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[23:22:59] <@ NSC> I cons by the breath of jackal o /, Was the cheese in my sandwich was quite musty [23:23:04] <@ NSC> I have a breath of jackal

<NecroPuce> plans for ass, must do with Mekza

[00:06:54] <@ MOL `> Yora enough to swallow ?? :DDD [00:07:01] <@ Crumbs> addicts [00:07:06] <@ Crumbs> stop your shit [00:07:08] <@ MOL `> you can talk [00:07:10] <@ Crumbs> trip only

(<@ turkey>) I would've called the proper channel for talking like that transylvania (<@ turkey>) there 's the geek here but not majority (<@ turkey>) it is rather a chan of sexual osédé

[17:18] <Dinde> Arioch you are my master

[21:33:41] <+Xtazy> Frak `even when you rox [21:33:47] <+Xtazy> gave you the house arrest [21:33:49] <@ `Crumbs> SME ? [21:33:49] <+Xtazy> you're a junkie [21:33:53] <+Xtazy> and you're infograf [21:33:54] <+Xtazy> gg

[19:16] <Dinde> I LOVE MY MOM NAH !

[01:13:06] <@ meow> You want a plum ? not then suck bitch

<Baloo> Kro, ! Cutting the alim edf ! <Baloo> we will laugh ! <Kro> [root@nuclearfactory]# shutdown <Kro> done

[00:58:27] <@ meow> jparie pumps that you thoroughly `mole

(@Superbaloo) <Mekza> jlache mon ehlo << "silvering he knows not even write properly hello and complains when we make spelling mistakes :x

<@ MOL `> !say <@ MOL `> excellent !!! <<@ turkey>> What is good air <@ Black> yeah like planes

01:52 <@Superbaloo> I love cocks :D

<@ meow> Please can find all the episodes if you want columbite Turkey

[18:49:19] <@ S4RuM4N> cmb [18:49:51] <@spdy> your cock has strength to speak, she will become legendary [18:49:55] <@spdy> not for its size etc. [18:50:01] <@spdy> but for the fact that it is a relic [18:50:04] <@spdy> because nobody is still touch

<chouky> AC deserves punishment ca … <pep> yeah, chouky sends him a picture of you <chouky> yes no pep must not abuse ! he still lives !

* meow ::: Patrick Bruel – J'm'attendais not yours : 04:16 : 321kbps : Stereo ::: <TilK_le_roumain> ah voila kkun who listens to good music lq

(@ Inn) jsuis to 2600 the net :o (<@ turkey>) st00 ? (<@ turkey>) me too I'd have Quitt

[15:56:59] <@scythale> nothing but the dns is not safe :p [15:58:39] <@scythale> suckmygeek is pictures of naked chicks has rolled in RJ45 ? :) [15:59:41] <@ Baloo> no in the nullmodem

[22:31:36] <@edvil> I have never done a Bafra [22:31:53] <@edvil> by cons I showed my nipples and rolling shovels khoff * *

[23:16] <+fulsker> AC is a nux distro that manages. exe? :>

<@Mekza> <@Mekza> my favorite site. <@ MOL `> . <@ NSC> Vote sarko <@Mekza> NSC: ?

K-Rembar this : I buy two Tamagotchi to play with a girlfriend during. tamagochi infrared

* Turkey looks at the photos of the son’ Obiwankanabis naked

(@ Bullrot) Iamx you lost your tongue ? (IAMX @) no j masturbate ! g need my fingers !

<Dinde> I did not record <Dinde> but one evening Flusher me out I'll show you q3 was an audience I doom it whin

<Dinde> Impulses, it is mastery

<Mgk_> chui actually completely autistic.

<Baloo> Ca rox windows 2008

(21:31:26) (+tok4r|nrt) Duj of rolling my weed I play pdt ? (21:31:44) (@Peo //span>) Please can burn out of my hair turning mine o/) Please can burn out of my hair turning mine

[23:40:54] <@ GIS|Psylohk> ce with bots [23:40:55] <@[BLACKDOG]> Level QI, I mieu than you. No fear over the.

[23:06:27] * +chaky am making a bizoox scythale [23:07:30] <@scythale> Go away big pile !

<ALIEN57> I have a pimple on the cheek, I know too much about that. :/

(23:23:05) (@Reeslo) I fucking sux

@ scythale? I work @ scythale? as a Friday night @ scythale? I was thoroughly

<@ Bullrot> fucking my wife what leve is the drawer to take down a packet of crisps <@ Bullrot> up again <@ Bullrot> PROUT

<edvil> cygwin's own seeds in the poo

[06:17:06] <@Dragoon|AWAY> whore, my last test barber is a real success, I really look like a homo now


21:53 <<@ turkey>> I also like in the mouth when AC scratches tonsils

[23:04:26] <+chaky> and j gets off the pumps tectonics saw my super sport …

(01:53) <@ALIEN57> I fucking stinks too (01:54) <@ALIEN57> I stink of cock (01:54) <@ALIEN57> because my girlfriend is with me that weekend

<@scythale> tu Tapper "Teddy" in google, you finished on a porn site with babes that s'enfonsent teddy bears

<chaky> c as another he followed me, muttering something to me al orreille <chaky> such beautiful potrine <chaky> nice ass <chaky> and I am offered ping pong show

<fulsker> Somebody know the equivalent of wget in the terminal but Windob ?

(@ NSC) <Dinde> jvais hurt him with counsel -> tries with potatoes ca hurts too (…. NOT FUNNY MGK POWERED )

Transylvania ? slams the right buttock of chakychan scythale ? gaff waves

[00:42:07] <^ @ NSC> I need a personal channel useless, as pgm of Qnet [00:42:20] <^ @ NSC> # quand.est.ce.qu.on.mange go.? [00:42:28] <@ S4RuM4N> I think the chan : #jesucedesbitespascher suits you well.

<Mekza> I want to bay

[00:42:07] <^ @ NSC> I need a personal channel useless, as pgm of Qnet [00:42:20] <^ @ NSC> # quand.est.ce.qu.on.mange go.? [00:42:28] <@ S4RuM4N> I think the chan : #jesucedesbitespascher suits you well.

<@Exx> Boris Yeltsin is dead <<@ turkey>> fuck you replace Exx [BLACKDOG]

(23:49:15) (@Reeslo) chui Old Virgin (23:49:29) (@ edw) J'me am deflowered and washer with the dog Reeslo (23:49:31) (@ALIEN57) me too

<@scythale> and I remind you that if I speak,, BAH I CAN NOT FUCK I AM A REAL COMPUTER !!! <@scythale> I'm half's perv’ <@scythale> drugs and I almost <@scythale> by cons I became an alcoholic <@scythale> I must correct shooting <@scythale> the last time I went to my in-laws, I vomited in their garden, AC does not uqoi

[00:21:14] <@ A_mOLe> me too but when jpars a weekend that jreviens with 50 jig……. [00:21:32] <@NecroPuce> especially porn

[18:47:42] <@drico> [BLACKDOG] t pd with turkey ? [18:47:43] <@[BLACKDOG]> drico: shut your mother [18:47:54] <@drico> [BLACKDOG] close your underwear tua [18:47:54] <@[BLACKDOG]> drico: Yes, a big for your behind.

(15:51:26) Bombela: to Epitech (15:51:35) Bombela: I have no right to or for the do while (15:51:41) Bombela: or to break, or the continuous, or to switch (15:51:49) Bombela: I have the right only while and if the / else

[22:47:23] <@ Baloo> I have never seen anyone so low that I

<Dinde> we move forward in holland ? <Bullrot> ah you're not aware :D <Dinde> I knew that you smoked less <Dinde> ^^, But not me :D

<Drop> but my window one sees nothing <Drop> one sees a wall <Drop> with dead cats bottom <drico> photo ! <drico> we'll make you cry turkey 17h

(02:48) <@ALIEN57> JE ME Paluch

[04:52:20] <+Mekza> (putin landmarks of the Taliban at home, Bin Laden is hanging on the wall marked with Al Qaeda threatens the Maghreb (As El Watan))

[04:45:46] <@chakyVNR> neouf I'm fat but I not fit into the age bracket [04:45:51] <@chakyVNR> I suck you never

<Dinde> an inverter is the price of 3 BOAS

<Sarah> ur a psodo <Sarah> and not jarive <Dinde> /nick LEPSEUDO <Dinde> How about the changes here <Sarah> ok * Sarah (~ Sarahs@81.248.xx.xx) Quit <Dinde> BUT DR

[19:06:15] <`@ LAmetHIng_mOLe> scythale, voila powa loose and comes here ^ ^ [19:06:25] <@[BLACKDOG]> Voila>@scythale> voila it too well o / [19:06:53] <@[BLACKDOG]> Voila>@scythale> but if it's so damn cool,, TF1 is the irc

<Dinde> The drug is poorly <A_mOLe> turkey also

[03:08] <Kayser> Seven bin good not bad [03:10] <Dinde> omg <Dinde> BSOD <Dinde> on seven

<Dinde> [...] the bin I am a bit overwhelmed by taff :/

<+chakyRALE> i wish you'll burn in heel ! (kind she can talk English) o/> i wish you’ll burn in heel ! (kind she can talk English)

<NSC> ptit con. * Q puts a ban on MGK *!*@* * Q expelled MGK, MGK `, The NSC also # ^ ilovedrumnbass (You are BANNED from this channel.) <Dinde> I'm not small but certainly con

<FraK> I c you suck up to the :) <H2k|Mole> ok

<NecroPuce> I attached my catapult into space <NecroPuce> I felt like my first trapping <NecroPuce> it's almost like a little orgasm

<+Kro> g pkoi a connection refused on my box ??

<@ A_mOLe> bah JTAPI as before

<mysX|Kob[AGL]> and say that fucking cask is 130th on the Net, and there 's idiots to buy <mysX|Kob[AGL]> (type I :/)

<<@ turkey>> eyeGO sleep… 1hours after you're still there because you thought you were going bouillave… but she sleeps ! then you found your beautiful linux console that IT is true.

[23:28] <@ meow> my tower is squeaky [23:29] <@Mekza> meow: You're sure it's not your girl who whines [23:29] <@Mekza> 12 because the toilet without eating or drinking does not ca.

(22:50:53) (+[BLACKDOG]) `Romeo: Bon au lit file your SMS m'a ma meuf.

<MrFreeze-> Why jtombe each time on blondes.<MrFreeze-> whenever, the same

<FraK> a Polish ugly <edw> it is not good.. <Reeslo> nah she is gonna Pamal <FraK> ah nana jparle most of it Chakyar <edw> AWAI

<Dinde> Ok Flusher m operates in a mine |?<Dinde> Flushing is a kind of chaos cheskou :x

[21:58:03] <@ S4RUM4N> kro is not his thing big ?

[17:54] <Kayser> I'm the fucking wii cons Eloise [17:55] <Kayser> if I won she lost a massage bra ! [17:56] <Kayser> if I lost it won I sleep with it !

(14:04:10) (<@ turkey>) Similarly MONGOOOOOOLITOOOOOOOOSSssSss !!!!!!!!!!!! @#?!!!

[03:04:04] <@ Rayt|Mmm> I put a finger chaky ^ ^ [03:05:36] <<@ turkey>> your finger stinks now

(17:15:15) ? @Dinde slaps himself (17:15:18) (<@ turkey>) t? O / ?

<DragoonMaster> i suck cock

<Bullrot> how to bypass my washing machine to get it to the water damage to my insurance ? an idea ? (an expert will)

[23:20:45] <+Mekza> NecroPuce: back in 20 Kg [23:21:03] <+NecroPuce> I'll snap a shot of new rock in the teeth [23:21:12] <+NecroPuce> pipe will be called after velvet

* spdy left (Excess Flood)

<@ AGL `` Kotz Css> #For a better go.Sarkozy France * AGL`KotZ`Css (~KotZ@ quit (Killed (*. (You are violating network rules, ID: 2429486))) o/ (~ KotZ@ Quit (Killed (* (You are violating network rules, ID: 2429486)))

<Dinde> home it will be a haven of peace <Dinde> and I look DragoonMaster not a haven for pets

(@ Kobhqlt-USA) Mekza t’as 19 years old, t'es encore a te tripot the nouile (@Mekza) Kobhqlt-USA: 're as young as you con :) (@Mekza) I spend my weekend in pussy =) (romance when you hold us)

[aaa]Cyb> I was looking for jeans in the fountain on emule I get JEANNE LITTLE SLUT WIFE FONTAINE<[aaa]Cyb> normal

<Baloo> there is a command to determine the encoding of a file <Yoda-BZH> TFW qu'iconv can guess <Sativouf> has the term in encodage CharSet <Baloo> example.c file <Baloo> example.c: ISO-8859 C program text <Baloo> sorry <Baloo> I'm just too stupid <Sativouf> granted

[21:51:46] <@ `Crumbs> I have the EZ Valve [21:51:55] <@ `Crumbs> I stopped smoking Monday

<A_mOLe> Bido he knows not irc ^ ^ <A_mOLe> jsui now to explain how to find a plane Q

[15:49:02] <+C-Rembar> thee not even a fever Mekza [15:49:04] <+C-Rembar> arrested lying [15:49:15] <+Mekza> K-Rembar just put your finger in my ass [15:49:17] <+Mekza> you see

[16:22:21] <@ Transylvania> So the admin Own it on dev :) [16:22:55] <@ Transylvania> (and then if he dev eral, you cut his ass sites from their station)

[02:35:50] <@ Bullrot> the Paske I can make you happy [02:36:02] <<@ turkey>> ah ? [02:36:10] <<@ turkey>> you're not already married ?

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