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Your Dose Of Bass — WLD x BlackOut Free Compilation

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WordPress hates me… 30 minutes as I write the article and it has nothing saved… Go, Here we go again. 2 years from We Love Dub, Celebrating! 2 years that you are very likely to support us and assist us in

The S.K. – Dare You/Dinos EP

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We just talked on the blog Dark Planet EP / The Dark Box The SK, and many are still with this DJ / Producer French for this new article to talk about his new EP that was released by

TheSK – Dark Planet / The Dark Box EP

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History does not get away too, we will stay in France today with this artist who plays in true old-school dubstep. You have understood (or read the title) we are dealing with Thesk, a des

Davth — Brain Teaser EP (KCF x WLD)

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As for today, we are pleased to partner with the netlabel Breton Kamikaz Cross Fader to offer you a free EP 4 securities of a new talent that we discovered there is little. Let me present : Davth (David Thomas

The S.K. — The Deep Mates (Exclusive Free EP)

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As promised, in 17 February, we offer you an exclusive free download EP 4 The title of our dear S.K. , regular in these columns. For some weeks, on the occasion of its 25 years old, Greg (alias The S.K.) a

Altazer - Exclusive Mixtape !

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It's been a long month that you were not offered exclusive mixtape! We offer only natural your dose of dubplates, and thanks to our buddy AltaZer. This has put together a pretty insane tracklist, incorporated

TheSK & Breaker Poker — Hide In Smoke (WLD EXCLUSIVE)

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Frenchstep lovers among you must be thrilled with our articles recently. Among Habstrakt, The Unique, AltaZer and many others, we do not know where to turn, and that's good! Continuons donc sur

AltaZer — Gangsta Dubz (Remixes EP)

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While LeTo had undertaken (perfectly by the way) to talk about the EP Gangsta Dubz of AltaZer, here will come a 17 October the EP of remixes of the song says-! We Love Dub has become partners with Cross Fader Kamikaz

Know – you ? : The S.K.

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It's been a long time since I have written like. Blame the holidays and a couple of concerns that prevented me from having his head in the writing. But that does not stop me from following the news dubstep / drum & bass!

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