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Hey Bassjunkees!!!..... Tar éis a fuair muid roinnt eolais úr nua ar do shon ...... =)

An Bassjunkees/#ilovedrumnbass family would like to show our support and send our Big Up’s go Stride recordings, Dustin Kapulet and the Artists that are featured on the newest Stride Scaoileadh

>>>>>>>>>> EP Stride<<<<<<<<< =)

Bealtaine 8th/2011 was the Beatport release date and Bealtaine 23rd/2011 was the official release date all around and this is one you defiantly one you have to check out.

Let’s learn alittle about Stride recordings;

Formed By Dustin Kapulet i 2009, this label is bringing you some of the best Drum n Bass.
Right from my home country Canada…BoH!!
The label was formed after Dustin Kapulet a.k.a DJ Kapulet , receiving many tunes sent to his long playing podast (www.ccdnb.com) there was nothing else to do but put it out there!!!

Oh and we’re so glad. The People Must Hear This!!

Currently Kapulet is working on a new website that will have features such as free download and cool contests.
Rumor has it the next Release from Stride will be the newest member of the label ; Stranjah (Toronto) (metalheadz, rennegade, bba)

Canada has talent, each artist featured on the EP is Canadian and the talent is beyond measure. I am excited to say that Canada is being represented by a label that has one thing in mind, to get Canadian talent out there and get it out there proper. It’s so wonderful that we have this awesome thing called the internet… now people in the UK and around the world can hear what Canada has to offer with the click of a mouse. Back in the day you had to be in the right place at the right time, listen to the right mix tape and maybe ..just maybe..SCORE!! You find that awesome, stuck in your head for weeks Tune.
As well as taking care of His label , we are proud to have DJ Kapulet each week spin for us as a resident DJ on Bassjunkees .com .
Live on Taste of Bass w/DJ Kapulet.

Now Junkees..I suggest that before you listen to these tunes, Light incense, turn the lights down low , light up a J and turn your speakers up. You’re in for a ride and your gonna be a repeat customer for sure.

The featured Producers on this EP you ask….who are they?

Rene Lavice.. (Toronto, Ceanada) ~ Apart feat: Sean Smith

This was the first producer to step on board with Stride.You may already know him from his earlier releases
Save me (Stride) and also “In Limbo (DNA).Both killer tunes that left me anticipating the next new release.
Having also in the past worked on collaborations with Crua-earraí Renegade‘s heavyweight Gremlinz, as well as his own label mates and various vocalists, he continues to show us his talent and we’re always pleasantly surprised when he hits us with a new mix to bob our heads to…oh so yummy, ear candy!!!
This producer is a unique one, keep your ears open, he’s not only fine tuned in one genre, he has put out some killer tunes no doubt and he sees no boundary,Drum n Bass of course though… is our pick for pleasure.

Schematic; a.k.a Dan Dubois… (Ottawa, Ceanada)(formerly known as Schema) ~ Something out there
The second producer to be signed to Stride,
5 years of experience under his belt and some headlining gigs for some of Eastern Ontario and Montreal’s’ finest promoters.. He’s climbing his way up, STEADILY.
Along with graduating with honors from The Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology, he also started his own label Schematic Sound.
His earlier work first Stride official release (quite recent) “London EP” was released and I checked it out and was well impressed.
“Between Us” would have to be my fav of the four tunes soon after followed by “My Way”….
When I hear his tunes I feel uplifted and motivated, inspired and ready to face the world, I guarantee if you take a listen, you’ll agree!!

Next up is Override ~ So Much

This producer is no stranger to the game 10 yrs in and he’s goin strong, he’s also the newest to sign with Stride .His tunes are uplifting catchy and you can’t help but love it when he has a sweet vocal to go with the wikkid drum n bass beats.
Each tune has uniqueness to it and each time I hear one I tend to repeat it a few times , always extra Bass of course ,before moving on to the next, just because I want it to last just a little longer. If you like Liquid Drum n bass this is who you want to turn to if you want find some prime tunes just waiting for you to bob your head and get fully addicted to. His contribution to the Stride EP.
Already he has delivered some of Strides’ hottest tunes with his debut releaseThe Saturn EPWhich has been getting a lot of Play from DJ’s around the scene and also he’s received a few requests I’ve heard to “put some stuff on Vinyl” so those who are still Vinyl purists can give it some play too.
Every time I hear his productions I am always on the lookout for the next as I am sure it’s gonna be killer. No doubts.

Producer Spinlock a.k.a Justin Todd (Vancouver B.C) And Jedison … (Saskatchewan) ~ Headspin Featuring : Hein

Spinlocksdebut release on the Stride labelThe Nerve Damage EP
Upon its release, the title track held down the #1 spot for roughly two weeks, for a new artist that’s an awesome achievement.

Take a listen to itand listen to it loud. You will not be disappointed.A tune not be overlooked Just like Mist” was ranked #3 all around.
Track it down Review -Just Like Mist
- “HAVE YOU HEARD THIS BEAST? OMG. Big vocal roller than comes thundering in like a tsunami of sound. The flip already hit our charts so now you need to be packing this epic drum & bass anthem ready for the weekend rush. SECRET WEAPON!

If you’re hungry for quality, professional engineering, deep bass, agus diverse sound this man will serve it up rightEach time.
I did try to find alittle info on Jedison and well all I could find out was that he is said to have powers to make you move your ass..and I have heard rumor that he shoots lazers out of his eyes…lol.
I hope to hear more from him though cause this tune is killer .
I heave heard rumor that Spinlock agus Jedison are makeing good progress on a new ep to follow upNerve Damage” .Boh .Keep an ear out cause it’s gonna be a tune for sure.

Kapulet has got himself some killer producers on his label and they are representing Canadian Drum n bass to the fullest and making us proud.

Check out the mini mix and I’m sure you’ll want to purchase it in full after. Heck out some of their pages and other releases and see what I mean when I say Canada has Talent.
This is the future of Drum n Bass .
Embrace the future, it’s gonna have you addicted for life.


Si vous voulez faire un résumé des soirées près de chez vous : contact@ilovedrumnbass.com

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