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<chaky> bah I'm lying on the side, tel un coach potato

<React> dinde m8 can you please sort ns icon u ninja found out you are kayser ;) <React> a mole told me :D

[18:30:06] <@Fabtax> I'm the Linux [18:30:13] <@Fabtax> but I'll reboot on a bsd [18:30:20] <@Fabtax> it makes me want to vomit

[19:21:43] <`Soft> jsuis not leet, I know that the Q and R

<release> vista is the best bone.

[17:01:26] <@ Kro-Taf> mob deep whale

<meow> ct die hard 5 what <meow> 24 chrono minutes <meow> with Baloo Bauer

<DragoonMaster> Ca, is what I need. Wholesale, I would not 5.1 but 1.5

<NSC> the whore smells burnt <NSC> My mother had to forget the zucchini <NSC> ffs

<meow> jme I realized a trick too Zarb <Baloo> has ? did you find your cock ?

[20:10] <NSC> I find a way to avoid that super powerful AC splashing everywhere when you shit. [20:10] <NSC> you put the paper in the bottom.

(@ TilK_ModeBiere) you had to go to sleep now ? (@NecroPuce) nan, j’attends mon filmm et mon ramonage (@NecroPuce) Tomorrow I have to get in a good mood (@NecroPuce) I go to the pool

[22:07] <Dinde> Windows XP Pro Uptime : 1wk 3days 2hrs 54mins 29secs

<FraKoS> yet I love spas jsai well galley jcrois

? 18:22:16 – 06 ? <Kobhqlt[AGL]> !NSC ban. ? 18:22:16 – 06 ? * [BLACKDOG] sets mode: -o b NSC *!MGK @ *. ? 18:22:17 – 06 ? * Mgk was kicked by [BLACKDOG] (ban:A ) . ? 18:22:27 – 06 ? <Kobhqlt[AGL]> AC done

[21:53:57] <@scythale> ben yes I put the Ubuntu install would have lasted 5 minutes, Beryl and I turn Xen that I could nickel and Matter 4 porn at the same time on a rotating cube on my desktop

[00:42:07] <^ @ NSC> I need a personal channel useless, as pgm of Qnet [00:42:20] <^ @ NSC> # quand.est.ce.qu.on.mange go.? [00:42:28] <@ S4RuM4N> I think the chan : #jesucedesbitespascher suits you well.

<@scythale> "Honeymoon" ??? <@ JOZ3> honney moon <@ JOZ3> ha We young

[00:38] <Jedi-Jiji> and I've hurt my ass in the pile

[01:35:37] <@ `Calimero> p ^ j t1 must find an occupation that I monopolize the concrete head [01:35:52] <@ Rayt|Mmm> an eggshell ?

ranger walker on la


[21:42] <Dinde> tin of these females from Belgium > /dev/null

(22:15) ? @ NSC ? I play with my team :NSCpan @> (22:16)? Kobhqlt-@? NSC has a team: loli: d (22:16)? @ MGK? AC is loli 6 months in chui asshole. (22:16)? @ DragoonMaster? in trouble? Suspected jmen o / (22:16) ? @Kobhqlt- ? NSC a un team : lolilol :who (22:16) ? @ NSC ? ca fait Lolilol 6 chui months in asshole.(22:16) ? @DragoonMaster ? in trouble ? jmen suspected

( @NecroPuce ): I am still virgin ass :(

[16:07] <scythale> and good, fuck the bonnasse… mouais… this type of chick break my balls 2 seconds after you open your mouth

Dinde- I sniffed more ketamine than you while being in Amsterdam

[18:47:42] <@drico> [BLACKDOG] t pd with turkey ? [18:47:43] <@[BLACKDOG]> drico: shut your mother [18:47:54] <@drico> [BLACKDOG] close your underwear tua [18:47:54] <@[BLACKDOG]> drico: Yes, a big for your behind.

<Dinde> 'm hungry

[04:26:30] <@ALIEN57> I also want analog and digital recording souns Ohmer [04:26:39] <@oHmEr> your not afford

( NecroPuce ): If I could choose? bah I would not have done 3 first =

(22:15:45) (@NecroPuce) I eat a good acorn before the shower

[06:26:07] <<@ turkey>> praise your child to Romanian [06:26:18] <@ALIEN57> Zen it not even want you [06:26:29] <@ALIEN57> is pure concentrate AL57

(22:44:02) (@ meow) I'll try Poppers ? (22:44:45) (@ meow) must jinhale how ? (22:46:21) (@ meow) LOL (22:46:23) (@ meow) SALVATION (22:46:25) (@ meow) CA GLASSES

<FraKoS> yet I love spas jsai well galley jcrois

(+titi) What this game CEST (+ocZio) is for people inteligente titi


(@ meow) jai want to vomit (@ meow) mixing bowl of cereal + peanuts (@ meow) c patop

<oHmEr> you say your a dead pixel. if he will not believe, you take a screenshot and you mail it

<@scythale> tu Tapper "Teddy" in google, you finished on a porn site with babes that s'enfonsent teddy bears

(@scythale) elooo: because in the ass is portable, thou art with meuf or trans, it works, not need to adapt : 're already ready (@scythale) What bah ? (@NeouF) "Or a trans," (@NeouF) I say that there 's always the truth in AC

(@Mekza) I / dev / null

[17:12:46] <<@ turkey>> scythale: the smoking of weed bio that ends with the doctor ? [17:13:06] <@scythale> it was legal drugs, my body rejects the concept

[16:53] <Dinde> doesn’t matter, i’m still a kind of exotic sex symbol

<@Flusher> I'm just maintaining your willy

<ALIEN57> Also, sometimes the brake of the foreskin, this band highly vascularized tissue that attaches below the base of the glans, can tear or s'abraser easily during sex and thus facilitate penetration of HIV in the body.

[00:03:20] <epik’kriiizzz> if I have a xp pirate / rule

<@ Bullrot> fucking my wife what leve is the drawer to take down a packet of crisps <@ Bullrot> up again <@ Bullrot> PROUT

[23:08:32] <@ A_mOLe> I have a guy, jvais find another

<@ALIEN57> NecroPuce and when you recompile the turkey ? <<@ turkey>> ./configure NecroPuce –enable-kindness –enable-grub –enable-vabosser –disable-mauvais_caractere <<@ turkey>> here is the compilation line <@NecroPuce> I stayed the couch

<Baloo> fucking sore throat … I'm tired of sucking

Anaya says Llewellyn (02:11) : I hate my cat

<Dinde> leading me to taff <Dinde> you can talk to me on facebook

<@DragoonMaster> believe, you deserve a kick <@DragoonMaster> m’enfou, one day I have friends <@DragoonMaster> et il am to casseront Gueule


(@Mekza) je te rappelle je suis reubeu

[04:31:49] <@S4RuM4N> Bon Dinde coordonnées ffs (j’ai deja cherché sur

<@FraK> jpeux pas lacher ma meuf sinon juis sur elle va m expulser <@FraK> faut que j attende qu elle fasse le pas elle meme, et que jfasse ma raclure jusque la

<chaky> comment t’assumes pas … <Dinde> c’est comme sortir avec toi <Dinde> c’est inassumable

(@Bullrot) vous etes tous des refoulay du baybay ici

(@Kro) jsuis à 2600 net la :o (@Dinde) st00 ? (@Dinde) moi aussi je t’aurais quitt

[01:18:39] <@L3Guuuume> Les jeux vidéos n’affectent pas les enfants : je veux dire, si Pac-Man nous avait influencé étant enfants, nous devrions tous courrir en rond dans des pièces sombres, en gobant des pillules magiques tout en écoutant de la musique répétitive

[23:40:54] <@GIS|Psylohk> con ce bot [23:40:55] <@[BLACKDOG]> Niveau Q.I, je fais mieu que toi. Aucune crainte la dessus.

(@S4RuM4N) Dinde lache cette putain de wii, et lache cette putain de WiiMote, t’a pas le droit de te la carrer dans le fion. (Dinde) snif :( @Dinde sort la wiimote @Dinde renifle: "tiens ça sent le caca ! rololo qu’est ce que j’ai encore fait hier" @Dinde s’endort

(@w1|astronaute) ya du monde sur macintosh ici ? (Mgk) On est sur irc ici (@w1|astronaute) toi t intelligent toi

Rickmouth was kicked by A_mOLe_Aw (on ne se foutra plus de la gueule du monde)


<FraK`> need help en css si quelqu un est dispo <Xtazy> moi je rox a CSS <Xtazy> si tu need help pr ta CFG a CSS /q me hein

[03:26] <@scythale> y’a personne, va encore falloir voter blanc

@ Dinde : moi demain je bosse

<@Dajungle> I just had a call from a Charity asking me to donate some of my clothes to the starving people throughout the world. I told them to fuck off!! Anybody who fits into my clothes isn’t starving!!

5Before being a big strong tree, The oak was an acorn, like you.

<Dinde> Baloo sometimes I say he should be killed turkey> that would lower the rate in the world lose <Dinde> and perhaps famine

<pep> I useradd the program for its birth ;) <`Crumbs> pep boy who thinks <`Crumbs> Awé it is clearly stoned c

<chakyINLUV> I have no time to parley mnt <+scythale> is ca, Instead of doing <+scythale> that 10 others can return

<<@ turkey>> some cops respectp o ! <<@ turkey>> (mouahahaha)

<NSC> I have since discovered the function of adding quote, my life changed

Baloo> He answers on how flush mail ?

<+BiBiZoR> cay cay while no quakenet kc

<meow> taleur jroule since the bazaar and I forget to smoke <+Mole> thee have rolled cb ? <meow> 3 <Taupe> LOL <meow> jme said well <meow> jles that had no smoking <+Mole> What the con

<chakychan> !liline market * Liline left (Ping timeout)

(19:10:33) (@Mekza) I miss Turkey already :( (19:10:39) (@Mekza) Just kidding :D

(23:54:51) (@NoVoice) I found my brother over a sex mloment

(@ MOL `) in 8 Average minutes ago ? :$ (@ meow) time of the handjob for mole

[12:08:39] <@[aaa]Cyb> /!\ ATTENTION /!\ I was told that downloading music that kills the artist then please download DIAM'S

<A_mOLe> all my friends call me balls css ^ ^

[01:28:57] <meow> ircop on the net and IRL [01:29:10] <meow> order to kill people even in frozen

[18:42:38] <@scythale> I can not allow myself to replay a game has already finished at this time

[20:48:19] <@ meow> today there 's been in the police action [20:48:27] <@ meow> 1 complaint for theft of garbage

<<@ turkey>> look at you Baloo <<@ turkey>> babes of your coming to wake you up in a miniskirt <<@ turkey>> in your car <<@ turkey>> and you're making it not <@ Baloo> band whores <<@ turkey>> <banana_dans_le_cul> ….

<A drop @> eu nah but I jsuis the guy sucks

[22:04:26] -Mekza- eh is not your bastard am'afficher comme ca front of everyone :X looks like a bailiff =)

(@ gsm) new shampoo to extrais of turkey balls

(04:33:06) Martin – TURKEY FUCK THE SERIAL (04:33:19) Martin – when is what you'll find a stable ? :x (04:33:25) Martin – in fact you're a Debian Sid. (04:33:35) K @?NSCpan @> (22:16)? Kobhqlt-@? NSC has a team: loli: d (22:16)? @ MGK? AC is loli 6 months in chui asshole. (22:16)? @ DragoonMaster? in trouble? Suspected jmen o /? MDR (04:33:37) K @?NSCpan @> (22:16)? Kobhqlt-@? NSC has a team: loli: d (22:16)? @ MGK? AC is loli 6 months in chui asshole. (22:16)? @ DragoonMaster? in trouble? Suspected jmen o /? addquote (04:33:39) K @?NSCpan @> (22:16)? Kobhqlt-@? NSC has a team: loli: d (22:16)? @ MGK? AC is loli 6 months in chui asshole. (22:16)? @ DragoonMaster? in trouble? Suspected jmen o /? enormous

<+Kro> g pkoi a connection refused on my box ??

[17:50:59] <+Mekza> normally also has been a supplier of egg also [17:51:21] <+Mekza> which guarantees rapid responses, own, and Jewish !

<NecroPuce> if I'm a chick and I'll A_mOLe vomited in the line

(20:52:30) (+Pi3rr3) close your eyes for onions ( (per cons put on some chainmail gloves) )

[06:17:06] <@Dragoon|AWAY> whore, my last test barber is a real success, I really look like a homo now

<<@ turkey>> The future is speculation that the spirit !

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