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Never Say Die – Compilation album

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Since the dubstep broke, Many labels have managed to climb slowly in this world where more and more contenders are exposed. Never Say Die is one of those labels that really knew

Sexual Control - The Remix EP

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A free EP Curious Kontrol it tells you? Go, it will not refuse such a gift ..!

Skrillex — More Monsters & Sprites EP

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Luckily, Sonny Moore (better known under the alias Skrillex) gives more importance to his productions as his pace (including capillary)… I am not inclined to throw flowers at Skrillex (you must know by now, I not always carries in

Skrillex – Free Treats Vol. 001

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Insomnia has its good… This is the night that Skrillex himself has made available on its Facebook page a link to three tracks in free download. Although it should be noted that of course Skrillex feat 12th Planet on

Skrillex — First Of The Year / Ruffneck

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I do not know if you're aware but Skrillex was robbed and his two ordis portable hard drive recently, while staying in Italy. It already made her a beautiful ball cheated if

Skrillex & KoRn — Get Up

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You may have heard, the buzz of the moment is once more Skrillex. Far be it from me to want to talk about it constantly but there worth it. For some weeks, KoRn we had announced the 31

Skrillex — Reptile’s Theme/Ruffneck Bass

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Skrillex here and, Skrillex thereby… I'll admit it starts to get out every hole… But its production level is undeniable I suppose, a certain point of view. Anyway, all that to say that I

Skrillex on Soundtrack… Mortal Kombat !

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Nice little news of the day, given that the cur Dubstep / DnB is fairly rare and that Skrillex the opportunity to speak well of him, even on the cat We Love Dub It will be on the soundtrack of the game

Skrillex New Song ! + Poster 2

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This week, American Skrillex this freak has posted a video of a live in “Voyeur” in San Diego in early February. It highlights the beginning of the video with a new live tracks, 0 my > 1my 10.

Filth for ya neighbours!

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Credit goes to Fresh Filth Clothing for the logo. A small drop of sound (a little less illegal than before anyway), History does not disorient you too. At the menu, the freebies (mostly) and some unreleased should you

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