Interviu Rregula - Live at the Batofar, Paryžius - Patalpinta miestų atnaujinimo

Batofar, Paryžius, Prancūzija, Liepa 19.

Kitas sėkmingas šalis, tai su Rregula laikas kaip Headliner. Didžiosios ritmais ir teigiamą energiją visą naktį. Didelis šaukti mūsų draugais Miestų atnaujinimas.

Šis interviu buvo padaryta po Rregula rinkinio, ir visi jau buvo gana girtas, todėl tikėtis daug anekdotų ir juokiasi ;)

Rregula yra Bassjunkees Radijas

Kaip įprasta dabar, you can go and listen to the full interview on Podjunkees podcast

BJR: Easy to all of you listening to Bassjunkees live show, we’re back on the boat once more, on Batofar in Paris, with our partners Urban Renewal, Rregula was live a few minutes ago, it was really crazy, I don’t think I’ve seen someone move so much on stage while playing, it was quite funny (laughs).

Reguliavimas: yeah I think I move like a muppet you know, I kinda dance around like a hand in a sock, that’s what I look like apparently (laughs)

Yeah fuck it! Why not?

BJR: You’ve been to the Batofar before, it was last year the same day exactly?

Reguliavimas: Yeah just a one day different, we’re the 19th today and it was the 20th last year, Taip 364 dienos! I just did some maths! (laughs)

BJR: You enjoyed it so much that you came back?

Reguliavimas: Yeah fuck it! Why not?

BJR: Because the French are so friendly, and sexy ! (laughs) What did we hear during your set, what did you play ? some Dubplates ?

Reguliavimas: I played a lot of my new stuff, a couple of tunes coming out on Trust in Music, I played my EP that’s coming out on Mindtech, a couple of Glitch Hop tunes on Caliber Music, some old Break stuff which I can’t help but play everytime, and a couple of oldies.

BJR: What are your influences on the tunes you make? Because you’re not only a DJ, you’re a producer, how would you define your sound if you could?

Reguliavimas: I really love the old Audio Blueprint stuff, old Synthetics, the usuals of course like Noisia, I love Neosignal, and just that kind of old rolling shit, some old Break tunes, just anything fast and groovy on the 16, stuff that mixes, not just pressing play and you drop it down, but you can mix together.

Yes I steal samples!

BJR: Personally I’m a big fan of “Zonk” and “Arrival”, two very recent tunes of yours released in March, your Baramundi Experiment LP was released on Climate Recordings and it’s available everywhere, how do you work on your tunes ? What software do you use? Where do you get your samples? Do you make them up?

Reguliavimas: I steal all of my samples from Phetsta! I’ve been getting all of his samples since we’ve started producing BaD RoBoT and if it wasn’t for him I couldn’t produce shit.

All BJR Crew: Big up Phetsta ! (laughs)

Reguliavimas: And yeah, it’s like a bunch of samples I’ve been using in Fruity Loops 10, and I just make weird kind of bass sounds, bounce them down and put loop points on them and shit like that, so I don’t really make Massive kind of sounds, I try to use other kind of stuff than that, and just over the years, I’ve been making weird bass sounds, farts and noises and shit.

BJR: Fruity Loops! So you’re not part of the Apple sect?

Reguliavimas: Ne! NEIN!! (laughs) Everything is on i7 now so it’s all the same, apples and oranges… all that shit…

BJR (Atmosfear): Can you tell us a bit about the Baramundi Experiment project? How did the process of the album start and take form?

Reguliavimas: 3 years ago, I started building up tunes, and I thought that instead of releasing like 4 tunes, or whatever, I’ve got all these tunes sitting around, and I might just check them all on a CD

Tai 30 tunes you know!

BJR: 30 of them !! (laughs)

Reguliavimas:Yeah fuck it man! It’s the same price for 10 tunes as a CD, so why not put it all on it, and if you don’t like it, then don’t fucking listen to it, but you’ve got 30 tunes, skip through them if you like them, and if you don’t who gives a fuck man? Its 30 tunes you know, just check them all… That was my philosophy, it’s probably not the best idea now.

BJR: I like your philosophy!

Reguliavimas: 14 years old kids on youtube don’t like my philosophy, but they can get f***ed ! (laughs) Sorry 14 year olds

BJR: What about your forthcoming stuff, collaborations and all, stuff that’s going to drop out soon ?

Reguliavimas: I’ve got an EP coming out on Mindtech, four tunes, that should be out pretty soon, I’ve got two tunes coming out on Trust in Music, I just had one on the Deceived Reality LP called Resin, and I have two Glitch Hop tunes coming out on Caliber Music, really soon. So yeah lots of stuff in the pipeline, I’m starting to try a little bit harder on production, I’ve got a bit more time at home and at the studio soquit your pitching and you all get better.

BJR: Any artists you can recommend? Some underground guys from Australia, that you like, and think are gonna be big pretty soon? And which we’ll host on the radio, definitely!

Reguliavimas: Phetsta, Shockone, some guys from Perth called Echo and Sidetrack, they’ve got some really cool tunes coming out, me and Dementia have a new side project which is a bit more commercial, if you wanna call it like that, its called “The City Of Dogs”, we’ve got a few surprises coming out there pretty soon, and there’s some other guys from Perth called Descent and Halogen, they make some pretty cool tech music as welland PPPHHHRRRTTTSSSTTTAAA so yeah that’s all from Perth.

BJR: I think Perth is a pretty active city for Drum and Bass, I saw that Pendulum played there with Camo & Krooked, Dirtyphonics… is Perth the City to visit in Australia if you want to have some fun with DnB at night?

No excuses
I’ll come back!

Reguliavimas: Yeah Sure, it used to be absolutely crazy, we used to have all stars coming through every single week, but it’s a little bit more commercial now, it got squeezed out. Not so much of Neuro and Tech scene there now, but we’re building back up. But there’s always some big hats coming through, it’s like the most isolated city in the world, but there’s always some good acts coming through.

BJR: Thanks a lot for this interview, and we’ll meet you next year in 364 dienos? ;)

Reguliavimas: Probably yeah! I got no excuses, I’ll come back!


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