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Borgore – Delicious EP

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And here's the new ep Borgore Delicious which was released on 6 June, compound 3 tracks originals, two instrumental and a remix from One Document ! Following in the following ! (hehe)

Document One – Breakdown EP

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Troisième EP de la part de Document One, this time on the label “Never Say Die Records”, after their second EP which was released on the label Borgore, “Buygore”. Review this EP a rising star of the

Free dubstep tracks !

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As for today, quick overview on the freebies we offer the kind producer on the Net. All are not any fresh, but their qualities are worth mailed ! And remember, ce n’est pas parce que c’est gratuit que

Hail to the bass!

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Oh joy, oh joy, it's back to school… I have only me respite, I nailed my home, but it's not really a chance saw the disease as I mug… So, j’écris un peu que de la

P * tain of exams #2

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Document One — Petty Cash / Sonic Manipulator EP

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One document is a British native of South London who recently made about him with the release of his EP Forgive Me / Closer (which contained a remix of Heist, posted here obviously). Le petit ne chôme

Ain’t got no time…

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This article will look a little… ridiculous compared to what I've used, but only a matter of editorial. For some weeks, there I have a big rush at school that requires me to work a lot. Mais comme

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