Интервју Аепх - Ливе ат тхе Батофар, Париз - Домаћин урбану обнову

Батофар, Париз, Француска, 27. јун - 28. јун.

Још једном, велика ноћ на Батофар који је упакован као луди. Аепх поставите на прво место, али срећом Батофар је Фиребоат.

Обнове града организовала је још једну феноменалну партију и други живе Бассјункеес интервју је доступан међу свим подјункеес подцаст.

БЈР: Здраво Аепх, how do you feel tonight

Aeph interview by BJR

Аепх: I’m feeling great guys!

БЈР: We didn’t expect less from you. The crowd is very excited and the air is very electric tonight in Paris. French girls will jump on you while playing, have you been warned?

Аепх: (смеје) Yeah I’m ready for that, hopefully, and yeah the club is packed and I’m really hapy about it. So looking forward for tonight, and I hope people are going to enjoy what I’m doing. So yeah, very positive about it!

БЈР: Of course we will enjoy it! You’ve played here once with our friends from Audio, what’s your impression abont this boat, this club here?

Aeph about the Batofar

Аепх: Makes you feel dizzy (смеје) like it makes you wanna dance like even when you don’t wanna dance you know, because it’s moving alone. Now it’s wicked I mean like playing on a boat is always really good experience you know. It’s not really common to play on a boat like this one, and even if the dancefloor is not really big, the vibe is just great! You feel like you’re playing in front of tons of people.

БЈР: Exactly! And what hardware are you going to use for playing?

Аепх: I’m going to use Ableton and I’m gonna pretend to be a DJ. (смеје) Naaah I’m gonna use two CDJs and I’m gonna mix, old fashioned.

БЈР: About your playlist tonight? Any dubplates we should be waiting for? What about your next releases to come?

MesBass on BJR

Аепх:I’m gonna play some dubplates, but I’m also gonna play some classes aswell. I like when people recognize the track and maybe look at their friends and sayyeah I know this one”. Yeah I’m gonna play some of my forthcoming stuff, some dubplates also from some friends, Right now really so many stuff in the last three months, and all the tunes went really good. Next two tunes I’m going to realease are going to be with Bad Taste recordings for the new Bad Taste Volume 5 album and we are so looking forward for that. We put so much effort on this album and I’m sure it’s gonna be great. And then I’m probably going to drop a single for Lifted Music. Yep, Lifted is finally back.

БЈР: Да, this is my impression. I have a feeling you’e very prolific.

Аепх: It’s because I’m more mature! (смеје)

БЈР: I was very excited when I discovered your last EP on Breed 12 Инча. These tunes are so heavy and mak you wanna dance and put your hands up, aswell as your EP on Bad Taste recordings, and especially Nightrider! Your brand is retro futuristic style combined with roaring and rolling sounds. How and when did you start making Drum and Bass?

Аепх: I started in 2007 so it’s been 5 years since I’m around this business and things are getting better now. At the begginning I start by procuding other stuff and then when I discovered Drum and Bass with artists like Dillinja and Subfocus, Клатно, I relized that that was what I was looking for, for music. In the beginning it was a bit hard because Drum and Bass is really complicated to produce, especially five years ago. Computers weren’t so powerful and it was kind of hard to get nice samples, libraries and stuff. And now kids, for them it’s much more easier. And then nothing, I just carried on like this and I’m really enjoying what I’m doing. Одмах, this is my full time job and I’m really proud and happy about it.

Aeph waiting for the next question

БЈР: Do you use keys to build your sets?

Аепх: Not really, I’m more like I’m gonna see what’s my mood of the moment, see what the crowds want. I got more or less like a tracklist in my mind. I’m playing quite often so I know which tunes are OK to mix with another one. But if I see that the crowds are not enjoying what I’m playing, I switch with something else. So I don’t have time to look at the key or stuff like that.

БЈР: You’re an Italian native, now living in London. Was the Drum and Bass scene your motivation to leave Italia for England?

Аепх:I move to England for several reasons. In Italy, things weren’t going so good. Now they’re totally shit. But back in five years ago, it was starting to be really bad. Plus I wanted to learn English. And I wanted to produce Drum and Bass in London because, nowadays you can produce Drum and Bass everywhere and get releases and get gigs. But I wanted to meet people face to face you know, trying to understand if I like the people around me.

БЈР: The boat is almost sinking right now. (смеје) You can feel the boat moving. And the amps are burning just right there. Are you ready to make the volcano explode?

Аепх:I’m fucking ready guys! Nice one!

БЈР: Do you have apprehension before setting on fire?


Аепх:I used to have some. Now I’m getting too old to be worried about it. But yeah always, alwaysAs soon as I’m gonna look outside, I’ll be like oh f*ck! But then as soon as you start to play, as soon as you play thatplaybutton, everything is gonna change, straight away.

БЈР: So I will let you take place behind the desks. Any word you want to add up?

Аепх: LET’S DO IT!!


Aeph showed everyone that he is a DJ full of ressources and energy, very professional! The Batofar was really really packed. It was madness on the dancefloor, and saying Aeph set the place on fire was really not a joke.

The crew and the DJs were all very nice, huge thanks again to the Batofar crew and AdrienM for his great photos!!


Video bonuses:

- Noxon: http://youtu.be/4zCrtKgOMPw
- Aeph I: http://youtu.be/oTQT3FxHmQ8
- Aeph II: http://youtu.be/_3Txl44VUt8
- Aeph III: http://youtu.be/VilFghqK4fk
- Tojas I: http://youtu.be/wR4L-c27juc
- Tojas II: http://youtu.be/Enku0vgOg5U


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