Tien il est good tone was

Flusher: you are in what year and what school ? Superbaloo: 3eme Polytech Nantes section info Flusher: and you're very kind ? Flusher: is what you have success with the babes ? (jte make maintenance fast as it is done)

<Dinde> ah it is still good seal !

(@choukysse) I think I'm going to make a join dwich and material bond (<@ turkey>) and feel your clit with your toys (@choukysse) Turkey at least I can ! (<@ turkey>) stinks. (@choukysse) lol (@ S4RuM4N) pwndz

unreal-> a turkey ! unreal-> It's crazy ! Dinde> you got no friends is clear ! sxpert3> I have no particular friend * e * …

<+BiBiZoR> cay cay while no quakenet kc

[12:35:13] <GIS|Psylohk> !conchita [12:35:15] <@[BLACKDOG]> And more, thou hast believed ?! Frankly, How stupid do you figure GIS|Psylohk ! This poster …

(@ALIEN57) We install the game how sex ? (@ meow) you read the readme (@ meow) the Gay Games installs (@ meow) installe VirtuallyJenna 2.017.002.Cracked.Offline (@ meow) there is nothing to do (@ALIEN57) ok (@ meow) You have to control your dick with the mouse

[22:26] <chaky> I'm comfortable in my role as victim

<<@ turkey>> !addquote <@scythale> He has a sister ? <<@ turkey>> yeah :D <@scythale> is good ? <<@ turkey>> 10 years I think <@scythale> So yeah it is good <@GlouglouBot> It's good turkey . You have Tricard !! It is noted in the notebook of shame ! <@scythale> arrested your bullshit, I'll finish in edvige

<FraKoS> the guy who invented the wifi it would be in my case, a large feignasse that kiff his hammock :)

(19:34:47) (@[BLACKDOG]) It's a tadpole who thought it was early…But in fact it is tadpole…

@toast[E5]^ slaps mOLe` around a bit with a pair of steelcapped Doc Martens

Dinde: I should do more sex, you are definitly right catsick: well u wont be that cute forever

<Dinde> eyeGO me a new script <Dinde> /rmp mjau <meow> RMP ? <Dinde> Give me back my money mjau @ #?!

(22:30:29) (@ Inn) I have no head way buddies.

CONTROVERSY> i had a dream bout u last night dinde CONTROVERSY> not sure why CONTROVERSY> lmfao

* meow ::: Patrick Bruel – J'm'attendais not yours : 04:16 : 321kbps : Stereo ::: <TilK_le_roumain> ah voila kkun who listens to good music lq

[14:19:55] <@ meow> Happiness is when ? [14:20:04] <@ Kro-Taf> when you shut

<sOusOue> I have an artificial anus <Dinde> it's cool <Dinde> if it becomes loose <Dinde> I could change

<release> vista is the best bone.

[18:14:30] <@ MOL> What you got burnt ? [18:14:31] <@ DST> The portable chair of a large association

[02:21:22] <@Blaxhole> Roflmaotsetoung.

<Thick> damage that I have a girlfriend :(

<+ShirleyCrabtree> So this channel is basically used for seeking dubious gaming pickups and dodgy VBR releases ? <+ShirleyCrabtree> Took m 2 years to realise it <+ShirleyCrabtree> byeeee <– Welcome to Quakenet mate.

<+Kro> AC should be an Achievement :o [S4RuM4N] has earned the achievement [Grosse Pute]!

<Sarah> ur a psodo <Sarah> and not jarive <Dinde> /nick LEPSEUDO <Dinde> How about the changes here <Sarah> ok * Sarah (~ Sarahs@81.248.xx.xx) Quit <Dinde> BUT DR

(21:51:30) (<@ turkey>) A JSUIS MONGAULE

01:52 <@Superbaloo> I love cocks :D

[01:39:33] <@ S4RuM4N> I take an anti virus for linux and am committed to the DMZ 64 bits [01:39:52] <@[aaa]Cyb> You contredis Winnie l'OURSONS you rhabille et Jean-Luc Reichmann. [01:40:18] <@ S4RuM4N> I DHCPRELEASE and cons with a flood [01:41:01] <@[aaa]Cyb> I stop by a W32/superbaloo.worm.a [01:41:18] <@ S4RuM4N> critical failure :/ [01:41:21] <@[aaa]Cyb> kamoulox

<Arioch> actually, c I had to spend in order <Arioch> I dimmensionné srv to the proxy and my boss told me it was too expensive

<+mo_o> what age did you kam ? <+kaMMMM-> 17 * kaMMMM- was kicked by GlouglouBot (back when you're leading.) *** kaMMMM- (*! entered the chan # ilovedrumnbass ! <+kaMMMM-> jisuis major

<<@ turkey>> NSC: you do not want you to go interview a few ?

<+Dinde> mount /dev/zizi /home/mekza/cul

[17:51:14] <@fulsker> if not thee not install something weird ? [17:51:46] <@ Inn> the steam..

[12:33:40] <@ MOL `> to make you an illustration [12:33:46] <@ MOL `> eyeGO a concert for her mika [12:34:01] <@ MOL `> hot huh

<Dinde> I have itchy anus ? Flusher

<Drop> pede is a next to my house that moffre wlohe ske jveux <Mekza> even her ass ? <Drop> I simply had to make him smile

(@ MOL `) HAPPY seek and / or FAT and / or SLUT and / or SUBJECT and MID for last css! [amsg yet] >:underground D

<@fulsker> She moves his lips and all <@fulsker> monstruous

[02:07:22] <@chakyGREVE> m my father who called me to see a report on cannabis that basically says that c dangerous to health , parrallele and who wonder if g not a little weed has spun him ….

<chouky> g a huge lollipop in the neck <Zep-oT> ben you can say it is a pony that bit you

<@Mekza> <@Mekza> my favorite site. <@ MOL `> . <@ NSC> Vote sarko <@Mekza> NSC: ?

[23:56:41] <@ohmer> but the last time I took too l [23:56:48] <@ohmer> I empty my liver pa @ oHmErenetre [23:56:54] <@ohmer> (I live in 4th) [23:57:08] <@ohmer> 'd have seen the mouth of the geranium upstairs neighbor [23:57:16] <@ohmer> jme am 6am notes in to balance the fleet [23:57:26] <@ohmer> So the plants are wallowing but I was harmless.

2(122102:124302:122902) 02(@Mekza02)truly the number of times I packed galoche buddies

<Gaara-> of maj stuck on a maj ur kid 4 years old, a pile of leaves overflowing and dripping final ca kha more like a pile of shit

I'm gay

This Elo (22:11) : whores that fuck, not you K @ Y $? aka Turkey says (22:11) s'pas false

[01:35:37] <@ `Calimero> p ^ j t1 must find an occupation that I monopolize the concrete head [01:35:52] <@ Rayt|Mmm> an eggshell ?

<meow> C-Rembar, will you marry me ?

This Elo (22:11) : whores that fuck, not you K @ Y $? aka Turkey says (22:11) s'pas false

(@ meow) jai want to vomit (@ meow) mixing bowl of cereal + peanuts (@ meow) c patop

<NSC> speaking for the runs, i will get me a room

[16:48:54] <@Mekza> Next time you kick me kick me in your apartment symtex.

<@ meow> ROH AND THEN TéGé HEIN * mjau was kicked by [BLACKDOG] (You talk way too. Go outside for a walk time to breathe a little !) o/ [BLACKDOG] (You talk way too. Go outside for a walk time to breathe a little !)

<@ NSC> I feel like my cat shit in my room

@ liline has received an email from Q :)

(21:31:26) (+tok4r|nrt) Duj of rolling my weed I play pdt ? (21:31:44) (@Peo //span>) Please can burn out of my hair turning mine o/) Please can burn out of my hair turning mine

<pep> MC too boring <Yann> Whenever I want to scream their : GET A FUCKING JOB

<FistOr> available to make the gravy

[00:49:26] <@Guardian1H`AFK> I saw Penelope Cruz in the vip :p [00:49:40] <@Guardian1H`AFK> it is quite frankly :D [00:49:47] <@ meow> i hope you put his hand in the ass

[09:25] * Quits: +ShiNoe (ShiNoe@ (Signed off) [09:27] <<@ turkey>> finally rid

(@ Bullrot) meow : no time I have a raid planned

<@ José> I think the best is the guy who gets sucked by a carp me it makes me laugh too

[17:13:27] <+Mekza> I love when you hold me down [17:13:32] * +Mekza band

[03:12] <chaky> I know what I :)

[scythale]: given the current face-Elysee montmartre they can only make the concerts Gothic

<A_mOLe> all my friends call me balls css ^ ^

<@ MOL> Turkey what it feels like to be Sunday and not having his mouth covered with red patches ? <<@ turkey>> bin is a Saturday without apple juice :D <<@ turkey>> or Saturday or jme'm not ejaculate on face

<@ DST-> England, we do not say bitch, but "it's up to you"

[19:02:42] <A drop @> the m16 for long c ke baltringues komme me

(13:58:04) (+Bullrot) what can we make fun with a router? (13:58:28) (+Sativouf) test aerodynamics

[17:51:14] <@fulsker> if not thee not install something weird ? [17:51:46] <@ Inn> the steam..

<Drop> if only the javais a chick she would give me my suitcase

[17:54] <Kayser> I'm the fucking wii cons Eloise [17:55] <Kayser> if I won she lost a massage bra ! [17:56] <Kayser> if I lost it won I sleep with it !

22:37 <@Mekza> there is also mjau gratos 22:37 <@Mekza> a real bitch 22:37 <@ meow> oé Mekza

<Turkey @ larue> we lose a team that changes !!!

<+scythale> yes but I could not come, it's not my fault, it's yours, you've chosen the wrong date

[19:16] <Dinde> I LOVE MY MOM NAH !

[21:42] <Dragoon|Away> uh, what do I do to ? [21:43] <Dinde> I suck and lick at Fouffe chaky after

<Dinde> I made a script that replaces frak

<+chaky> j'm sorry too stupid :)

<<@ turkey>> The future is speculation that the spirit !

<meow> ct die hard 5 what <meow> 24 chrono minutes <meow> with Baloo Bauer

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