Interviu Axiom ir InsideInfo - Live at Le Petit Bain, Paryžius - Patalpinta Miestų atnaujinimas ir

Prieš tris savaites paskutinę miestų atnaujinimo šalies Paryžiuje, mes susitikome InsideInfo ir aksioma ir padarė interviu su du kartu.

Dar kartą jis buvo labai informatyvi kiek kaskart atrandame kiekvieną DJ skonį ir jausmus.

Paulius Lukas yra dvi rūšys,, and their sets fired up Le Petit Bain and the crowd the crowd that was already pretty warmed up as we can hear in the interview.

BassJunkees Radijas: Hello Lukas, hello Paul

Let’s talk!

InsideInfo & Aksioma: Hello listeners!

BJR: Two years ago Paul was here, it was at the Batofar. and since your back, you must have loved it the first time.

Paul InsideInfo: Yeah it was good, it was thursday night and it was really going off and tonight, it a little bit more busy, the venue is a little bit bigger, it’s a little bit colder, I’m a little bit iller, but it’s gonna be good.

BJR: You’re a little bit iller but that’s not gonna be a problem.

Paul InsideInfo: Nah actually, it’s a good cure because the adrenalin and everything like that kicks in and you don’t know yourself after a while.

BJR: Great and Luke, that’s your first time here. Paul what can you tell him about Paris and the place here. It was crazy last time but you can tell him about the French girls showing their boobs and everything.

Paul insideInfo: Did they? I missed that! Maybe actually he will show his boobs while we’re playing later on.

Lukas Axiom: Actually it’s not my first time here anyway!
Yes I played on this Batofar aswell. With Urban Renewal, but I can’t remember the boobs.

Paul InsideInfo: Arti, maybe my friend Liam’s boobs, who was staying with me at the time. But that’s about it.

Ne… Liam is NOT a girl

BJR: Liam?

Paul InsideInfo: Taip, Liam Tallon, who was running Breed 12 Inches.

BJR: Err that’s not a girl.

Paul InsideInfo: Unfortunately not.

BJR: OK *laughs* disappointment here

Lukas Axiom: We’ll see tonight

BJR: What can you tell us about your carriers together. You knew each other before, you’ve played at the same gigs, but you’ve never produced tunes together.

Paul InsideInfo: Ne, we’ve played about three four times around Germany, Šveicarija, čia, Austria maybe so we’ve met a few times, and we’ve chatted quite a bit and we have past history of hatred, now we’re done. *laughs*

BJR: But you never came up with the idea of producing together.

Paul InsideInfo: Well we did but we’re both really really crap at like actually following up stuff so yeah we never really followed anything on, but you never know! Something might come out in the future, definitely.

BJR: You’ve done many collaborations. How do you work with other people? Internet? Studio?

Paul InsideInfo: I always find that for collaborations too work, we have to sit down together initially to get the initial idea like sound and feeling together and everything going first. And once you’ve got like a basic, jūs žinote,, almost like a really simple thing that you know you can turn into a full track, you can then go away in your own time and do like the boring stuff like the sound design and that kind of stuff and then send the track that wasn’t forward so you’ve got more time, but it’s very important to get that initial buzz going first I find definitely.

How about a collab with the Cure Lukas?

About Paradigm Shift, there are not just Drum and Bass tunes, they are chill out drum and bass, it’s more..

Lukas Axiom: Triphop, really melodic and heavy.. sad. Basically I’m coming from ambiant originally and it seemed like a good idea to have something else than drum and bass on an album. And if you listen to it, it’s a lot of vocal tunes, because at the time I didn’t see any point to make like a pure dancefloor album, it’s more something I wanted to create and that you can listen at home.

BJR: I did not see any collaborations in these tunes, unlike you drum and bass tunes. But there’s a singer.

Lukas Axiom: Yes there’s Lady Katee, but no I don’t think there’s any collab on it no. There’s still a few tunes on it with add vocals.
And did you like the album then?

BJR: Yes I Did! Do the two of you use the Massive synthesizer?

Lukas Axiom: Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t use the massive synthesizer. It’s more the question I think. It’s massive.

Paul InsideInfo: It’s not really the go to thing for me but it is really good. I like the one I’ve been using a lot lately is Razor, which is kind of crazy, what’s the word, you use these partials to get some really cool metalic top sounds with, which I really like. And Alchemy aswell, Camel Audio Alchemy that’s really good. But yeah Massive’s cool for like when I want some really wide layer or something like that and that’s a good synth to go to, to find things up, definitely.

Oh I wanna tweet something so bad..

BJR: And you’re on Apple?

Paul InsideInfo: I’m on PC

Lukas Axiom: PC tooreal computers.

Paul InsideInfo: I do have a Mac, but I don’t use it for producing, I just use it for doing other stuff on the emails and internet and stuff like that.. Photoshop.

Lukas Axiom: I have one as well that’s in the cellar.

BJR: We’ve not had many DJs who used Apple actually.

Paul InsideInfo: Ne? That’s because we’re all skin. We’ve got no money to afford it. *laughs*

Do I look like I use a Mac?!

Lukas Axiom: We can’t afford to buy fucking Apples.

Paul InsideInfo: Nah the thing is like, there was more stuff available for PC, initially, like plugins which were appropriate for what I was doing. Now I think it’s a bit more of an even split. I don’t have no intention of going to Mac to make tunes because I don’t see thae point of it at the moment.

BJR: You’re going to go live in a few minutes and the listeners are waiting for it. What should they be awaiting? Like dubplates and new tunes?

Paul InsideInfo: yes I’ve got a few different things to test, some remixes, a couples of things that friends have sent me and a few classics and some other stuff I put out earlier on in the year. Just a mixture of stuff really.

Lukas Axiom: Same for me pretty much.

Paul InsideInfo: It’s good to test a few tunes that are not finished and probably sound really crap and that’s why you road test them, because when you play them, you go aaaah that’s not right, I need to change this, I need to do this, I need to do this.

Lukas Axiom: And you’ve got that really great feedback from the dancefloor aswell.

BJR: What about the internet also to feel how the listeners feel about the music, "YouTube", soundcloud and stuff, and see how many listeners like your tunes.

Paul InsideInfo: Well it’s an enourmous part of what we do now, the internet. I’m lways encouraged by people in the scene to do more on the social network and keep people informed and stuff, and trying to kind of be a bit more on point.

Lukas Axiom: Keep informed I would agree, but as a feedback, I don’t think it’s in any way representative.

Paul InsideInfo: Well, I think as a feed back you know, the Soundclouds, you get lots of positive feedback and stuff and it’s very nice to read it, definitely, but I don’t really use it to like put stuff up to get people’s opinions on changing things. I normally consult people I know and stuff for that and put it out as a final product. But, jūs žinote,, saying that, it’s welcoming to read some feedback even when people say I don’t really like this I don’t really like that, but if you take too much of that on board, then you end up becoming so conscious of what you’re writing that it doesn’t become a natural process anymore so you kinda just have to ignore some of it definitely.

BJR: I’ve seen you have a twitter account, a facebook account, on which you post quite a lot, even photos, of chocolate, in hotels.

Paul InsideInfo: Exactly *laughs* well that’s part of it you know, it’s engaging people, it’s a just little bit of fun. You know, I mean I try not to do it too often like every five minutes, o look I’m eating breakfast, o look I’m having lunch, but you know sometimes when something happens that you think that might be a bit more interesting than the picture of a sausage or something, you know I put it up, which is cool.

Sausage is good!

Lukas Axiom: It depends on the sausage. *laughs*

BJR: We’re not gonna have a F Word counter this time but a picture of a sausage.

Lukas Axiom: Now you know what you have to twitter tonight.

BJR: But you’re lying a bit, earlier today you were tweeting about every five minutes?

Paul InsideInfo: That’s not true, I’m gonna check it now.

Lukas Axiom: Is your life so lonely?

Paul InsideInfo: It’s like every hour or something like that, yeah, but then I won’t post something for a week, and then I’ll get back on that.

BJR: Do you wanna add something before we end this interview?

See? My glass is empty!

Paul InsideInfo: Errrr I’d like to add a little bit more rum to this drink. And just, thanks for listening and I hope you’ll enjoy the set!

Lukas Axiom: Yeah the night especially! Right now it looks like it’s gonna be an awesome night down there. Do you hear them scream?

Paul InsideInfo: Yeah they are screaming.

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