Au revoir Nrgetik ! Féach tú ar an taobh eile Bro’ … =)

Mar a lán de na cuairteoirí a fhios is dócha, ár gcara Jason 'Nrgetik’ Wladessa fhág dúinn in aghaidh na seachtaine ó shin. An criú ar fad ag iarraidh ilovedrumnbass nóiméad a ghlacadh a sheoladh amach UP BIG-domhain agus meas! Nuair is féidir leat a bheith, Beidh tú a bheith caillte, particularly by the ones that knew you well from the dnbradio community or from other common projects.

His presence and conversation was an important part of dnbradio, particularly for some of us frenchies, sometimes struggling to keep up with his sense of humour and jokes! ;-) Of course you will be able to listen and get a hold of his sets, as well as the sets that are being played in his honor, on our radio. Here is one of the mixes he worked on a lot, big thanks to Simone (catsick) for helping to choose one!

NrgetikGot Goat?

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We will not forget you. And I think I speak for everyone when I say au revoirfire

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A memorial service will be held tomorrow (Dé Luain) at the Wladessa family home, we encourage you to donate to dnbradio in the coming days, all of the donations up till July 15th will be forwarded to Jason’s family. As you might or might not know, on the other side of the Atlantic, the funeral costs are entirely at the charge of the family, and donations are very much appreciated! is a completely free of charge community, but we would find it great if you could spare even the smallest amounts to support Nrgetik’s family in this difficult time.

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