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27 czerwca 2012 @ 02:00 GMT na 's Radia
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Oto wskazówka: Bad Taste / Breed 12

Hosted by Urban Renewal (Paris/FRANCE)

Na żywo 27 czerwca 2012 @ 02:00 GMT
Hosted Urban Renewal @ Batofar z Paryża / Francja
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Aeph on June 27th 2012 @ 02h00 GMT

Tak Wynagrodzenie !

There is the announcement that Aeph will be soon playing on Bassjunkees Radio (Bad Taste, Breed12Inches).


    Simone Vallecorsa aka Aeph was introduced to Bass music when he was a teenager back in his hometown. At the age of 16, inspired by different music genres, Simone was compelled to make his own music. Now Aeph lives and works out of London and has released on a number of most cutting edge record labels. The “Aeph” sound is a dark melodic mixture of classic composition and surrealistic synthesizers, a retro futuristic vision of music combined with ultra modern riffs, great versatility and a finesse that rivals his role models. “Aeph is on path for greatness! Mind blowing tunes with super tight production. Putting more BAD into Bad Taste.” Blokhe4d.

Więc nie przegap guyz !

  • Toronto, it will be June 26th @ 9:00 (PM)
  • Paryż, it will be June 27th @ 3h00 (du matin)
  • Los Angeles, it will be June 26th @ 6:00 (PM)
  • Londyn, it will be June 26th @ 2:00 (AM) – GMT
  • Zasoby:

    It’s gonna be an interview on air of Aeph during this event.
    If you wanna ask him your questions, należy być na czacie !!!


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    Bassjunkees Radio
    Wieczory porad !
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