NC-17/GrindHou5se predstavlja: OPTIV B2B NC-17 na 8. srpnja @ 22:00 GMT + Podcast

Slušatelji! Tu je drum and bass dvojac sa sjedištem u Torontu, Canada who brake their back very often and more precisely every Sunday from 10:00pm 12:00na (GMT) kako bi ovaj radio i njeni dragi junkees živjeti nevjerojatne trenutke.

Prošle nedjelje, NC-17 pozvao OPTIV (C4C, Virus.UK) to stand behind his desks with him to play Back2Back on his famous Grindhou5e Radio weekly show, exclusively on Bassjunkees Radio.

This set is driven by madness, exploring far and dark horizons of the Drum and Bass sound. Really worth playing again and again for sure.

Too bad the original record is messed up, the one you can find is without the MIC.

The download link is to be found here: C4C B2B NC-17 LIVE hosted by Grindhouse (FB event)

Big ups to Optiv for this top quality performance! And many thanks to NC-17 for giving out so much energy! Together as one for several year, they’ve rocked the radio every Sunday evening making the weekend even better every time!

Support Optiv:

Support NC-17 and Grindhou5e Audio:

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