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They appear randomly and the number of 100

[01:32:58] <+Mekza> 're my master :X

<Dinde> you need hardmin ? <Atao> which copies, cs <Dinde> arf <Dinde> I am sysadmin ! <Dinde> to limit network admin <Dinde> cs or:source <Dinde> voir natural selection <Dinde> BUT NOT CS FFS <Dinde> CALLS spdy <Dinde> is for him

(@ALIEN57) We install the game how sex ? (@ meow) you read the readme (@ meow) the Gay Games installs (@ meow) installe VirtuallyJenna 2.017.002.Cracked.Offline (@ meow) there is nothing to do (@ALIEN57) ok (@ meow) You have to control your dick with the mouse

<<@ turkey>> I want to die <<@ turkey>> kill me * @ DST- urine Turkey :)

[01:39:33] <@ S4RuM4N> I take an anti virus for linux and am committed to the DMZ 64 bits [01:39:52] <@[aaa]Cyb> You contredis Winnie l'OURSONS you rhabille et Jean-Luc Reichmann. [01:40:18] <@ S4RuM4N> I DHCPRELEASE and cons with a flood [01:41:01] <@[aaa]Cyb> I stop by a W32/superbaloo.worm.a [01:41:18] <@ S4RuM4N> critical failure :/ [01:41:21] <@[aaa]Cyb> kamoulox

19:27 <@NecroPuce> everything small is cute

<edvil> AC is not the colors gay, I like

[5:22:18] <@pear> lol [5:22:21] <@pear> xtc sucks tbh [5:22:23] <@pear> :> [6:04:28] <@ MOL> hahaha

<NSC> windows c is more complicated than girls…

@ Bui : but i chu a fouuuu j'addfav even if I Want Your daron !

[23:16:28] <@ meow> arnaud like champagne [23:16:44] <@ meow> c as foie gras [23:16:48] <@ meow> "Tien il est good tone was

<NecroPuce> Dark Vader is blackmailing me

<@ Bullrot> fucking my wife what leve is the drawer to take down a packet of crisps <@ Bullrot> up again <@ Bullrot> PROUT

[22:08:54] *** NecroPuce (*! left IRC (Killed (* (vazy you the files.))) !

<Drop> but my window one sees nothing <Drop> one sees a wall <Drop> with dead cats bottom <drico> photo ! <drico> we'll make you cry turkey 17h

<chaky> Yes but you Liline Does a woman !

(21:33:08) (@ SG|Kobhqlt-) I recoi a text (21:33:12) (@ Inn) osef (21:33:14) (<@ turkey>) tg osef

(@ Kobhqlt-USA) Mekza t’as 19 years old, t'es encore a te tripot the nouile (@Mekza) Kobhqlt-USA: 're as young as you con :) (@Mekza) I spend my weekend in pussy =) (romance when you hold us)

<+chakyRALE> i wish you'll burn in heel ! (kind she can talk English) o/> i wish you’ll burn in heel ! (kind she can talk English)

<scythale> coder php coders is that a windows admin 98 is to admins

<Turkey @ larue> we lose a team that changes !!!

<scythale> I'm half's perv’ <scythale> drugs and I almost <scythale> by cons I became an alcoholic <scythale> I must correct shooting <scythale> the last time I went to my in-laws, I vomited in their garden, AC does not uqoi

[17:24:12] <@scythale> ass full of piss me off to taf

15:13 <@ meow> here 2 Once done jai précosse

<meow> jreviens of the hospital <meow> 2 Arab has typed my swing at bat <meow> lack of opportunity for them to defend myself jsais <meow> it was 20 vs 3 <Mekza> rox my retted the cops.

[16:53] <Dinde> doesn’t matter, i’m still a kind of exotic sex symbol

? 18:22:16 – 06 ? <Kobhqlt[AGL]> !NSC ban. ? 18:22:16 – 06 ? * [BLACKDOG] sets mode: -o b NSC *!MGK @ *. ? 18:22:17 – 06 ? * Mgk was kicked by [BLACKDOG] (ban:A ) . ? 18:22:27 – 06 ? <Kobhqlt[AGL]> AC done

[11:56:08] * @[LEG]Dar-ko kiss made a mini Dindounet :) [11:56:49] <@[LEG]Dar-ko> yeah you put the bot on mas 5 Shan thief !

<Drop> ct ^ ^ ki Bidochon <Dinde> the bulk of the team

* @ Bullrot lick willy scythale <@scythale> Bullrot: you do not have a sister rather ?

<DragoonMaster> i suck cock

(02:27:38) (@ Liline) Dinde c ma cousine can Chakyar mm

<A_mOLe> the other day on a forum, I posted a video bitch with a man and a woman :] is a guy I know who said homo, baaaah dégueu the flocflocfloc, I'm better on my side… <A_mOLe> I said yeah, bah I prefer flocflocfloc to proutproutprout

Jedi-Jiji> ben course, Groundhog and it puts the IP packet in the foil…

<JeVeuxJR> m person wants to send the photo of his foot ??

[23:51:21] <<@ turkey>> wOw c’est comme second life [23:51:30] <<@ turkey>> it's for perverts ass who know not use irc !

<@ meow> I want to pee and I'm hungry <@ meow> but there's a pb <@ meow> I have to move my ass Flem my seat <@ MOL `> then go mix <@ meow> eyeGO piss me nan <@ MOL `> toward

<Dinde> o / <FraK> ah you can not pump up direct

@ scythale? I work @ scythale? as a Friday night @ scythale? I was thoroughly

[15:49:19] <@scythale> I fuck it anyway : I am a computer ! [15:49:39] <@scythale> (AC unless virtual jenna account as fuck)

father- made a enoooooooooooooooooooorme cuddles mowwwwwle :))))))))) <Kro> it 30 Million d’amis baba- <Kro> she even has the hugs mowwwwwle

<@ meow> francis al'envers it gives FRA NCIS

<DragoonMaster> chaky, it's hard, but you're more useful than turkey this time, damn not even have a radio, over his, more blog brothel. You at least, you move not.

[22:11:04] <@ Bullrot> I have SOUND ! [22:12:50] <@ Bullrot> the master volume was at least

(@Guardian1H) * /quit, and / quot without a channel in / kicker daily shall he do that remains? (<@ turkey>) /quit (@Guardian1H) rofl (<@ turkey>) tg now

[18:22:53] <@DrJones> and she sucks it after the soda ? [18:25:44] <<@ turkey>> T.T.T.T [18:25:57] <<@ turkey>> this is not information for you, then you'll try to bite me :p [18:26:07] <<@ turkey>> I'm going to tell tales to your shrew and all [18:26:36] <@DrJones> I'm faithful to me [18:26:47] <<@ turkey>> Normal with your mouth :p

[17:54] <Kayser> I'm the fucking wii cons Eloise

(21:47:48) (@ Bullrot) !addquote NecroPuce (21:46:11) (@NecroPuce) !addquote (@ Bullrot) I have good Chichon in my chichonièèèèère

<meow> C-Rembar, will you marry me ?

[21:53:57] <@scythale> ben yes I put the Ubuntu install would have lasted 5 minutes, Beryl and I turn Xen that I could nickel and Matter 4 porn at the same time on a rotating cube on my desktop

<@ Titi> it's name is not the typist 64 for nothing

(@ W1|Astronaut) Macintosh are people here ? (NSC) We are here on irc (@ W1|Astronaut) t you clever you

[17:01:26] <@ Kro-Taf> mob deep whale

<drico> Pay your com on my skyblog <drico> it's really on the same wave length ctrooo deadly loooolll kikooloool

<@PoGo> ctb <@ S4RuM4N> Poor pogay, he is so frustrated with his dick, that he not only took a jap for it is not a fool of its size, but it also can not stop talking about the other

[00:58:27] <@ meow> jparie pumps that you thoroughly `mole

<graveyosh> i stopped smoking for 5 months <graveyosh> and last week <graveyosh> i smoked 3 amnesia joints <graveyosh> and puked

(@NecroPuce) if you want to do evil and make him pay the horror he put me through :

(01:33:20) (@ Bullrot) you will not cry the turkey have your jmsn (01:33:35) (<@ turkey>) eyeGO pay :’(

<@ meow> ish but one that most likey jai c bitdefender <@ meow> go out when the new .. I .. l’acheter

(@Mekza) who needs reasons when he has the heroine ?

<@scythale> tu Tapper "Teddy" in google, you finished on a porn site with babes that s'enfonsent teddy bears

(@NecroPuce) Bullrot put a neck brace or a good scarf, sit back and nothing beats the heat to help muscles relax (@DragoonMaster) warmth (@DragoonMaster) you ask your wife to fuck you in the neck (@ Bullrot) t crazy my wife is so soft that it will break me in 2


[20:31:18] <S4RUMo /> Dinde, Baloo dragoonmaster Jedi-Jiji K-Rembar Arioch Sativouf gimmeh your pass in md5 for the quiz Gayz [20:31:51] <ARIOCH> you do not want my credit card number to WEP while you're at ?

[23:04:30] <@ Crumbs> meow [23:04:34] <@ Crumbs> t're not drunk tonight ? [23:07:29] <@scythale> course if [23:07:30] <@scythale> is cop…

* Xatoonouf left (Signed off) <Bullrot> Ah, finally it's gone =)


20:56 <A drop @> i’ll cum in ure face 20:56 <<@ turkey>> jl expected that the


[04:34:12] <@ Bullrot> Petite_Victime you're against abortion after the sodomy ?

[22:38:59] <@ meow> h @ h @ how I'm gay I buy a premium account on megaupload and rapidshare h @ h @

<chaky> yeah there is nothing more that a big ugly sex s who has antimoustioque sprinkles of 3:20 in the morning

<Arioch> actually, c I had to spend in order <Arioch> I dimmensionné srv to the proxy and my boss told me it was too expensive

* spdy has Returned from butt-fuck the bears : 11:45:36

<`Crumbs> tain it makes me seriously phew <`Crumbs> jcrois I just discovered the music oragsme XD

<Sativouf> I want to fuck a penguin.

Flusher dit : I think with the fingers Flusher said : it pleases babes.

<pep> MC too boring <Yann> Whenever I want to scream their : GET A FUCKING JOB

[23:28] <@ meow> my tower is squeaky [23:29] <@Mekza> meow: You're sure it's not your girl who whines [23:29] <@Mekza> 12 because the toilet without eating or drinking does not ca.

<Baloo> fucking sore throat … I'm tired of sucking

* +Dinde o /unches sex stats on Dinde : Hetero 79.64% / Gay 8.81% / Zoo 8.37% / Necro 1.87% / Caviar 1.31%

<NecroPuce> I also had this black doctor <NecroPuce> pure asshole <`Soft> racist

<BiBi ^> you and is allé aller NecroPuce [22:14] <NecroPuce> I could have walked [22:14] Dinde is now known as Ramoneur [22:15] <Chimney Sweep> I cons by the ramon [22:15] [22:14] <Chimney Sweep> :) [22:15] [22:14] <NecroPuce> xD

(01:00:04) (chaky) m not insulted you want a little ? (01:00:14) (chaky) I miss !

01:09 <<@ turkey>> I would like to Baloo 01:09 <<@ turkey>> Sto pde do what you're hurting

(@ Jessica_) yes I am a big tuna GjMan9

<ALIEN57> it is food or <ALIEN57> is not the kitchen <ALIEN57> is the chan voila

(@ Bullrot) meow : no time I have a raid planned

[04:02] <@NecroPuce> I turn on my fucking faiili albedo with the bottle of Coke

<Pressure> WINAMP [ $false - ] [ // -1dry // 128kbps // 44khz // stereo ]

[17:05] <<@ turkey>> I unpack in Temp [17:05] <@GjMan9> me in the sofa

<A_mOLe> all my friends call me balls css ^ ^

[22:26] <chaky> I'm comfortable in my role as victim

<Dinde> we move forward in holland ? <Bullrot> ah you're not aware :D <Dinde> I knew that you smoked less <Dinde> ^^, But not me :D

[21:04:10] <@ meow> AIDS dfacon I Own

(23:49:15) (@Reeslo) chui Old Virgin (23:49:29) (@ edw) J'me am deflowered and washer with the dog Reeslo (23:49:31) (@ALIEN57) me too

<+christ-> Com port open my freebox ?????????? <@Mekza> you connected your WebGUI sur le <@Mekza> and you open ports in your router config fbx <+drico> if yal opener

[23:34:40] <<@ turkey>> stinks. [23:35:25] <@ Nimrod> = bitch) [23:36:18] <<@ turkey>> it will recognize [23:37:42] * @chaky sifflotte

[17:51:14] <@fulsker> if not thee not install something weird ? [17:51:46] <@ Inn> the steam..

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