Интервју Овна - Ливе Глаз'Арт, Париз - Домаћин сунризе

Глаз'Арт, Париз, Француска, 7. јул - 8. јул.

Сунризе Глазарт, Каква ноћ !

Сунризе посаду, нови интервју. ливе стреам, идемо:

БЈР (Doumpa): Сада смо уживо из Глаз'Арт у Паризу, где ћу бити касније играју мало, but the main event tonight is Aries who came down from the UK and he’s just gonna answer a few questions, so Aries, tell us a bit more about you.

Aries interviewed by Doumpa

Ован: My name’s Aries. I’m a Jungle Drum and Bass producer from Birmingham in the UK. I’m out here tonight in Paris, playing at Glaz’Art, playing in a few hours time. Really looking forward to the session. Gonna be vibes. Just got the promoter hyping it up in the background there, getting us in the mood for later you know. So yeah, looking forward to it!

БЈР: Tell us a bit more about your music. Like how would you define your sound if you could?

Ован: OK so I’m a Jungle producer. It’s more Drum and Bass Jungle kind of sounding music. More on the reggae. Kind of dubwise conscious. Sometimes a bit more ragga, sometimes a bit more heavy. Sometimes a bit more jump up. But pretty much, that’s the kind of music that I write and that’s the kind of music that I play out when I perform.

БЈР: What are you working on at the moment? What’s is your main project? Like what can we expect from you in the coming months?

Aries solo

Ован: With quite a few different people, and I are work on some solo projects as well. I worked with Chopstick Dubplates, who are big ragga jungle production outfit, I do a lot of production for those guys and I also work with another guy called GOLD for a project which is calledLion Fire”, which is signed to Ray Keith’s Dread Recordings. And there’s also quite a few bits and bobs that I do aswell on solo projects.

БЈР: Tell a bit more about how you go on about production, like do you do everything from scratch on your own or do you work with other people like vocalists and so on?

Ован: It kind of goes all different ways, I worked with quite a few different vocalists. I get the opportunity, I’m very lucky to do a lot of remixes for different classic reggae singers these days, so quite often I start with a vocal and I have to build something around the vocal. But I mean, there’s all different approaches to the way that I make music. Sometimes I just start with some beats, some samples or you know do some other things like that.

БЈР: Tell us a bit more about label, where is your music coming out? I think you’ve got a label that you kind of take care of yourself, so tell us a bit more about that.

Pure Vibez recordings!

Ован: There’s a few labels. We run one label called Pure Vibez recordings, it’s a Jungle Drum and Bass label. We’ve been releasing records for about seven years on that one. We don’t put out masses of music, but we’ve had the chance to put out people like Benny Page, Маркус Визионарски, Noah D. Some well established bass music producers from all over the world. It’s a decent label, we’re about to put out a digital branch of that label as well for other up and coming artists, some people that we know around us. We’ve got Decimal Bass, we’ve got GOLD, we’vve got K Jah, and a few people on there so it’s going pretty good.

БЈР: Obviously production is a big part of your artist life, but let’s talk about the other half. I know that you go out in different countries to play out, but tell us a bit about tonight.What are you playing on, are you using CDs, vynils?

Ован: Tonight I will be playing on Serato and sometimes I play on CDs. I still make records and we still put out records but it very hard for me to go out and perform. With the kind of music that I play, to get all that stuff on vynil, it’s not technically possible so unfortunately I don’t get to play as many records as I’d like to, but we still make them and put them out there. And tonight, I’m gonna play what I normally play which is some nice classic reggae ragga jungle. Yeah man!

БЈР: Tell us how you go on about what you’re gonna playing. Do you already have in mind what you’re gonna be playing? Do you prepare yourself? Or do you turn up and get the feel for the place?

Ован: I don’t really prepare sets, I just catch a vibe on the dance and just feed what’s going on at the time really. I kind of know what I’m likely to play, but in what order and what sequence, nah I don’t really play like that. But I do respect deejays that have those pre-planned sets because sometimes it’s really good fun but it’s not the way that I come across when I play.

Aries about his tour

БЈР: Obviously you made the way here to Paris tonight, but I think you’ve been playing around quite a lot recently. I’ve heard there was a North American tour recently. Tell us what’s coming up for you in the coming months. Any big event where you’re lined up?

Ован: I’ve been travelling a lot this year. I’ve been really blessed to be honest and I had the chance to go and play jungle in a lot of different parts of the world. I’ve been out to Canada, we did a three week tour in Canada. I went out to St Petersburg in Russia, all over Europe, Немачка, Чешка, Holland, now France today, Аустрија, Lithuania, so really really lucky. And I think the scene is really healthy right now, like the whole music and jungle scene and even all style of bass music but the jungle scene for me at the moment around the world is pretty big. Over the summer I’ve got quite a few festivals, so I’ve got a big one in England called Boomtown Fair, got another one in England called Shambala. Another one next week called Sun Flower festival in England. I’m playing at Outlook festival as well. So pretty packed rest of the Summer. I’m looking forward to it. And then the club season starts, like September October, so I’ve got something in Bristol with you, playing at Tokyo Dub and a faw other places around the UK so it’s looking good for the coming months and you’ll get the chance to get to see me playing.

БЈР: There’s not much longer to wait for tonight’s set as David mentioned earlier. Both my set and Ariesset will be broadcasted live so make sure you stay tuned on Bassjunkees for this. And anything else you want to say to the people out there?

Ован: Yes I just gotta big up all the Bassjunkees massive and everyone locked in. I hope you’ll enjoy this session, it’s gonna be wicked! Big up to everybody out there, bless.


Video bonuses:

- Ован: хттп://youtu.be/
- Aries II: хттп://youtu.be/


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