Dungeon Kru radioviļņos Dāvanas: Sērijas Killaz par 9 oktobris 2012 + Podcast

Divreiz nedēļā BassJunkees Radio, Dungeon Kru domnas digitālo viļņiem ar savu šovu.

Pirms dažām dienām, it was SERIAL KILLAZ they invited to hit the desks for a little more than an hour for our greatest pleasure. A really top set for those waking and baking in Europe with Bassjunkees Radio to start the day on the right foot.

Serial Killaz and genuinely majestic music, the music of kings, presented to you with honour and with no disrespect! Hehe, eat this sample if you please:

Wonderful piece of tune!

So if you want to support them, please follow them on Facebook RIGHT HERE, and they’re giving away three T-Shirts with their new logo if you vote for their tune RZA ‘Built For This’ feat. Method Man, Freddie Gibbs & Streetlife – (Serial Killaz Remix).

Go ahead and jump people, here’s the podcast of the Dungeon Kru Airwaves show with Serial Killaz by the way:

Download the podcast:
Download the podcast from Bassjunkees.com

Follow and support Serial Killaz:

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