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<<@ turkey>> good if there's roommate anyway <<@ turkey>> I steal a scooter <<@ turkey>> and it jdis mjau

<NecroPuce> I attached my catapult into space <NecroPuce> I felt like my first trapping <NecroPuce> it's almost like a little orgasm

<@rockT O /pan>> I guess with moles (@`mOLe) jfais no more 3 moles per day (@`mOLe@ `Softrwise the population would be decimated taupienne o/> you are zoophilic <@rockT O /pan>> I guess with moles (@`mOLe) jfais no more 3 moles per day (@`mOLe@ `Softrwise the population would be decimated taupienne o/> I guess with moles (@ `Soft) jfais no more 3 moles per day (@ `Soft) otherwise the population would be decimated taupienne

[22:30:25] <@ Bullrot> was [22:30:26] *** Bullrot (*! left IRC (Killed (* (CULEVA))) !

<+scythale> jh 24 jf c. glans hot hottie big tits ass fuck lil-lived

[23:00] <Eloise> I understand, depuis ke g had children, I am more attracted by big cocks

[22:47:23] <@ Baloo> I have never seen anyone so low that I

(@ALIEN57) We install the game how sex ? (@ meow) you read the readme (@ meow) the Gay Games installs (@ meow) installe VirtuallyJenna 2.017.002.Cracked.Offline (@ meow) there is nothing to do (@ALIEN57) ok

<Drop> jme buggers do if I commit suicide in the army

<meow> squoi this Niouzes paskeuh you are happy? <meow> turkey is sterile ? <meow> mekza died ?

[03:12] <chaky> I know what I :)

<+chaky> pt1 kesk j j love you … <+chaky> I sometimes wonder what I crazy here …

[15:49:19] <@scythale> I fuck it anyway : I am a computer ! [15:49:39] <@scythale> (AC unless virtual jenna account as fuck)


(01:47:15) ?? Re-SO|UB|SLI24h oppede # jaiunegrossebite

<NSC> gg Kobhqlt- <NSC> same total gg <NSC> I go you suck dick for the occasion

[20:42:54] <@ `Soft> I have no desire for 3 days [20:42:59] <@ `Soft> Dirty shit [20:43:19] <@ QWERTY|L3Gume> I have no desire for 2 years [20:43:22] <@ QWERTY|L3Gume> Dirty shit [20:43:26] <@ TilK_ModeBiere> jai no willingness from lage 14 years old

14:13 <<@ turkey>> Need friends

(18:28:46) (@chaky) pt1 I just do my porasse , I ate the krupuk tt

<@ Crumbs> t have already try Tarrach ass without a bit of whining ?

<Yoda-BZH> I decided to be like this edvil-ann

<meow> you choose your gang <meow> on monte a 4 a guestap <meow> and go up against cops

? @ meow ::: Europe – The Final countdown : 05:08 : 128kbps : Joint Stereo :::

[14:32] <NSC> night so that my muscles were contracted, j woke up and did the bench with my cat.

[01:45:16] <@Fabtax> I'm not linux Fabtax

[03:54:31] <@NecroPuce> I faya power 1000 [03:54:38] <@ALIEN57> Jvais eat a banana [03:54:41] <@NecroPuce> MDR <– for help

<Dinde> let me work !

[04:21:23] <+Kayser|Dinde> She is well trained [04:21:36] <+Kayser|Dinde> say waf [04:21:40] <@Necropuce> waf

(00:12:43) (+Paragraphs) there 's a hot pants and tell me how i could increase the size of my sguèg, such increase performance and especially the circumference for all what, please ?

<Drop> ct ^ ^ ki Bidochon <Dinde> the bulk of the team

(^ @ NSC) ~ O / ~ <- a guy who stinks Underarm

<gsm> emhaka ? :p <EmaKha> Vui ? <gsm> nothing was for the pleasure of making a mistake p:

Dinde: I feel like I fucking niqueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee not make my lazy

<+Dinde> mount /dev/zizi /home/mekza/cul

<S4RuM4N> hum, SM should make a Party in police <S4RuM4N> they already have all the gear <S4RuM4N> pkoi to deprive ?

<@pep> If my girlfriend sees ca <@pep> jme is KILLING

[21:42] <Dinde> tin of these females from Belgium > /dev/null

<chaky> pt1 really be a chick c con <chaky> The guy tell you he has a hard buttock <chaky> and you speak as if its wood ct einstein ! <chaky> pt11 I really am a dick

<`Crumbs> tain it makes me seriously phew <`Crumbs> jcrois I just discovered the music oragsme XD

<NecroPuce> I also had this black doctor <NecroPuce> pure asshole <`Soft> racist

[20:48:19] <@ meow> today there 's been in the police action [20:48:27] <@ meow> 1 complaint for theft of garbage

[23:00] <Eloise> ke it can be love big black ?! [23:00] <scythale> insconsciemment, yeah ptet [23:00] <scythale> the myth of the big cock, all this…

Cami is now known as HotLips !

<meow> real name is jean pierre mekza kohf <`Soft> c no more John Murad Kohf ?

<<@ turkey>> Saying that Java is nice because it works on all OS’s is like saying that anal sex is nice because it works on all genders

[22:33:20] <@ Bullrot> m you have not even wished annfiversaire happy marriage [22:33:28] <<@ turkey>> condolence rather [22:33:38] <@ Bullrot> I am happy. [22:33:45] <@ Bullrot> I have more friends stou.

<@DragoonMaster> sup = stfu ?

(<@ turkey>) It's a pity, I was a girl, I'd flipped a bitch I think

<chaky> c as another he followed me, muttering something to me al orreille <chaky> such beautiful potrine <chaky> nice ass <chaky> and I am offered ping pong show

<duuk> hehe <duuk> i wan’t to become admin on bordel de la dinde

I love You GUYS

[17:25] <Dinde> I want to jerk me off

[22:30:25] <@ Bullrot> was [22:30:26] *** Bullrot (*! left IRC (Killed (* (CULEVA))) !

[03:50] <Chakycentrique> `Crumbs [03:50] <Chakycentrique> I disguise myself as koi Monday ?

<meow> g of a gun alarm <Kro> a gun to alarm ? <Kro> c something that makes the light <Kro> and that of the light ?

[17:33:11] <@DRAKII> !fist mOLe [17:33:12] -[BLACKDOG]- <ø> The user is Protected

<<@ turkey>> you're a so tarlouze

<Dinde> course fuck me

[22:07] <Dinde> Windows XP Pro Uptime : 1wk 3days 2hrs 54mins 29secs

(@ NSC) <Dinde> jvais hurt him with counsel -> tries with potatoes ca hurts too (…. NOT FUNNY MGK POWERED )

<NSC ^> my ex has done an article on his blog for me rot <Kobhqlt-> qu'estce that you do to her poor? <Kobhqlt-> the blow of the big shits well flowing ? :x

<@ José> I think the best is the guy who gets sucked by a carp me it makes me laugh too

[01:59:34] <@ meow> Nike jai Not long ago a large [01:59:39] <@ meow> and I am not ashamed to say [01:59:47] <@ meow> his mother a whore big eins de ouf [01:59:52] <@ meow> good after jlai thrown hin

[00:42:07] <^ @ NSC> I need a personal channel useless, as pgm of Qnet [00:42:20] <^ @ NSC> # quand.est.ce.qu.on.mange go.? [00:42:28] <@ S4RuM4N> I think the chan : #jesucedesbitespascher suits you well.

<sOusOue> I have an artificial anus <Dinde> it's cool <Dinde> if it becomes loose <Dinde> I could change

[17:12:46] <<@ turkey>> scythale: the smoking of weed bio that ends with the doctor ? [17:13:06] <@scythale> it was legal drugs, my body rejects the concept

<@ DST-> you can touch you ! <@ DST-> kind of Jewish <@ MOL `> it is already affecting <@ DST-> you can slowly sink down a finger inside then !

(@ meow) jai want to vomit (@ meow) mixing bowl of cereal + peanuts (@ meow) c patop

<Pix @ esp -|BiBiZoR> to cheer myself up I made a purchase with fucking jennouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuf <<@ turkey>> thou hast bought him breast ? <Pix @ esp -|BiBiZoR> WII <<@ turkey>> \o /

[07:11:21] <@NecroPuce> on a 1 submitted and 1 sexual deviant [07:11:24] <@NecroPuce> we're screwed ( Tokidoki et A_mOLe )

(@ `Soft) jfais no more 3 moles per day (@ `Soft) otherwise the population would be decimated taupienne

[18:14:30] <@ MOL> What you got burnt ? [18:14:31] <@ DST> The portable chair of a large association

(@NecroPuce) turkey just tell me (@NecroPuce) just (@NecroPuce) \o / (@NecroPuce) _o / (@NecroPuce) \o_ (@NecroPuce) not too fast eh (@NecroPuce) I have the time anyway

[04:55:17] *** Flusher change en hihi !

(@ Black) ca ca has burned (@ Black) AC is stink(@ Bullrot) the stoi burned (@ Black) I'm not Jewish

(<@ turkey>) I farted (<@ turkey>) the smell made me think of nimrod

[02:24:48] <@ meow> Damn why jsuis income on irc [02:25:02] <@NecroPuce> to find you the bitch to fuck [02:25:10] <@ meow> I already have a [02:25:19] <<@ turkey>> So as you hear that your girl is a slut [02:25:19] <@NecroPuce> he already has a floozy

[01:40:30] <Tokidoki> leave my worm tranquillou

<Reeslo-> I am no longer virgin ass and I love sucking cocks dog

[22:31:36] <@edvil> I have never done a Bafra [22:31:53] <@edvil> by cons I showed my nipples and rolling shovels khoff * *

[04:33:09] <+[BLACKDOG]> Asc|Gibus: stop de fumer ma weed please

<<@ turkey>> 12,13 BIZOOOOOOO in your mouth with my cock !!!!!!!!!!!!! :the))))))))))))

[17:05] <`Soft> j’ai fedora core 6, I would put the kernel to 1000MHz, How do I ? :D

(01:00:04) (chaky) m not insulted you want a little ? (01:00:14) (chaky) I miss !

[21:48:31] <at0s> I never cheater [21:48:41] <at0s> I already try but it na pa market on my pc ^ ^ is ~ at0s

<soft> @ MSN –> jme did enter college

<NecroPuce> I am so no language, I really need to practice to progress if I forget everything <`Soft> you want language lessons ?

<BiBi ^> you and is allé aller NecroPuce [22:14] <NecroPuce> I could have walked [22:14] Dinde is now known as Ramoneur [22:15] <Chimney Sweep> I cons by the ramon [22:15] [22:14] <Chimney Sweep> :) [22:15] [22:14] <NecroPuce> xD

<Nt0> turkey ? your not too scared to make you fouré With Christmas ? // <Dinde> j’adore

[17:13:27] <+Mekza> I love when you hold me down [17:13:32] * +Mekza band

<@ Bullrot> fucking my wife what leve is the drawer to take down a packet of crisps <@ Bullrot> up again <@ Bullrot> PROUT

<FraK> i hate myself too, it keeps me alive :p

<Dinde> Good will come Flusher <Dinde> I'm going to a string

<<@ turkey>> NSC: you do not want you to go interview a few ?

[18:51] <A_mOLe> I threw up in your bed ? o_o

<NecroPuce> if I'm a chick and I'll A_mOLe vomited in the line

<Baloo> Ca rox windows 2008

[22:53] <Baloo> Still, I think is one of the most skilled of this change …

<Drop> pede is a next to my house that moffre wlohe ske jveux <Mekza> even her ass ? <Drop> I simply had to make him smile

<Mekza> LONG LIVE THE Boukaka.

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