Raidió dul thar an reins don Fhoireann ILDNB ar

Luath 2006: Bassjunkees was born with a stream and a single webpage displaying what’s on.

Ceithre bliana tar éis a ritheadh, the webpage has become a nice portal with a forum board coming with a now fully grown-up internet radio, sruthú 24 hours a day and offering podcasts of the shows.
Taitneamh as muid ag éisteacht le raidió ar a lán so we became friends with these addicts and then partners, providing them with a 256 slots 128Kb/s radio relay.

ABV and Psycho, owners of the website and radio, have decided to pass on the reins to our staff, hoping that we will help raise their baby.

Myself [ABV] and Psycho have not been about to do things as much as we would have liked or was able to previous years. [...] …we would rather pass Bassjunkees to a team who have the passion, ability and stamina to take Bassjunkees to another level and keep its future safe.

They have our word that we will keep fueling the buzz syringe for the 24 hours injection every day. ABV and Psycho will still be around a little as honorary members and we will be giving them that hand they asked us for. Our servers will soon be hosting their website and radio, you should not meet any problem during the process, should you have any, please leave a post on the radio’s forum board.

We are proud that these Drum and Bass freaks trust us and we are thankful for their choice! Thank you BassJunkees crew! Long live Bassjunkees!

Lock on their radio RIGHT HERE! agus Join their Facebook Group.

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