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(06:02:45) (@DragoonMaster) 1ere times with sodomy :D (06:03:14) (@ Bullrot) and that was how ? (06:03:29) (@ Petite_Victime) sodomy ??

<@Flusher> I'm just maintaining your willy

(20:54:56) (@ Bullrot) peta is a picture of your mug (20:56:35) (@Mekza) I do not see what it's going to change in your life (20:57:01) (@ Bullrot) story put a face on a nice nick :) (20:57:11) (@Mekza) cute <3 (20:57:13) (@Mekza) more vtff

(<@ turkey>) The guy has not had to understand temsp (<@ turkey>) I could barely say his first name (<@ turkey>) ke I knew sex (<@ turkey>) in my mouth

(22:11:38) (@NecroPuce) stfu Reeslo enders tuna (22:12:22) (@Flusher) tuna c bon (22:12:27) (@Reeslo) JE ME PICNIC AT LEAST (22:12:35) (@NecroPuce) Turkey prefers the net

<Drop> ct ^ ^ ki Bidochon <Dinde> the bulk of the team

<NSC> ptit con. * Q puts a ban on MGK *!*@* * Q expelled MGK, MGK `, The NSC also # ^ ilovedrumnbass (You are BANNED from this channel.) <Dinde> I'm not small but certainly con

<LAmetHIng_mOLe> le T-Bagging, Gay is a game which is to type the whole body with his testicles <LGM-> ct boooon

(21:28:34) (@Superbaloo) meow ok go ?? quit: (Superbaloo) ( (Killed (* (You are violating network rules, ID: 6298101)))

[04:34:12] <@ Bullrot> Petite_Victime you're against abortion after the sodomy ?


[12:38:56] <@ Kro-Taf> the U de FU, it is fucked [12:39:10] <@ Kro-Taf> because when I faïsses, it my wizz 2 times

(@ Kobhqlt-USA) Mekza t’as 19 years old, t'es encore a te tripot the nouile (@Mekza) Kobhqlt-USA: 're as young as you con :) (@Mekza) I spend my weekend in pussy =) (romance when you hold us)

[22:30:25] <@ Bullrot> was [22:30:26] *** Bullrot (*! left IRC (Killed (* (CULEVA))) !

<chaky> Sanka c bon … for once … you will not make your difficult ! <Sankt> especially since my girlfriend goes tonight <chaky> after tt c I do for you … <Sankt> after 3 weeks without seeing <Sankt> VA TAKE HER DEAR

[17:08:24] <@drico> ske know a reggae qd said he stopped the drug ? [17:08:32] <@drico> c koi this musik shit ?

[19:38:28] <@ `Crumbs> jsuis locked home [19:38:43] <@ `Crumbs> he took my keys the con

(@ Bullrot) meow : no time I have a raid planned

[15:41:49] <@Mekza> NSFW Címer the trick when my boss is behind

@ Turkey returns to his marital bed with PoGo

(@Mekza) I / dev / null

[01:52:28] <Mekza> take me to an Arab area as low

(05:55:24) (@ Petite_Victime) g perdrre not want the calories ingested that g , j begins to lose pounds , and JMY was used !

* Religion in a expulsé Dr_RaX # ilovedrumnbass (bot!) <Dr_RaX> ^^

21:31 <@ Narko][`Crumbs> Virgin jsuis tjs 21:32 <@ Narko][`Crumbs> jme preserves marriage

<FraKoS> the guy who invented the wifi it would be in my case, a large feignasse that kiff his hammock :)

<Thick> although apparently it will look at more of a sperm that would have turned

<<@ turkey>> my balls like they daubent

<scythale> Aug: I am a mega handsome, ultra muscle, with a big cock and super smart <scythale> (et super credible)

<Bullrot> I am willing to take you in hand if you want :x

[12:04:48] <@ meow> we had a terrorist last week in administrative detention [12:05:00] <@ meow> the raid had taken him at 5am [12:05:05] <@ meow> Deportation in Algeria [12:05:31] <@ meow> the guy he read his Koran in custody we are going on nearby, shouting RalAW OuAKBAL

[BLACKDOG] Dinde: tu veux il Mekza that you sodomise ?

@ Turkey:? I have no ftp games me :o @ Bullrot? I do not grow grass

<@ J3G> it has nothing to hide from the C and has the panties sandy <<@ turkey>> (string) <@ J3G> string turkey pardon

[00:32:40] *** mOLe change en Necropuce !

<Drop> pede is a next to my house that moffre wlohe ske jveux <Mekza> even her ass ? <Drop> I simply had to make him smile

[15:11] <chaky> Tonight I returned kneeling c says [15:12] <Transylvania> to be up if you come across a guy in line at the air ?

<[BLACKDOG]> Quote: <@ AGL `` Kotz Css> #For a better go.Sarkozy France * AGL`KotZ`Css (~KotZ@ quit (Killed (*. (You are violating network rules, ID: 2429486))) o/ (~ KotZ@ Quit (Killed (* (You are violating network rules, ID: 2429486))) <Kobhqlt[AGL]> mdr <EPZ|Kotz> !Kotz rate * * <[BLACKDOG]> Quote: <@ AGL `` Kotz Css> #For a better go.Sarkozy France * AGL`KotZ`Css (~KotZ@ quit (Killed (*. (You are violating network rules, ID: 2429486))) o/ (~ KotZ@ Quit (Killed (* (You are violating network rules, ID: 2429486))) <EPZ|Kotz> mdr

<@ meow> Tiin jdoit piss Friday morning for a friend

(@ S4RuM4N) Turkey loose the fucking wii, and the fucking coward WiiMote, thee not allowed you the edge in her anus. (Dinde) snif :( @Dinde sort la wiimote @Dinde renifle: "It smells like poop ! rololo What have I done yesterday" @ Dinde s'endort

[01:32:58] <+Mekza> 're my master :X

<@ MOL `> she is a woman gifted

<<@ turkey>> y'avait more durasniff

(@ meow) I drink more vodka (@ meow) c death

[01:59:34] <@ meow> Nike jai Not long ago a large [01:59:39] <@ meow> and I am not ashamed to say [01:59:47] <@ meow> his mother a whore big eins de ouf [01:59:52] <@ meow> good after jlai thrown hin

[23:39:58] <+S4RUMo /> physics, there's that P = IU used, for how many racks you can put in a bay by rail alim :p

<<@ turkey>> my modem is too noos of the delirium <<@ turkey>> diodes they make the zic meeting of the 3rd kind

chakySAD mdr j I am still finding a type ac , then the guy , bizoux , Cuddle , tt is a compliment ! and then I fe : g but not a girlfriend

On the banks of the Nile, three Belgians saw a crocodile in the water began to throw stones. At one point, crocodile, angry, approaching the shore, ready to mount on the berge.Deux Belgians flee and climb into a tree. The third, impassive, not moving. Others call him and tell him to save. Then the other answers them :"It will not, once, I have not thrown rocks me."

<chakyMUETTE> : I would come well j ! but there reeslo … <Dinde> : Reeslo on s'en fault <Dinde> : is an asshole

<FIAT lie> Spa drum my forte

[18:36:19] <+Mekza> later mount jveux ahrem

<> Bathing in the sunshite would be sooo relaxing right now <> Sunhine!!! Sunchine!!!!!!*

<meow> j'ai l'anus open

[00:36:24] <Dinde> I started in hd heroes s3 [00:36:50] <__S-2> c quoi ca a series ?

[23:59:54] <@ meow> javais fear …. the gremlins

<@Mekza> fuck I'm a twisted testicle this morning while sleeping <@Mekza> it hurts too much :( <@ MOL> .

[07:12] <@ALIEN57> hi hitler

[00:04:22] <@ Kais3r> meow sur msn [00:04:25] <@ Kais3r> I have not said jlui winrar [00:04:31] <@ Kais3r> il menvoit linstall de en winrar. rar

[00:46:36] <@ eml|UnsKilL> Dinde [00:46:42] <@ eml|UnsKilL> you can call my mom if you want <<– (It should be noted that barters its mother for a web account !)

(01:56) <@NecroPuce> pour your reconnaisses you because of the bite (01:56) <@NecroPuce> is that it must be a true infection (01:56) <@ALIEN57> I confirm (01:56) <@ALIEN57> but because I typed a tail yesterday

<meow> you choose your gang <meow> on monte a 4 a guestap <meow> and go up against cops

[23:28] <@ meow> my tower is squeaky [23:29] <@Mekza> meow: You're sure it's not your girl who whines [23:29] <@Mekza> 12 because the toilet without eating or drinking does not ca.

[16:25] <Turkey> I hurt my dingdong

[18:47:25] <@spdy> kind with a girl what S4RuM4N. [18:47:39] <@ S4RuM4N> jsuis too good for the girls.

[14:54:28] <@ FraK_> 're crazy, open the shutters [14:54:32] *** `Crumbs (*!@ Local ~[XnS] left IRC (Read error: Operation timed out) !

<Dinde> let me work !

<chouky> g a huge lollipop in the neck <Zep-oT> ben you can say it is a pony that bit you

[21:42] <Dragoon|Away> uh, what do I do to ? [21:43] <Dinde> I suck and lick at Fouffe chaky after

<<@ turkey>> eyeGO sleep… 1hours after you're still there because you thought you were going bouillave… but she sleeps ! then you found your beautiful linux console that IT is true.

[04:32:47] <@ S4RuM4N> Rose = ctt [04:32:50] <@ S4RuM4N> (like your tempax)

<mole_@_mariokart> Damn it slows grass!

(@ TilK_ModeBiere) you had to go to sleep now ? (@NecroPuce) nan, j’attends mon filmm et mon ramonage (@NecroPuce) Tomorrow I have to get in a good mood (@NecroPuce) I go to the pool

(@ Bullrot) meow : no time I have a raid planned

[04:55:17] *** Flusher change en hihi !

<@ José> I think the best is the guy who gets sucked by a carp me it makes me laugh too

[01:52:28] <Mekza> take me to an Arab area as low

(@ Bullrot) Iamx you lost your tongue ? (IAMX @) no j masturbate ! g need my fingers !

[23:24] <i`Starbuck> hmm the shit is delicious

<@ AGL `` Kotz Css> #For a better go.Sarkozy France * AGL`KotZ`Css (~KotZ@ quit (Killed (*. (You are violating network rules, ID: 2429486))) o/ (~ KotZ@ Quit (Killed (* (You are violating network rules, ID: 2429486)))

[05:00:47] <A drop @> jsuis fucking not hot puor Tear any one time compared mdr

[23:12:38] <@ Bullrot> then he is gay or not? [23:12:43] <@Flusher> ask my girl [23:12:48] <@Flusher> Diiiinde ?

<@GjMan9> you shave pussy ALIEN57 ?

(@scythale) I should have done porn actor actually (@scythale) be paid to fuck hot babes (@scythale) y'a bon (@b0b0x) c tiring force has scythale ;) (@ S4RuM4N) b0b0x connoisseur ? (@scythale) ha was a real porn star in the room ? (@scythale) it will boost me to TFWP

[16:53:00] <@ Inn> ué is the husband of my colleague who just call me [16:53:02] <@ Inn> I say [16:53:07] <@ Inn> pkoi you call my wife

[22:35] <@Mekza> bugger me, if you want [22:35] <@Mekza> but no kisses

<@ Rayt|Mmm> Drugs… c’est maaaaaal… m’voyez… <@ `Crumbs> gives me so

(18:47:12) (@ NSC) note : kobhalt is somewhat VNR :with : – R a f f f ‘ – this : serious, nique his mother ; – R a f f f ‘ – this :jester CHINTOK feuj

(@Flusher) i will be good to have a shower I feel the juice socks

(@ Inn) I have a really small dick fucking (@ Inn) same ras

[21:33:41] <+Xtazy> Frak `even when you rox [21:33:47] <+Xtazy> gave you the house arrest [21:33:49] <@ `Crumbs> SME ? [21:33:49] <+Xtazy> you're a junkie [21:33:53] <+Xtazy> and you're infograf [21:33:54] <+Xtazy> gg

[17:56:57] <@drico> nan 30 EUR héhé [17:57:04] <@drico> I did not eat 2 weeks what

(@NecroPuce) Bullrot put a neck brace or a good scarf, sit back and nothing beats the heat to help muscles relax (@DragoonMaster) warmth (@DragoonMaster) you ask your wife to fuck you in the neck (@ Bullrot) t crazy my wife is so soft that it will break me in 2

<<@ turkey>> your wife it will not disturb the Bullrot ? <+Bullrot-> I ask him when you get the ma poule :p

(+titi) What this game CEST (+ocZio) is for people inteligente titi

<<@ turkey>> eyeGO me in miami

(@ `Soft) I quit smoking when married jme ^ ^

[22:22:20] <+Mekza> jbranle not [22:22:23] <+Mekza> in my sack [22:22:29] <+Mekza> but in that of your mother :D

<@ S4RuM4N> gentoo > *

* @ Bullrot lick willy scythale <@scythale> Bullrot: you do not have a sister rather ?

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