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<Dinde> you put a finger in the ass and retries <Dinde> if your mouse is brown <Dinde> tu t’es mal torché * Turkey is now called Poet <Poet> I am arthur rimbaud of irc

[01:32:58] <+Mekza> 're my master :X

(@NecroPuce) if you want to do evil and make him pay the horror he put me through :

(@ W1|Astronaut) Macintosh are people here ? (NSC) We are here on irc (@ W1|Astronaut) t you clever you

<Dinde> it's in my ass or there 's the greatest place

<Dinde> Putin <Dinde> j’ai bu 1x25cl leffe 9% <Dinde> jsuis smash

(22:11:38) (@NecroPuce) stfu Reeslo enders tuna (22:12:22) (@Flusher) tuna c bon (22:12:27) (@Reeslo) JE ME PICNIC AT LEAST (22:12:35) (@NecroPuce) Turkey prefers the net

[23:06:27] * +chaky am making a bizoox scythale [23:07:30] <@scythale> Go away big pile !

(20:54:56) (@ Bullrot) peta is a picture of your mug (20:56:35) (@Mekza) I do not see what it's going to change in your life (20:57:01) (@ Bullrot) story put a face on a nice nick :) (20:57:11) (@Mekza) cute <3 (20:57:13) (@Mekza) more vtff

<Dinde> (it's nice to know that some roxent win2k3 server, it is a true performance) <Dinde> an OS of what men

[02:30:26] <A drop @> would you know if there are Jewish holidays soon the [02:30:40] <@ALIEN57> and yankipour [02:30:44] <@ALIEN57> rashashama [02:30:52] <@ALIEN57> and the lounge ready to wear

[06:26:07] <<@ turkey>> praise your child to Romanian [06:26:18] <@ALIEN57> Zen it not even want you [06:26:29] <@ALIEN57> is pure concentrate AL57

<C-Rembar> What is this CACA IN MY TAIL ?!

<Dinde> you are elevated to master chaky raps

22:37 <@Mekza> there is also mjau gratos 22:37 <@Mekza> a real bitch 22:37 <@ meow> oé Mekza

? 19:39:51 – 28 ? <mysX|Kob[AGL]> Fuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkkk !!!!! :@

<+chaky> G turkey not the center between the breasts ! they are my breasts ! <@ S4RuM4N_> is not the knife, it should be a trowel

(@NecroPuce) good, I'll take a nap, I have a sudden drop (@NecroPuce) to toutal (@ Zalem-rockt-) jpeu VNIR? (@ Zalem-rockt-) xD

20:56 <A drop @> i’ll cum in ure face 20:56 <<@ turkey>> jl expected that the

(@ Baloo) I have a / ignore at eye level (@Mekza) Baloo: the girls have the same thing with you

* pep <= New girlfriend <Dinde> =] * pep tested all the furniture yesterday / last night / this morning :p <Dinde> poor chaky

(@ NSC) <Dinde> jvais hurt him with counsel -> tries with potatoes ca hurts too (…. NOT FUNNY MGK POWERED )

<Dinde> I made a script that replaces frak

<+Thrillseeker_> ns + dnb = dinde pants explode

[21:42] <Dinde> tin of these females from Belgium > /dev/null

[scythale]: shut, I have the right to say stupid things to scare and keep the IRC as a woman-free zone

(<@ turkey>) I took a fucking mickey out of my nose (<@ turkey>) it looks like mole `

? 18:22:16 – 06 ? <Kobhqlt[AGL]> !NSC ban. ? 18:22:16 – 06 ? * [BLACKDOG] sets mode: -o b NSC *!MGK @ *. ? 18:22:17 – 06 ? * Mgk was kicked by [BLACKDOG] (ban:A ) . ? 18:22:27 – 06 ? <Kobhqlt[AGL]> AC done

<@ meow> Please can find all the episodes if you want columbite Turkey

[23:27:35] <@ Yoda-BZH> Non fabtax not wear condoms

[22:26:57] <@ meow> tin mole but it is a kind of disgusting thing to google

[03:35] <chaky> he made me : bon range to chambre et tu te rends to beuh j !

<@ S4RuM4N> hahaha you type "mathilde Futurolan" you come across posts 2004 Mathilde has been much ink (in the absence of other things…)". <@ S4RuM4N> bag fuck(r) since 2004.

<@ meow> spanking Turkey <<@ turkey>> :)))

I am the robot lobotomy

(22:15:45) (@NecroPuce) I eat a good acorn before the shower

[scythale]: `Crumbs: ping ? [+`Crumbs]: ping ? [scythale]: not the answer is "pong"" :)

(@ A_mOLe) omelets to vomit

<@pep> If my girlfriend sees ca <@pep> jme is KILLING

[14:01] <scythale> when you have pus in the cock it is not brought back !

K @?$? aka Turkey says: tin I come not to patch my shit

[23:30:02] <@Mekza> AC is the chelou in France 5.30 [23:30:12] <@Mekza> is still a cause of the Jews

<@ meow> My father is 45 years off your balls during a work in a company that makes towels and PQ and & Sweatshirts <@ meow> n jsuis well in ravitallé pq <@ meow> I gratos til I die

@ Turkey: : tomorrow I will hump me

(19:51:58) (@Kobhqlt) c what the ping cmd already ?

<mysX|Kob[AGL]> and say that fucking cask is 130th on the Net, and there 's idiots to buy <mysX|Kob[AGL]> (type I :/)

<<@ turkey>> you're a so tarlouze

[21:55:55] <@NecroPuce> I AM A BIG DONDON

(@NecroPuce) turkey just tell me (@NecroPuce) just (@NecroPuce) \o / (@NecroPuce) _o / (@NecroPuce) \o_ (@NecroPuce) not too fast eh (@NecroPuce) I have the time anyway

<@ Bullrot> i speack BE,AND,NL,WA

[00:41:59] <+S4RuM4N> STD, Play Low, Go WoW

* JayLaHaine bizoox made in Turkey <Dinde> eurk <Dinde> I'm going to jerk off on your photos for the trouble !

[23:16] <+fulsker> AC is a nux distro that manages. exe? :>

<Nt0> turkey ? your not too scared to make you fouré With Christmas ? // <Dinde> j’adore

<@scythale> "Honeymoon" ??? <@ JOZ3> honney moon <@ JOZ3> ha We young

[02:10:16] <@ALIEN57> I suck !

[17:01:51] <@ meow> Please can make a small economy 2500? [17:02:07] <@Mekza> you have more girl ?

<@ Tokidoki> I had permission to stay late tonight to PC :P

<mole_@_mariokart> Damn it slows grass!

Superbaloo this (01:53) : there is something with my kernel chelou the Superbaloo said (01:53) : there is no kernel panic :x

[17:08:24] <@drico> ske know a reggae qd said he stopped the drug ? [17:08:32] <@drico> c koi this musik shit ?

<Drop> pede is a next to my house that moffre wlohe ske jveux <Mekza> even her ass ? <Drop> I simply had to make him smile

<<@ turkey>> !SEARCH A SERIEUX FUMER Retrieved LA <@GlouglouBot> .::. No results for: THE SMOKING SERIOUSLY ENOUGH .::.

<pep> MC too boring <Yann> Whenever I want to scream their : GET A FUCKING JOB

<Dinde> why I have a rank rotten all <PoGo> because you're not very strong * Turkey sucks PoGo

[18:59:39] <+Dinde> brulons valve [18:59:55] <+ocZio> not not burn my reason to live

[03:00:16] <+chaky> I am in the pt1 fed for some days

(@ALIEN57) I have an old bazaar

[19:20:00] <<@ turkey>> J3G J3G [19:20:16] <<@ turkey>> you can budget your t-shirts ? [19:20:23] <<@ turkey>> you remove 10? prize each cash upon :p [19:20:41] <<@ turkey>> (no but you will not make us pay + to volunteer to provide the drugs and hookers servers hin ) [19:25:45] *** J3G (*! left IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer) !

<fulsker> Somebody know the equivalent of wget in the terminal but Windob ?

[17:50:59] <+Mekza> normally also has been a supplier of egg also [17:51:21] <+Mekza> which guarantees rapid responses, own, and Jewish !

[16:22:21] <@ Transylvania> So the admin Own it on dev :) [16:22:55] <@ Transylvania> (and then if he dev eral, you cut his ass sites from their station)

<gsm> I still typing eyeGO 22h flight within 7days <`Crumbs> AC tfait feathers gsm> AC exhausted the aircraft repetition <gsm> scomme the anus <Transylvania> we see the lovers of pleasure prostate

[22:48:40] <Dinde> you give me back my money already [22:48:50] <Mekza> yes [22:49:00] <Mekza> my grandmother will die soon if you want

[16:25] <Turkey> I hurt my dingdong


(19:10:33) (@Mekza) I miss Turkey already :( (19:10:39) (@Mekza) Just kidding :D

23:58 <@ Liline> Mr. and Mrs. chakySAD oukoi have 2 son 23:58 <@ Liline> c koi forenames ?23:59 <+chakySA@ Liline>> jean chépakoi 23:59 < chakySAD> I am in. 23:59 <@Liline> ted et bill> jean chépakoi 23:59 <+chakySA@ Liline>> jean chépakoi 23:59 < chakySAD> I am in. 23:59 <@Liline> ted et bill> I am in. 23:59 <@ Liline> ted et bill

[02:07:22] <@chakyGREVE> m my father who called me to see a report on cannabis that basically says that c dangerous to health , parrallele and who wonder if g not a little weed has spun him ….


<ALIEN57> it must hurt dechater <`Soft> there is only you who can tell us <`Soft> \o /

[22:08:03] <+KND|Vega> 're up in rank ? =) [22:08:12] <@edvil> it sucks though.

[20:04:13] <<@ turkey>> I eyeGO booze with babes [20:04:26] <<@ turkey>> whoever wants to join me as I [20:05:21] <@spdy[iZee]> osef girls [20:05:23] <@spdy[iZee]> y’a l’eswc

(@ meow) Oscar is currently under observation, under monitoring for another three hours. (<@ turkey>) monitoring (<@ turkey>) ahahahhaha (<@ turkey>) the guy is a PC

<@Mekza> <@Mekza> my favorite site. <@ MOL `> . <@ NSC> Vote sarko <@Mekza> NSC: ?

<meow> j'ai l'anus open

[00:02:15] <@ `Soft> booba the Belgian speaks to me in my sleep

[15:17:18] <@scythale> I will be proud when we will Jenna Virtual LANs !!!

<Yoda-BZH> I decided to be like this edvil-ann

<Dinde> home it will be a haven of peace <Dinde> and I look DragoonMaster not a haven for pets

<@ gamo> 02:07 <@ José> I think the best is the guy who gets sucked by a carp me it makes me laugh too <@ gamo> best in this vid you got a chick with an eel in the spirit Teuch galleries because AC slip :p <@ Champi> you know them by heart the vidz ? :)

[01:15:37] <@ `Crumbs> Fear is fucking ca 2 jpense time to do something the, and 1 sec after I am able [01:15:49] <@ Nimrod> you junkie ? 01:15:57] <@ `Crumbs> I forget nan ca

<Mekza> fucking great but the Hebrew.

<@chakyPLULA> pt1 write something for a surprise me yard and I try to put a smiley in

10:01 <@ Nimrod> <<== worst fake EVER

<<@ turkey>> NSC: you do not want you to go interview a few ?

[23:16:28] <@ meow> arnaud like champagne [23:16:44] <@ meow> c as foie gras [23:16:48] <@ meow> \" tien il est good tuna patties

(06:31:19) (@ MOL `) Dragon NaturallySpeaking it rox mom (06:34:02) (@ MOL `) I hand over and I can write teube talking on irc.

23:20 < scythale> 23:16 <+Arioch> a user without admin rights can Always brushing 23:21 <+Arioch> c qd even harder than Linux

[5:22:18] <@pear> lol [5:22:21] <@pear> xtc sucks tbh [5:22:23] <@pear> :> [6:04:28] <@ MOL> hahaha

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