Renovación Urbana presenta: Reglamentos & NME Prema en 20 de xullo 2012 @ 01:00 GMT

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20 de xullo 2012 @ 01:00 GMT na Radio 's
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Hosted by Urban Renewal (Paris/FRANCE)

Rregula / NME Preme
Ao vivo 20 de xullo 2012 @ 01:00 GMT
Hosted por Urban renewal @ Batofar de París / Francia
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Rregula & Nme Click on June 1st 2012 @ 01h00 GMT

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There is the announcement that Rregula / Australia (Climate Records, Trust In Music, Mindtech Records, Icarus, Disturbed, Shadybrain, Cítrico) & NME Preme / Alemaña (Climate Records, Trust In Music, Mindtech Records) será en breve xogar no Bassjunkees Radio.

Rregula’s Biography:

    Rregula is deep and dirty rolling neuro. It has nothing to do with a fad or a faze, e 7 years of Dj’ing over the world and over 20 12″ releases and even more digital releases prove it. First gaining attention for being half of rocking Drum and Bass Power DuoBaD RoBoTwith Phetsta , then shifting to a darker and dirtier vibe with solo releases and an on-going collab with Dementia (and more artists like The Panacea and the NME Click), Rregula has become one of the main players in the world of rolling Drum and Bass. With releases on too many labels to mention, Rregula’s sound of fast and dirty Drum and Bass continues to evolve.

Nme Click’s Biography:

    The *Nme Click* was founded in 1994 and consists of Önder *Grim Reaper*, Vali *Bootlek*, Heiko *Splendid* and Marvin *MC Marvelous*.
    They promote the *Feeel* festival and the event-series *Touchdown* and *Echoes From The Future*, but also other one-offs and side-events like *U.L.M. [United Local Musicians]*, *StepUp! Special*and more.
    Since the beginning of 1998 they have been hosting their own radioshow *StepUp! Your Sound* on *Radio Free FM* [, Saturdays 19-22 h]. There one can catch exclusive appereances from local and [inter-]national DJs, listen to interviews, get info about the latest tunes and take part in competitions and more. Theyre always on the lookout for fresh talent to feature on the show, so feel free to get in touch with them and dont hesitate to send in mixes!
    2009 has been a great year for the combo as there have been collaborations with Dementia, Reglamentos, Zero Method, Goku and Rare:Groove coming out on DSCI4, Shadybrain and Basswerk. After their self intitled 5-track EP that came out on Basswerk (BWF033) at the end of 2009 the collaborationsCigarette Ninja” (with Rregula) on australian Climate label andSheep Show” (with Rregula & Dementia) on Dangerous New AgesDamage Controlalbum are just about to be unleashed too. Watch out forHells Beachwith Rregula on berlin-based Trust In Music as well as more stuff with Dementia and Rregula being in the pipeline for this year.

Entón non perda guyz !

Programación para:

  • Toronto, it will be July 19th @ 8:00 (PM)
  • París, it will be July 20th @ 2h00 (mañá)
  • Los Angeles, it will be July 19th @ 5:00 (PM)
  • Londres, it will be July 20th @ 1:00 (AM) – GMT
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    It’s gonna be an interview on air of Rregula then Nme Click during this event.
    Se queres pedir-lles para as súas preguntas, asegúrese de estar na sala de chat !!!


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